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[Topher_Lydon] The Fifth Column

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Guest Matty J
It is due in April.


And it is good so far :P



Its now March. Are we still on schedule for April publication?

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I just finished The Balance of Judgement... DAMN YOU CPL!!! I'm crying! Nobody makes me cry! That can't happen! It just can't! *babbles on*


Can't wait for The Fifth Column. This whole series has shattered my expectations of normal novels, where the main characters don't die. Damnit!

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I just noticed you're not in Cambodia anymore (I haven't been to GA much lately). Wuhan, China? I'm guessing there's a story to be told there somewhere.


I've enjoyed all your stories, but The Balance of Judgment has had me tied up in anticipation of The Fifth Column for what seems like ages. I hope you're still on track to release it next month, 'cause I'm on track to buy it at Lulu the minute you tell me it's available!


Best wishes from the Rocky Mountain Empire!



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This will be a long update post.


Yes I am not in Cambodia any more, nor in Wuhan either. Currently set to head to North America in a couple of days.




you are all eagerly awaiting the V book.


As am I.


The book is at about 350 pages of a projected 500 pages...


Good so far.


Yet the PDA with all my notes for the modifications and second draft copy was stolen this past weekend. I use the PDA as a translator as well as my notebook for thoughts, etc. So loosing it was a crippling blow. This means my release date for book V has to be pushed back as I rebuild and re attempt almost four months of solid work, while tackling an increased workload... I apologize that there is a delay, but this book is progressing. I beg patience and understanding that it really was my PDA or my life (they got my mobile, credit cards, and money too, while leving me in a forest miles away from anywhere at 4 am... )


Lesson 1: DON'T get into a taxi, always call a car service.

Lesson 2: It isn't worth your life. I was unharmed because I surrendered everything the moment I was asked. Had I resisted... four guys, baseball bats... you do the math.



all this courtesy of the Armenian army who so kindly trained my attackers... thank you.



Also use travel insurance, I was insured so am being reimbursed for my losses. Again no big deal save to my pride... and the fact that I don't speak the local language, and hitch hiking to civilization out of the fact that I had no other choice...


Travel the world they said, have fun adventures.... there is nothing fun about remote wilderness at night when you have no idea what direction you are supposed to be heading in... :: grumbles :: though the Police officers were handsome and very nice.


So crux of this update is that Fifth is coming, it's progress was slowed due to unexpected disasters... bear with it.



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Ditto. The important thing is that you're alive and OK. We can wait for "The Fifth Column". Who knows, it might even get better the second time around. Welcome back to North America (and its $4US/gallon or $1.5CN/liter gas prices).


Don't be a stranger, Topher, we've missed hearing from you.



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I am damn glad you're alive. Armenia, Georgia, and some of the others ex USSR countries have become black holes. And the Bush administration is sending huge amounts of money there, supposedly to contain Russia, while letting a whole new level o gangster organizations gain powers.


Well, have a nice trip back :-)

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CPL...I've just finished re-reading all your previous books (for the third time) and now I can't wait for the new one, so I hope you are able to make some progress with it. Every time I re-read your books, no matter which one, I find something that I've missed in the previous readthroughs. You've sure given us some cliff hangers in the last one!

I know I'm slow on the uptake but it dawned on me that you've put a kaynin with Katz...I think there is subtle humor there or it's just my being weird...naw...that would never happen...

Good luck with your new effort and hope to hear a "it's done!" real soon.



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So crux of this update is that Fifth is coming, it's progress was slowed due to unexpected disasters... bear with it.

It is hard though Chris. I am a new reader of your Falcon Banner books. Didn't know this was here until tonight. have written you a couple of emails asking about The Fifth Column and when it was due but after reading of your travails-I totally understand. Wish there was something I could do to help-except send you positive thoughts. I am on my second read now, since I had completed the fourth book and now knew the characters and had fallen in love with them(both dead and alive) and wanted to go back and reread about them. You have written fascinating characters, easy to fall in love with and wish the best for. And making me cry when they die. I am like your other fans-eagerly awaiting the next one.

Positive thoughts coming your way.....

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