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C James

20 DIY mistakes

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This article, 20 diy -mistakes we've made so you don't have to is a hoot, and also has great advice.


I've made more than one of these goofs... For their #1, hitting a waterline with a screw, I wish I'd done that.... I hit a 120 volt electrical line instead. It was a shocking revelation.... :blink:


I'll add another that really ought to be on the list... if you decide to put a lift kit on your SUV to increase ground clearance, it just might be a good idea to measure your garage door headframe in your garage (Especially if you have a non-standard height), to see how high it is. Otherwise, you might just find out the hard way when you go tearing out of your garage take your newly-lifted SUV out for it's first drive - or try to. :*)

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