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  1. My thought are w/ the folks of Norway. Right now it looks like there is one suspect: (He was both the bomber and shooter) Source: BBC
  2. Bloody Raspberries and Blackberries, why do you have to taste sooo good?

  3. NY Senate passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

  4. "The Final Trailer for HP Movie Series"
  5. W/ new HDD, Gaming Rig is now working (finally after 5 months)

  6. On Wednesday & Thursday (4/27 - 4/28), a large storm cell produced several tornadoes, which ripped through six southern states (US). The death toll is reaching 300, the bulk of it from Alabama (estimate: ~204-207). My thoughts are with those who were affected by this event. Source: CNN ,Washington Post , & MSNBC How one can help: Link
  7. Probably going have to share the spot till the conference finals (if everything goes well).
  8. Ouch to PS3 Players: Sony Comes Clean: PlayStation Network Hackers Have Stolen Personal Data (Hence, I have a X-Box 360)
  9. Spent an hr transferring contact from mum's old cell to her new one (wish they had micro sd cards back then)

  10. Good letter, I think that I'll need to send something like this to my Senator.
  11. Just got head-butted in the left eye by the bloody dog.

    1. Bumblebee


      ow... but lol :P

    2. SidLove


      Spank the dog now! :D lol

    3. comicfan


      Ouch. Dogs are fun until they rough house with you.

  12. Good to hear that it passed and that Delaware's Governor will sign it.
  13. Quarterfinals: East: Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, Pittsburgh West: Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, Nashville Semifinals: East: Washington, Boston West: Vancouver, Detriot Conference Champions: East: Washington West: Detriot Stanley Cup Champions: Detroit
  14. 2 attempts at fixing my gaming (w/o buying new HDD & Recovery Disc). Damn you HP for not informing me to update my HDD Firmware.

  15. Phil Plait, astronomer and blogger of Bad Astronomy, has a post about this on his blog. Post Link
  16. Paya, for those folks posting those status; It seems they forgot history where the Japanese paid their dues for Pearl Harbor in the forms of Nagasaki and Hiroshima Bombings. And they also forget that Japan is currently one of our strongest allies. W.L.: I would not expect it so. For one they had two natural destructions occur at once (the Earthquake and Tsunami). Additionally, they are an island nation, which makes it harder for importation (long durations for aide to arrive)
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