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Thought I'd Share!



*note* I'm easily amused when im stressed out and tired... Proof? Read below!

Warning use of bad wors below, all Jack's fault!



Me: Now go finish writing your story asshole


Me: I demand more


Me: Pretty please

Jack : hehe its on my desktop

Jack: waiting...


Me : I'll bake you cookies

Me : yummy yummy cookies.....

Jack : buy me a car


Me : Buy me a house

Jack : buy me a cock


Me : Love to

Me : size?

Me : Cut or uncut?


Me : hmm color?

Jack : hmmm


Jack : 7", dont care, white

Me : why white?


Jack : because bf is asian

Me : so...

Jack : i had enough of that


Me : LOL




One of my many interesting conversations today. So side note, after a long day of punches mixed with hugs, Rayna and I are finally back to normal, more or less.


So lets see, lifes been the same, get up go to work drool over hot guys eat sleep rinse and repeat woohoo!



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