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Well, I cast my first vote in an election yesterday, and I'm happy to say that almost all of the people I voted for won here in Virginia. The moderate Bob McDonnell trashed the extremist Creigh Deeds, the left of center candidate for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli easily defeated the radical Steve Shannon and a bunch of local republicans won here as well. The only candidate that I voted for who didn't win was Jody Wagner, but I don't really think this was a good year for her to run. She was a great candidate, but she got stuck on a losing ticket with a group of left wing racists here in Virginia and the people went another way.


Unfortunately, the democrats in Maine have voted against gay marriage. But on the plus side, New Jersey has a new, though morbidly obese, republican governor elect. Hopefully he'll trim more fat from the budget than he has from his diet. :)


Hopefully, the republican fools don't get too overconfident about what happened yesterday and start to think that they can cruise to victory next year in the mid-term elections. And hopefully for the democrats, they'll realize that Tim Kaine is an inept party leader and that when they snubbed Howard Dean, they screwed themselves over. Because the truth is, before Dean was chairing the DNC, they had nothing. Under Dean, they regained complete control of the house, the senate and the white house. Not to mention the fact that they won an overwhelming majority of the governorships in the nation. They should probably give him a call and beg him to come back.

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The election results were very interesting, but we don't really know if the GOP will learn anything from it that will lead to overturning the majority in the House and/or Senate next year. The one thing you said that I must take exception to is the idea that Howard Dean could return to the DNC. Please spare us that.

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Extremist? Creigh Deeds ran away screaming from any progressive position for the past two months.


I doubt he'd have won had he not, but he'd have been much closer than 18 points. Some of the down ballot races may have been closer as well.


Still, when a party (Democrat, Republican, or...Conservative) chooses a bad candidate, bad things will happen to it.

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I'm just hoping that we get away from the revolutionary communist rhetoric like wealth redistribution.


The first SOB to start talking crap about the dictatorship of the proletariat and bourgeoisie, I'm getting my guns and heading to the hills.


Frakking Marxists- you can't live with them and they won't get a damned job.

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Hey James,


I tried to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and my eyes nearly went crossed. There are WAY too many pages and words, but it starts out as an interesting story. I wanted to read it so that I could sit on my high horse and say things like "Everyone should read Atlas Shrugged" and "Who's John Galt?" But alas, I fail. I think I might look for the audio version of it and listen at night or something. I'm too busy and quite frankly, too lazy to read a book that big.

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