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  1. jfalkon

    The Tale

    Great story. The changing head was scary. I am wondering how many mummies are in the cubboard and how many are headless.
  2. Same here. I also enjoyed this. Thank you.
  3. Congratulations, Renee! I wish you and your family all the best.
  4. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

  5. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for reading and comenting. You must live at a vey high latitude! It must be hard to get any sleep in the Summer.
  6. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I am happy that you enjoyed it.
  7. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

    This was fun to read. Having the guy from Spring break show up for an interview was briliant!
  8. I love all the little details you used like the broken glass and the shirt that changed color in the laundry. I could see their home clearly in my mind. I could even imaginine how it smelled. The scene also gave me a sense of how many years they had been together. The acumulation of things and the little habits they had were so typical of people who had lived together in one place for a long time. Great job!
  9. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

    This was not the happy ending I was hoping for but it is a well written story. I hope you continue writing about these characters.
  10. jfalkon

    Now or Never

    I loved this story. Like everyone else, I hope you continue it. I especialy like the blue dragon. The idea of an animal using sunlight for energy is new and creative.
  11. I love the ending. The whole idea of restoring a person from a backup is fascinating.
  12. jfalkon

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed it. Thank you! I always apreciate your comments.
  13. jfalkon


    I found your story interesting It does seem like asexual people don't get much attention. I love the way described him feeling bad about not having a partner. There seems to be an unnescesary pressure on people to have a love life.
  14. jfalkon


    I realy enjoyed this. I love the way we get to see Eric's side of the story and how Brian is able to learn from his mistakes.
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