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Isn't It Messed Up How I'm Just Trying To Be Him





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Ah Viv! You've blogged about one of my celebrity crushes...


I'll forgive him that he gave his baby a horrible name and that he's even like married to Ashley Simpson..


lol every christmas i always wanna wear a ribbon cuz of that 1 line in i forget the name of the song forgive me it's early morning but it goes "The Ribbon on my wrist says do not open before Christmas"


Then i wonder after a night of passionate love (we've all seen the photo's PHWOAR I WOULD!) making would he really mind the way my make up stains his pillowcase like i'll never be the same :)


lol him and Alanis morrisette the reason i don't wear jewellery people i'm romantically involved with buy me(though that hasn't happened yet but yeah) cuz "Way you down i'll watch you choke wear you like a ribbon around your throat" and Alanis has a line in her one song about cross necklaces.


My favorite song is "Thanks For the memories" especially cuz of "he tastes like you only sweeter" i so want to say that to a possible ex one day when ex's do that ackward check up on you and wondering how you and your new beau are.


Sincerly Mattie The Hopeless Romantic

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