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"They Say............"

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They say that the symbolic significance of a circle is a magical one. It represents the concept of completion. Where the beginning and end of the circle coexist in the same place...at the same time. Where the current, inevitable, design is revealed. And the acts surrounding it are given meaning. Purpose.


They say that prophecy is an illusion. And yet...there have been many cases where, in the dark of night, fortune tellers have discovered a means to pierce through this 'veil' of time...and see what is on the other side. Seeing the design...before it is finished.


They say that love conquers all. But that has yet to have been fully tested. Can love conquer death? Can it conquer madness? Can it somehow create a barricade between you and the frightening threat that is scratching ever so savagely at your front door?


Or....does it truly TAKE a demon....to BEAT a demon?


The circles are getting smaller and smaller. Constricting. Tightening. Signaling the coming 'end'. The completion of the prophcy. The revelation of the ultimate design. None can escape it. Their very <i>inclusion</i> in the design....*IS* the design. The end result was put into motion the moment the journey began. The circle is completing itself now. You merely have to wait for the two points to reconnect again. To coexist. And only then will the unavoidable event come to fruition.


It's pointless to fight prophecy. It WILL happen...


It is the Mimic's duty to witness this...And it is his duty to bear the unmerciful pain that comes with it. <p>It is the only way. He's all we have...


- - - "Gone From Daylight: Blood Ties" - - -


"Lives hang in the balance...and the only thing standing between one's undying love and one's neverending hate...is MADNESS!"



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