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So, I wrote a new article today (Read it here!) about how Wreck-It Ralph won a prestigious animation award, and it got me thinking about video game movies. I compiled a list of movies (separated into the good, the bad, and the Uwe Boll), but now I'm wondering what you guys think. What are your favorite video game movies, if any? Which ones do you despise? Lets hear it!

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Fun fact: Jean-Claude Van Damme turned down the part of Mortal Kombat's Johnny Cage, in order to do Street Fighter. Incidentally, Mortal Kombat also ended up out-grossing Street Fighter at the box office. Oopsie. :gikkle:

Super Mario Bros. has maybe one redeeming quality if nothing else: John Leguizamo in the desert. :D


While Mortal Kombat makes the "good" list, its sequel Annihilation would likely make a lot of people's "bad" lists due to the mess they made of the storyline. :/

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Mortal Kombat is easily the best video game adaptation. They got everything mostly right and Christopher Lambert was hilariously awesome as Raiden. Wreck-It Ralph is the best movie about video games without being an adaptation though. I personally love Street Fighter just because Everything Bison says is quotable gold, lol. Annihilation and Legend of Chun-Li were crap though. Max Payne was also pretty terrible. Honestly I think it's one of the worst video game movies I've ever seen beause it totally missed the point of the game and it was boring as f***.


One series I really like though? The Resident Evil movies. Well, all but the last one, which was kinda boring. If you just go into them acepting that they're different than the games with different canon and continuity and that's how they were supposed to be from the start, you can enjoy them. At least I can. I just hope the next one doesnt try to pull too much from RE6. The faster we forget that game ever happened, the better.

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Resident Evil series ain't to bad (though the last one kinda sucked), but the worst has got to be Alone in the Dark.  No redeeming points from the movie at all:)


There's a few games adaptions that may end up being good that have been announced though like, World of Warcraft, Assasins Creed and Mass Effect:)  Tomb Raider's getting a reboot aswell.  :)

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I remember watching Resident Evil a while back. They are okay movies (I haven't played the games) but to me, it didn't seem like there was much to be confused about. What I mean for example is in Super Mario Bros., the story was completely wacky! A good movie, but had I not been a gamer and knew the storyline from the game,  I would have been so lost because they missed explaining SO much. 


Another movie from a game (again, haven't played the games) was Silent Hill. A bit of a mind bender to me, but it was alright.


Lastly, the best movie I have seen was Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. A lot of people give this movie crap because it had no meaning towards the games and hardly any "real" FF storyline. (AKA no real magic so to speak, and a lot of key elements that FF has in their games). Truth be told if they had knocked the "Final Fantasy" off of the title, it would have been fine as a stand-alone film.

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