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Dearest goat


You are very much forgiven! Circumnavigation was an epic accomplishment and I can easily see how it could take over your life. Good for you that you were able to break away for a while, even if you were missed. I am very much looking forward to read something new from your hand and mind. 

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First a little background about me, not because I am conceited (ha), but to give you my Bonus Fides for comments. I am an old, retired Community College Instructor, who, for financial reasons is living out the waning years of my life in the wilds of Bahia, Brazil. To keep my mind active, I have been reading series stories on GA, and, from time to time making comments on them. At this point do not recall how I got started with 'Circumnavigation' but it has been one of the highlights of my declining years. Begining with southeast coastal Florida in which I lived as a teenager (Hollywood Beach) , then Lisbon, with which I am familiar as my partner is Portuguese born and we toured that country from one end to the other at one time, then Australia, though my familiarity with the Northwest of that country is limited, I did tour much of the East Coast from Sidney to Cairns with the Seattle Men's Chorus at one time and finally, but not the least with the North Island of New Zealand o that same tour. All of your story that touches on each of those areas is so true to my experiences in those locations, it is like going home.

I have nothing but good things to say about Circumnavigation. Thank you for lightening my isolation here by carrying me back to those locations.


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Great to have you back!

I can completely relate.  There have been times when I would barely look at the site for months because there was just too much to do in the real world and I do like to get at least a few hours of sleep every night.  I don't think you have anything to apologize for.

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It sounds to me like your extended walk-about, was a necessity. Your return is the proof of it, no more needs to be said. Welcome back, glad to see you. How do you like all the changes, it'll grow on you.


Our vigil is over, the 'goat' is back.




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19 hours ago, C James said:

I go to great lengths to keep it utterly and entirely cliffhanger-free, guaranteed!


 CJ :) 

Once again, what is a great length for the few ( let's be serious, only you :P ) is not a great length to the rest.  A micrometer is exactly that, 0.000039 of an inch. 

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