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The Blue Hour by york366

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I found this piece to be quite interesting. It deals with some very deep emotions. I think we can all identify with losing someone, being the 'new kid' at school, or being in an unsatisfying relationship. York manages to touch on all these themes in his brief story!


I really enjoyed comfort level the story and the characters had with their sexuality! York treated it as a total non-issue, as it should be.


I was also really surprised at the end when it turned out that Bryce bore a strong resemblance to Brent! I hadn't seen that coming.


Anyway, all around a very fascinating story. Nice job, York :)



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Great story York :2thumbs:


I'll be honest, this was a great story in that it wasn't dark as some of the others that I've read the past few days ;) .


I, like Kevin, missed the connection too between the opening of the story where Brian attended Plano East, the same school that Christian attended. It was interesting that the only connection Bryce had to the incident was through his friendship with Christie. Since there really wasn't any character development of Christie, I just dismissed the whole thing right away.


Well done and thanks,


Steve B)

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A nice little story about changing relationships. :) Bryce is drifting out of one relationship, though in an amicable way as both guys realised it was ending, and is attracted to another guy. I loved the way that Bryce felt guilty when Christian stole a kiss -- it shows the sort of person that Bryce is.


One thing that didn't hit me the first time I read it, but did on the last read was the shift from third person to first person. The fact that I didn't notice it the first time shows how smoothly it was done -- I was already into the story so much that when the perspective shifted from over Bryce's shoulder to inside Bryce's head, I didn't realise the perspective had changed.


Well done!

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