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A 16-Year Old Girl Who Sailed Around the World

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Hey, here's this pretty cool story about a 16-year old girl, Laura Dekker, who sailed around the world, becoming the youngest person to do so.


16-Year Old Girl Sails Around the World


Pretty amazing story to tell. There's so much negative news out there, so it's nice to read about someone who did something that very few people can say they did. Could you imagine being able to say that you sailed around the world when you're 16? Kudos to this brave girl who accomplished quite an amazing feat, and to her parents for being so supportive of her dream.

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She actually wanted to do this two years ago, but the authorities blocked it all. She was a hot item on the news in those days, I remember it all too well. We had a discussion about it in class as well.


On the one hand, I think it's very brave and impressive that she did this. On the other hand, she is still quite young. I think, had I been her, I would've waited until I'd finished high school at least. But that's just me :)

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