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Grey by Agaith

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WOW. So much coulour and yet so little. That was an explosion in so many ways. You should write poetry more often, or at least post it more often. I love this. It's really chlling but I love it.

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Very well written, Agaith, and a unique perspective on life.


Judging from home decorating shows which my wife watches, gray is one of the most popular colors currently, especially for bedrooms and family rooms.


On a deeper level, the achromatic tone of your work reminds us that gray is the full spectrum of colors from black to white, the two colors often used to express the difference between two extremes.

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Poetry is intensely personal, I think for the writer and for the reader. This one puts me in your place and you in mine. It is close and intimate. And I can only watch and feel the events transpire. But oh I want to intervene. I want to share your grey and show you my own and well ask you to see more then just the grey. Good poem.

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I dont really now what to say , apart from you should write more. Bugeye said personal to the writer and reader. Well sure is . Well done. Very moving poem.



Everyone tells me to write more poetry but poetry comes to me, so if I get any ideas I write but for now there's no poetry going on :)



Thanks for reading Mark :)

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