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Perry Grant, Political Desk

April 8, 2681



Alliance Senate Takes Up a Massive Series of Bills


Conservatives optimistic, Labor Jubulent, Greens Furious and commentators bewildered


After a series of mysterious closed committe meetings earlier this week, the Alliance Senate has taken up an unprecidented series of bills.


Lead by an unlikely coalition of Senate Conservatives and Labor, a bi-partisan working group has began drafting one of the most far reaching and progressive programs in Alliance history. Tenatively named the Alliance Modernization and Expansion Act, the bill addresses a number of issues that have long been discussed but have never made it out of committe.


The Alliance Modernization and Expansion Act (AME) consists of ten distinct parts

  • Alliance backed low-interest loan program for industrial expansion
  • Transit Improvements Including a network of new jumpgates from the core systems to the frontiers
  • New R&D partnerships between the Alliance and Corporations
  • A modernization and expansion of the Fleet & Marine Corps
  • An Expansion of the Merchant Fleet via Low Interest Loans and tax incentives for new construction
  • Reform of Commerce Laws Inhibiting Development On the Frontier
  • Expansion of the Ministry of Science & Technology
  • Designation of duty-free zones to encourage rapid development in economically distressed sectors
  • Alliance matching funds for local defense construction
  • The sale of rights to key planets for colonization or commercial use to pay for the costs of these new measures


At a cost of some 450 Trillion standard credits, AME is the most expensive single bill ever considered by the Alliance senate. It is also widely considered one of the most timely and progressive bills ever considered by that body.


It seems to offer something for everyone with enthuastic support from politicians both the core systems and the frontier and all of the various parties and factions within the senate. Even the fiscal conservatives are pleased with the bill as it includes a self funding mechanism up front and will pay for itself in economic growth within a decade.


The speed, size and far-reaching scope of AME has many insiders at Parliament stunned. Even powerful lobbists like Jason Devries were caught completely off guard. Devries said, "I had been working, no pleading, for the new jump gate construction and repeal of those awful ICC (Interstellar Commerce and Customs) regulations for twenty years and suddenly overnight it looks like it is happening. I've never seen the Senate display this kind of vision and dare I say even courage in passing a series of bills that will solve todays problems and profoundly affect the future of the Alliance."


Senator Chou yung-Li (New Canton, Conservative) said, "We are espically proud of this bill. It funds itself and does no leave a huge debt burden on future generations while it gives the Alliance the tools with which it can grow and expand."


Not everyone is pleased with AME. Senator Todd Faulks (Sirius, Green) senior member of the Greens party said, "We're making a big mistake selling off those reserved planets. Those are pristine and fragile ecosystems that still have a lot to learn about. By opening them to commerce and colonization, they will be changed forever."


AME is expected to pass the senate either late this week or early next week and will then be taken up by the Executive Committee. Any serious objections to the bill by the Executive Committee will be taken up in Conference. Pending its ratification by the Executive Committee, it could be law by the end of the month.


Economic Analyst like what they've heard so far. Galactic Markets are up 255 points and the D&K index is up a record breaking 22%. Markets appear to be in a broad based rally with blue chip industrials, technology, transport and agro stocks leading the charge.


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