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had a great day today... i'm happy, yay!



Okay, so my day started early as usual, and when I say early I mean 1:30 am, which is when I get up for work, ugh. :sleep: Anyway I went to check my schedule for next week, which is the same every week anyway, same days and shifts for over a year now, and it is all screwed up for next week. I'm not scheduled to do the job I always do and so I immediately look to see who is scheduled instead... anyway I figure I'll wait and ask the girl I work with when she finally rolls out of bed and joins me at 6:00 am.


So when she finally shows up and I have been wondering and worrying :( , not really sure why except that no one said anything to me about making any changes, I ask her what the deal is with my schedule for next week. Now I am her backup or assistant although we basically do the same job, and she tells me she has no idea what's up and that she hasn't seen the schedule. She tells me that my 'way too cute for his own good or mine' boss said she was supposed to train this other girl. So I'm thinking...hmmmmmmmm?? :blink:


So she walks off giving me absolutely no useful information and I am left still wondering what the f**k is going on and decide that when my 'way too cute for his own good or mine' boss comes in at 8:00 am that I will ask him exactly that! <_< We kind of have this fun, friendly, flirty, joking relationship so no worries about the language, anyway, I figure that attacking him when he walks in the door or just camping out in his office is not the way to go here so I just have to get my control freak self to chill out and wait till I run into him on the sales floor. It happens every other day so I know it will eventually. :wacko:


So when I do finally run into him I go up and this is the conversation that took place:


Viv: Umm, can we have a little talk about my schedule next week? :wub: (big smiles and shameless flirting of course)


Boss: Why didn't you apply for any of the scan coordinator openings?


Viv: (not the response I was expecting):blink:I don't think I'm ready yet.


Boss: Yeah you are, you know more than the girl from my last store.


Viv: But I don't know everything yet. :thumbdown:


Boss: You'll be fine, besides I already talked to Cindy (lady in charge of this department for our region) and you are filling out the bid form today. :unsure:


Viv: Uh, oh... well what store is it for? (don't really want to transfer away from all the friends I have, but I am currently at my 7th store already so...)


Boss: I don't know but don't worry, they won't put you too far from home.


Then I get home from work and Rich made me some lunch! Yay, and then I took a nap :sleep: , followed by the great sex 0:) , and then I got up and checked my blog here and saw all your great messages :wub: and I checked my email and I had 9 fan mails from readers of my story! :2thumbs: Also Tony is home visiting from college this weekend so I got to hang with him a little although most of his time is spent visiting friends or the girlfriend, but I understand.


Okay now the story update... I have the next chapter done already, cause I knew people would be as demanding as I am :P and it will be up maybe by Tuesday or Wednesday, depending how much writing I get done this tomorrow.


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Dear Auntie Viv:)


Good Luck with the new Job, which I know you will get!!


As to your chapter, I am still on a DomaLuka high over TOU chapter 25...so, given my work week will be nuts...I want to save your first chapter for something good...like a reward or dessert after a tough week:)


keep us posted on the job promotion:) Now, go get em Boss Viv:)



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