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Enter the Racoon, killing a habit, killing the crazy



It all started on a Sunday in January 2007. A day I stepped out of the comfortable world I knew and into something entirely different. The following 24 months have been a blur; mostly more of the same, but a trip to San Francisco and to Dallas. Those destinations are okay, what made them special was the people I met there.


The smiles I received, a collection wholly owned by myself, are some of the most precious gifts I could have recieved. The friendships formed, make those smiles so much better. the first was in a crowded amusement park. Flanked by children and husband who was doing his best to look protective with out "looking" protective.


the second was a smile that said finally... It wasnt a smile for me, but rather for the woman standing next to me who wore a similar one of her own.


The third came a week ago. Hidden behind a column on my front porch as I opened the door to see Rich and our Viv, but not the person I had been waiting patiently to see. I was about to scowl and ask what was up when he popped around the corner and smiled.


It's a great smile.


I believe Viv covered the majority of this in her blog but only through Monday night.


On Tuesday there was mini-golfing on the same course we play every-time it seems. Kids were present this time around so, yeah no six pack on the back nine... Wednesday I let mike drive out to visit Viv at work and have breakfast with her on her lunch break.


It got crazy foggy on New years eve / morning to the point you couldn't see that far ahead. We only got a little lost on the way to drop him off where he was staying.


Typical guy, in saying goodbye I forgot to tell him that I really enjoyed meeting him, and to say thanks for spending the time hanging out with me. Or that he hugs exceptionally well.


He does. So if you ever find yourself presented with the opportunity to get a hug from a raccoon... take it they are the best :P


I had a good time Mike, I hope you did as well.


In other news...


I quit smoking... I'm doing okay I think. I just go through idle moments and I get the craving. I'm using gum right now, but I think I'm gonna grab a bag of Jolly ranchers or something. No it wasn't going to be a new years resolution. I just didn't smoke at all when I was running around with Mike and Viv, and by the time I had a cigarette on Thursday they tasted like shit so I was all why am I doing this? So yeah I haven't had a cigarette since Thursday.


Ive been hearing some crap, GA is a great place, but it doesnt insulate us from crazy. Stop the crazy okay? Stop bragging about partying, its stupid and makes you appear idiotic and pathetic. Stop going around and making a mountain out of a molehill, it only compounds the perception caused by your previous statements. Get your life in order on your terms. Don't make your happiness dependent on other people. I had fortune once, it said if you befriend yourself you'll never be lonely. Take a hint from the fortune cookie, find a friend with the person you see when you look in the mirror. Then worry about the other things. Big hint - misusing certain items is not making a friend with that person. Bragging about it is betraying that person.


yeah... I think I'm done.




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I like watching you smile too, so much, in fact, I remember I was touching your face... Of course, that makes me smile... vicious cycle :P



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