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the aftermath.....



Have you ever had somebody, through their actions, ruin something for you? My brother is the only of my parents four children to spawn grandchildren. I know my hang-ups, I can't say what it is with my sisters... that's a whole different subject. Anyhow seeing as he has the only grandchildren he thinks he can get away with stuff, or dangle the two of them over our heads.


He effectively has me burnt out on children. Knowing this pisses me off at him more. I mean how selfish can you be? How can you make demands of people who buy all of your kids damn school clothes, buy all of your kids damn Christmas? Do you think all that crap actually gets delivered by a fat man in a red suit?


If this wasn't enough, he... no that is not accurate, he and his wife and his in-laws give everything to the older one. I seriously have issues with the older one. Yeah I play favorites, and its not her. Her little sister got a bike for Christmas. This is the second go round for bikes, the last attempt was two years ago. The older one fell a few times, because she was too big for the training wheels and ended up bending them.


Got a phone call earlier in the week. The older one was so proud of herself. She taught herself to ride the younger ones bike. Oh yeah, it has been decreed the younger one cant ride till there are training wheels. Meanwhile she gets to watch her sister ride around on her bike...


Sorry its just f**ked up, and it pisses me off how those dumb ass idiots give everything to the older one, and deny the younger whatever it is the older wants. My piss ant of a brother called again to tell us how much the older is enjoying the bike. Its just aggravating.


Its bad that I can look at my niece and honestly say I don't like her very much. Is it her fault? No not really. Does this make me a bad person? I dunno. I'm not happy about how all this came about. I'm not happy that it is, but the fact remains it is.




My Christmas was.... well said mother of these two children decided I needed a camp shovel and a camp shower for Christmas. I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, I didn't ask for anything so no worries. On the other though, I dunno, she bought my sisters jewelry and nice stuff and I got the wal-mart mark-downs. Granted, my sisters spend a lot more time with the nieces then I do, mostly because I cant stomach then inequality, but do they honestly think the money spent on the girls comes from my sister? With her big gray truck and big gas bill for her big gray truck?


On the other hand, I did get exactly what I wanted for Christmas, Now the only problem is I want more. :P There is so much I miss already.




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I say you return the camp shovel and shower and take the little one to buy her something... ;)


Look at me being sneaky AND effective at the same time!





PS. It's people like you who should have kids, cause you'll do a great job. You can totally show him up :P

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