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NFL considering field size

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So I saw this article today and thought I'd bring it up:




Personally being a huge fan of the Canadian Football League and the larger field I think it could add a lot more action to the NFL game. After watching the Superbowl this year, I just don't see why anyone would argue against a larger field which would make more passing (like the fourth quarter of the Superbowl) and more exciting game.


One argument was brought up that players tackling would have more field to get up a full head of steam. I don't see the wider field causing that, or the fact that you have the fair catch rule which I don't think you will be getting rid of any time soon. Up here there is no fair catch rule (and an additional ten yards to the length-110 yards) but there is a no yards rule. Essentially the kicking team has to yield ten yards to the receiver or it is a penalty. Exceptions to onside kicks.


So what do you think? Not going to happen anytime soon but would you like to see a bit larger field and possibly more passing because of it?


Just for your info, here is the major differences between the CFL and NFL:


-3 down football

-110 yard X 63 yard field

-defence lines up one yard back of the line of scrimmage

-no fair catch rule (instead a ten yard rule)

-scoring all the same except (which I'd like to change up here) you get a single point for missed FG

-goal posts on the goal line

-20 second play clock instead of 40

-rules difference making it much harder to run down the clock. 3 min rule should mean each side should have another possession up here


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Canadian fields have to be larger in case moose wander onto the field during a game.




Probably wouldn't surprise anyone up here :P


It's been a very long time since I've actually watched a full CFL game, but I really can't remember, when do you get a point for a missed FG?!?


Sadly, most of the time :( . Kick a field goal and get it, 3 points. Miss it yet kick it through the end zone it is a single point. The only exception is if you don't kick through the end zone (which is 20 yards opposed to the 10 yard NFL field) and you have a receiver in the end zone and they can run it out, then no points.


Technical name for it is a rouge, so I'm blaming the French Canadians for the silly rule :P

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That's like those "participation" awards.. lol.. Miss a field goal, 'tis ok, you still get a point.  If teams are tied, all they have to do is kick it through the end zone and win. :P


I think the fields should also stay the same. I think teams are getting way more defensive minded, if you widen the field, then you are burdening the Defense.  Although, if you want more people to watch.. widen the field, because most people watch it for the offense anyway. :P I guess that's why the NBA doesn't play defense.


Bah.. I dislike pro-sports.

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