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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Clydee!  I hope you are having a good one.  DDK

  3. I hope this means you will finish the Falcon Banner series too. Welcome back, I've missed your writings.
  4. You know what, I am beginning to think Christopher has abandoned this story. How long has it been? Over a year and a half since the last post from him and while I realize he had to redo the last book...oh, never mind, I'm just whining. I'm afraid he's going to lose his audience if we don't get something pretty soon. I would hate to see that happen, I love all his books.
  5. I think the Spaniards may have quite a bit to do with Granger's release...and the reason I think that is because Mark brought it up. It hadn't occurred to me that his friends in the Spanish court might be able to influence his release somehow. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I don't see Calvert's assignment to the West Indies as a bad thing, certainly not to be treated as an exile. He is a legitimate captain of a frigate in his majesty's navy, after all. It seems to me that everyone in England who counts is aware of the Granger/Calvert connection...are there no secrets any more? Wh
  6. Maybe they will treat George with a 74 and cut him loose to prowl...or maybe he'll just take a 74 from the French with a crew of captured British sailors and then create some mayhem with them. It wouldn't be out of character for Mark to provide us with such an opportunity! I'm sure that a lot of things would have to fall into place for that to happen, not at least violating his parole...unless he was forced to escape somehow. We never know exactly what lurks in the mind of our esteemed author! The scenario I had in mind would be someone high in the French government deciding to exec
  7. He'll probably be elevated to Earldom at least. I would, anyway! With his string of successes plus his work at the Nile, a Dukedom might even be possible. We'll see if King George agrees!
  8. What an interesting chapter! I don't really understand Caroline's reaction to Calvert and Gatling. One would have thought she would have been pleased with the recent developments, but no, she goes ballistic because they are pulling away from George. How she gets treason out of it I don't know. I think she's over reacting... Glad to see that George has new company for his stay in France! It was only a matter of time... Thank you, Mark, you've read my mind and sent us a new chapter!
  9. Whatever happened to the 200,000 in silver that Calvert picked up? Is he planning to blow it all on a Bahamas vac? I'm pretty sure he hadn't transferred it to Baccante. I don't remember him saying anything about it, for that matter. Maybe he did and I just missed it...
  10. Well, I for one enjoyed the chapter very much. I always thought Winkler should have someone to love and be loved. He and Jacobs seem to fit well together and I'm sure Mark has a solution in mind about Jacob's marriage... Whatever happens between Jacobs and his wife remains to be seen obviously, and they (Winkler and Jacobs) might as well be a couple while they can.
  11. Another great chapter, Mark! The battle scenes were among your best! With Granger captured, I wonder how well he will be treated, since he's been such a thorn in the French's side for so long. Maybe he'll meet up with someone knows him and respects him as an honorable foe and be released. On the other hand, they might want to eliminate him for good... On the Hornblower issue, I see quite a difference between the show and the books, but you are right, look at them as two seperate entities and you'll be happier. I have some of the series on my Kindle, but not all are there. The part
  12. I'll just say "wow!" That was a heartbreaking chapter to say the least. Exciting, but heartbreaking. Thank you again, Mark for your great writing skills.
  13. Hows it coming, Christopher? Any progress to report? Please??
  14. I don't see Granger staying a frigate captain any longer either. I think they will give him a 74 and send him on another mission...lord knows where...just to keep him happy, but only after a long stay ashore. I think he might deserve a break for a while. Being sick like he was must have weakened him, so I would imagine the king would insist he stay home for a while. We'll see if Mr. Arbour agrees with me! He rarely does! :no:. I loved the last chapter, it was like taking a big breath of fresh air after all the stuff that has happened up to this point. I like the idea that Nelson has
  15. By all means...publish it! I hate to see it finished too, but I know the goatwriter in the sky will come up with another epic soon. Wonderful, exciting, mind-numbing, etc, etc, etc... Thank you for a wonderful read! I guess my next step is to go back and re-read the whole thing!
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