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  1. Been our of town for work. My next chapter is almost ready to post. HOpefully tomorrow. Thanks for the patience and support guys.

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    2. Headstall


      I'm looking forward to it too :)

    3. Aditus


      What they said.

    4. Slytherin


      Hurry *impatient Dang Bear* *snickers*

  2. joann414

    Chapter 1

    HI kiddo. Glad you liked it. I'm out of town for work, but the next chapter is almost done. Will be posted by Monday. Hugs.
  3. joann414

    Chapter 1

    What a sweet review. I guess we could all use a few "twinkle toes" at one time or another. They are pretty cool. And yes, Uncle Dan and his little menace are going to be a wake up call for Hunter. thanks for reading!
  4. Carly is now the victim of her own evilness. Go Craig! I'm glad their mother was a witness to the truth. Now I'm ready for a beautiful love story between Craig and Jared.
  5. Well, well. Looks like Ms. Carly is going to get the wind taken out of her sails. Twin brother is not a fool except for his feelings for Jared of course. It's so sad that Jared has lived in this hell for so long at the hands of the man he loves sister. "shakes head" Can't wait for the confrontation between the good twin and the evil twin
  6. I couldn't help but compare Carly and Trina. One is bat shit crazy and the other supportive and protective. You write your characters so well. "Crap on a cracker", is now my new phrase. I love it. That expression can say a lot at times you need to get a point across. lol Jared has a lot of demons to face. It's obvious he doesn't want to cause problems but when love is involved, it's all or none. It's going to be interesting to watch him evolve in the story.. Great chapter!
  7. Sheesh! You talk about a storm in progress. I couldn't run for cover thinking I'd miss something. Great first chapter and I can see I've missed some great reading in my time away from GA. Thanks for such wonderful writing.
  8. joann414

    Chapter 1

    And Dang Bear, I hope I can keep you hooked. Hope you are doing well. Thanks and hugs back.
  9. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Thanks. I remember those shoes so well. Uncle Dan I can tell is going to have to be someone special. Thanks for the review
  10. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Thank you. I hope I don't disappoint. I'm trying to put Uncle Dan in my mind. Thanks for reading.
  11. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Thank you! I'm looking forward to expanding this story. I've missed writing here and Uncle Dan is going to be quite the surprise for Hunter.
  12. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Hi Lisa Glad to be back and I've missed all of you. Yeppy Uncle Dan is going to have to be hot and handsome to be able to get Hunter's attention.
  13. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Me too Uncle Dan is evolving in my mind as I write. Thanks for the review
  14. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Avid One of those times when the prompts keeps on going
  15. joann414

    Chapter 1

    Thanks hun. One of those things that just keep pushing you.
  16. New story. Started out as a prompt and became the first chapter of a story. Hope you enjoy.

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    2. joann414


      Thanks Val. I enjoyed writing again.


    3. Headstall


      That happened to me with the latest anthology... ten chapters later... I'll check it out :)

    4. joann414


      Ditto. Will have to check yours too. Spontaneous sometimes is the best! :)


  17. joann414

    Chapter 1

    The New Neighbor Hunter studied the large neon pink frog that sat in his small flower garden that flanked the left side of the deck he sat on enjoying his first cup of coffee. Although it was almost noon, he had only been up long enough to run through the shower while his coffee brewed. Another long night at his night club had ended with him taking two of his regulars home that lived 20 miles from his club, Hunter’s Paradise. Shifting in the chair that matched the table he sat at, he thought he heard someone turn into the driveway next door. The cabin there had been vacant over a year
  18. The last thing Hunter wanted was a new neighbor. He enjoyed his cabin and sitting on his deck. But, a large moving van and blinking sneakers changed all of that.
  19. So glad to see GA so active. Looks like a lot of new stories. HOpe you all are happy and well. Hugs and love to all.

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    2. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Joann!! *glomp* I've missed you!

    3. podiumdavis


      I'm back mama bear :) Let's do this.

  20. joann414


    I am so proud to have been a part of your first writing here because this story tells me that you've become the wonderful writer that I felt that you were all along. Keep writing Cole and put your emotions to task as you did in this story. It's emotionally and heartfelt beautiful. Your concept on life as we all age is priceless. When you can write like this, your heart is in every word. Kudos to you my friend.
  21. RJ is definitely an original author that should be recognized. His stories have so much substance and his descriptions and settings are so well written. He's definitely an author to be checked out. I love his writing. It's beautiful.
  22. For the ones of you that study the dream thing, I've dreamed of panthers and cougars several times lately. ???

    1. Randomness


      I believe it is contextual... what were they doing and what is going on with you? Hmm...

    2. Cynus


      Yes, definitely what Randomness said. While the panthers and cougars could certainly be symbolic, interpreting their meaning would require a look at the dream as a whole.

    3. Ron


      Well, cats, big or small are good at slinking and cuddling, which may mean that you should slink back in and cuddle up with your friends on GA. :)

  23. Belated, but sincere birthday wishes guy. Hugs over and over.
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