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Sexy Heat?

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Okay, admit it: you've all been enraptured by the super sexy image of a guy or gal sweating in the heat at least once in your lives. Could be Marlon Brando in Street Car Named Desire, or Richard Burton in Night of the Iguana (listen, I'm not THAT old, I just like old movies) or your neighbor mowing the lawn.


In this heat (touched triple-digit in Athens, Greece, today, and the heat-wave isn't until Tuesday), instead of cooling down, let's jack up the heat even higher by remembering some of those hot bodies! Posted Image


Whose glistening body captured your heart, imagination or lust? (pics optional but appreciated!)

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I like old movies. Movies from 50's or 60's are really good (and I am younger than you). Late 90's to 2002 are also good, but anything in between and most of the current offerings are lackluster in script quality, despite of better technology and advancement in film making techniques. Paul Newman in Sweet Bird of Youth was hot also.


Anyways, back to the main topic. Channing Tatum.... I really love the guy ever since he was in his modeling days. The guy is really cool. Just some thought and fantasy. I don't think I would ever date my fantasy guys, even if I had the chance.... Separation of lust and love. But he is pretty close to the type I might consider crossing the line (probably won't work, but whatever...).

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For an oldie, how about " The African Queen" with Bogie and Hepburn. but as for a new one, how could we forget all the dancing sweating bodies in " Dirty Dancing". The scene where Jennifer Grey stumbles into the room where Patrick Swayze and all of the other dancers are dancing, and sweating like hell was an unforgettable scene.


And, how could we not include " Giant". James Dean and Rock Hudson, in dead heat of the summer, along with Elizabeth Taylor. doesn't get much better than that.

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From my younger days it was a close call between:


Rider Strong who played Shawn on Boy Meets World (I'd have sold my mother to be able to run my fingers through that hair)




Noah Hathaway who played the Indian boy Atreyu in The Neverending Story (helped he was bare-chested in the film)




I had huge posters of both on my bedroom wall and still friends found it a shock when I told them I was gay.

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Matthew McConaughey was pretty hot (in both ways) in Sahara. And there was this one part in Heroes when Zachary Quinto answered the door shirtless and wet from showering off blood from the guy he'd just beaten to death that just made me want to dry him with my tongue.


But other that that I don't find heat sexy. Guys can look GREAT all sweaty but usually all it does is remind me how much I hate being that hot so that kinda kills the sexy.

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