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National Geographic's The 80's

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National Geographic is airing a 3-part documentary mini-series starting tonight that follows the cultural, racial, and political trends of the 1980's. As a nice touch, it's being narrated by Rob Lowe, former 80's hearthrob.

National Geographic's The 80's- The Decade That Defined Us

    I'm so excited. I just simply adore that decade. The bright colors, the fun music, the outrageous fashions, and the then-impressive explosion of high-tech. The 80's just look like they would have been so much fun to have grown up in.

     Since the late '90's I've been into 80's nostalgia, and I think at this point- with the 80's being three decades ago, we should start getting some interesting perspectives on them since the 80's are no longer recent history. More time for research and proper reflection, I think.


     Here's the commercial:



    I loved I Love the 80's on VH1, so I'm so down for this.

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The music of the eighties is distinctive. Good or bad, it was hard to forget. Disco was nauseating people, the New Wave was washing up on US shores and good old fashioned rock & roll was alive and well.



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I asked my dad to DVR all three parts, so as soon as I come back home I'll be watching it. To me, the 1980s is probably one of the most fascinating times in recent American history, given Reagan, the Cold War, Wall Street, and the Crack Epidemic. Also, I am absolutely obsessed with National Geographic Channel. 

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