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Procrastination Extrodinare



Beh, I have a boatload - it seems- of stuff to do and no motivation to get them done. To compound matters, if I do have the motivation to get them done other things simply get in the way.


On the lacking motivation side -


I want to get a general redesign of my site here at GA done, coupled with a redesign of my personal website. I'd even like to get my writing up on my personal site, replace some of the older out-date. The GA redesign is mostly going to be behind the scenes stuff, as I am rather pleased with the site design. I'd also like to implement some php, but I really don't want to mess with the in chapter navigation. Somehow a chapter listing at the bottom of a chapter doesn't appeal to my sense of design, I much prefer the arrows that link back to the previous chapter and forward to the next.


Any thoughts?


Beyond my site I have some general maintenance stuff I have had on the schedule for the the last few weeks. I need to move forward with that before the respective Authors go all lynch mob on me. :wacko:


Emails: I have about six or seven emails to respond to. I'm a bad author in that respect, but most of my interaction with you guys happens hear on the board, and even though I have been writing for a number of years I think I have only received less than 50 emails. That number downgrades vastly if you take out the number that turned into pleasant email exchanges. So yes I have emails that have been sitting in my inbox for well over six weeks. I know they are there and I'm planning on responding, so don't give up hope yet. I'm really not that much of an ungrateful dick. :P


DnCW Chapter 7: Where to begin? Its moving along, nicely now that I have beaten various characters into their respective roles. For a while there they were running around doing whatever they wanted. No bueno! Here's a big hint to all you budding authors out there; don't start a story unless you know how its going to end. I mean KNOW, I started and I had three possible outcomes. I've narrowed it down to two, and depending on my mood one looks better then the other, but neither is a stand out favorite at the moment. Perhaps this is why the characters are running around doing what the hell they want eh?


I've had a birthday card in my possession for the last 7 days. Every time I think I find a moment to finish addressing it something wonderful and marvelous happens, and I never get it addressed, let alone in the mail box. :pissed: Is it bad to send a birthday card a few days too late?


beh I should go do that now, hopefully if I mail it today they'll have it by Friday.




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I'm astounded with the number of titles you are trying to accumulate "Procrastinator Extrodinare" it has a nice ring to it. My thought on belated b-day cards, doesn't matter! If you spent good money on it send it on its way before you leave a coffee ring on it. If you found one in the bottom of your junk drawer, doesn't matter! What's a week? That person will probably be shocked that you even thought of them, or you could just call them and save the card for next year. I'm guessing you haven't even signed it yet, which is all the better.....never date them!! And Steve, please feel free to ask for my advice anytime. <_<

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It sounds like a problem I know all too well. I have the same problem. I have two or three stories, one of which only has about two paragraphs. It drives me nuts!

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I have a php idea for your next/prev chapter links, but I don't wanna go into it here. for your author sites, you know you can always ask me for help -especially after next week. :)


As for the card... I have a sympathy card that was supposed to be mailed in May. Who the heck has stamps these days?! ecards! ecards are always good. quick and easy, all you need is an email address! ^_^

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