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Hound Of God

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Hound of God

Author: Edwin E.

Link: http://nifty.guiltygroups.com/nifty/gay/hi...l/hound-of-god/


Genre: Highschool, romance.


Eroticism: 6

Character Development: 9

Strength of Story: 10

Overall Quality: 8


The first thing that caught my attention was the name of the story. Kudos to the author for such an interesting and eye-catching name. After I started reading the story, i was instantly hooked.


Hound of Dog is primarily a story of Edwin and Dominic but Edwin's friend Gabriel has a major part in it. Dominic is the captain of the soccer team and a jock (read: jerk) in Edwin's eyes. Edwin is a Mexican settled in California and an extremely intelligent boy. He's also very religious (catholic) and has staunch beliefs on almost everything. He likes to help athletes who are having trouble with studies. Edwin's perfect world is turned upside down when Dominic askes for his help in pre-calc and then kisses him during the tutoring session.


I won't go any further as i would be doing injustice to the story. Read it for yourself...I assure you, you'll like it.



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