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Home, WA



Well, not exactly the community of Home because there is a community on the Key Peninsula called Home.


No, I'm at home.


Silly me forgot my pill supply when I went out. Of course, silly me believed the recruiter when she said, "We like to get all our drivers home every week."


Male Bovine Waste!


So, I needed to get home tonight or tomorrow to restock.


So, my load delivered in Chehalis, WA, which is 50 miles south of here. I was suppose to get an empty trailer and take it to Puyallup, but Chehalis didn't have any empty trailers they wanted to part with.


So, my dispatcher comes up with a plan. He has a load that is supposed to deliver in Lakewood tomorrow night. I take it.


Then I remember my car is at the Portland yard.


So, I take an empty rail trailer from Chehalis to Portland, park my truck, and get in my car and drive home.


I'll go back tomorrow and get the load coming back up here. I'm almost certain my dispatcher was not a truck driver, but has a BA in something. He acts like he has a BA in something. Very smart, but so dumb he comes up with the stupidest shit; or, maybe, he's just dumb to begin with. Some people are like that, just naturally dumb. Just like some people are natural assholes; they can't help it because it's in their genes.


Of course, it might have a lot to do with the Full Moon. All the crazies, stupids, dumbs, and really wacked out people come out of the woodwork and try to act normal.


Don't tell anyone, but I came up with a new way to do it. My car is small and I figured out I could turn into a semi-trailer. At 70 mph I will mostly certainly die, not that I want to right now, but as I was driving up I-5 tonight, I figured it out. Scared the piss out of me because everytime I passed a semi I was judging the space and if my car could tuck under the trailer before being obliterated. I'd have many a second before a lot of physical forces went about rending my car and me into a tangled mass.


Oh, by the by, I've already come up with a storyline for the Winter Anthology. More sci-fi stuff.



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