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The return of the psychotic geese



So, I'm sitting here, contamplating why I can't find a Boyfriend, and I decide to make a blog entry. I tried to make one last night, but GA was being snippy. So, this entry will be a compounded entry of my very busy Monday and amazingly boring Tuesday.


We had a district competition yesterday for academic team, but did I get to play? No! This other dude, who actually sucks (even though he got a 36 on the ACT), took my spot. So I had to read the questions, not answer them. (We hosted the competition, so the other academic team lackeys and I had to read the questions and be the moderators.)


You know the idiot who answered all of the physics, and all other science questions for that matter, wrong? Well, he achieved redemption yesterday. There was yet another question about centripital motion, and he actually got it right. And he got quite a few others right, too.


There was a question about occam's razor. I laughed. Very hard. And I'm not sure why. But then I wanted to come here, really badly. I'm addicted.


So, my team is ranked first in our district. We Rock!!!!!!!! That's all about academic team.


Yesterday Hot Cross Country was wearing jeans so tight they looked like they were painted on. He is so hot. He has a really good butt. And everything else. But I think my favorite features of his are his eyes. They are big, brown, and extremely intelligent-looking. He seriously has what I can only call "Bedroom Eyes". They are sexy.


The only thing to report from today is that I read on Green's Blog that Chaz really is gay. Finally, the truth comes out (no pun intended). It's weird, because usually I have to talk to someone for them to twip me. But, Chaz was twipping from a thousand miles away. From post one about him, I was thinking that he's gay. So my gaydar isn't actually turned off. In fact, it's functioning quite well.


Oh! Actually, something else happened. There is this senior on my cross country team who, I've decided, is gay. Today his twip count went up to 19, just past the critical number. He is one of two people at my school whom I have decided are gay.


In case you are wondering, I will never date either of the two other gay people, because I have somewhat high standards, and they don't meet them. Just because I want a bf, doesn't mean I'll compromise what I want in someone just so they can date me. The number one necessity is a good brain. Neither of them really have it.


Enough talking from me.


-psychic psychopath


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Well, you could always just make a friend, not a boyfriend. Or maybe a friend with benefits? Raw, meaningless sex can be fun sometimes.

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Being very intelligent can make for a lonely time if you require that out of a bf/gf. You don't have to find a soulmate right now. You don't have to be together forever. Since you are a fan of statistics, you may want to look up the odds of being with your first bf/gf forever. Perhaps that will help put things in perspective for ya.

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I don't require that they be a national merit scholar, but the senior is in algebra 2. As a senior. To put it in perspective, I'll be taking my second year of calculus as a senior.


And the other freshman...he's just annoying. I can't stand him. I guess he's reasonably intelligent, but he is obnoxious and pisses people off a lot.

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And the other freshman...he's just annoying. I can't stand him. I guess he's reasonably intelligent, but he is obnoxious and pisses people off a lot.




I can't tell you how many couples I know who hated each other at first. :blink: It's soooo cliche that I don't use the love/hate thing in any of my work.


I say that you don't need a boyfriend just for the sake of having a boyfriend. Just take it easy- you're a doll. It's going to happen for you. Just let it happen in its own time and don't try to force it.


Stay sweet,




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