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[dkstories] DOH & DoAF Map?

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Does anyone remember if Dan posted a rough map of space that delineated Republic, Federation, & Empire space? I could have sworn he did but I can't seem to find it.


I did find the blog entry where Dan listed that Eclarar space was in the southwest, Republic space in the middle, and Federation space was tear dropped shaped.



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I remember Dan talking about location and size of the three great powers, but don't recall a drawn map. The idea of one is appealing, though.




BTW: If Dan's blog still exists, the link on the author pages is broken. As most links on other author pages, since a change in the server software. Also browsing blogs is difficult. I, at least, can't find a way to get a listing of available blogs, only a digest of the last entries in the whole blogging system. The only way I found is to look into the profile oft he persons of interest.

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