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Jason Collins Signs With Nets


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The article and the comments agree that the club isn't expecting him to be a superstar. He's supposed to shore up a defensive weakness in the Nets. After all, they know what he can do because he used to play for them!


Hopefully the hype isn't as bad as you (and I) fear. I'm watching this closely, since this is what my new novel is all about -- the coming out of a gay athlete at an elite level.

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Yeah...I don't like that it's only a 10-day contract. He could end up not even playing, he could be there long enough for there to be the headline and then - oops! Out he goes...


Again, there's this feeling of media making this a bigger deal than it really is, even making it into something that it's really not to a degree.

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I'd never heard of 10 day contracts before this article, but reading through the comments explained it to me. They've contracted him for 10 days. At the end of those 10 days, they can either give him another 10 day contract, release him, or sign him for the year/season(?). If they give him a second 10 day contract, at the end of that, they either have to release him or sign him for the year/season. It's essentially a trial period and it appears to be a standard part of the bargaining agreement for the NBA (and some other pro sports, apparently).


I can't see that they'll give him a contract and not play him, so I expect he'll be on the court very soon. The real interest will come when the 10 days are up and we find out what they do.

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NY Times article on the game: Was It a Big Night? Nets Players Act as if It Wasn't


Not surprisingly, the LA Times article concentrates more on the Lakers... as they should: Laker's 108-102 loss isn't real story as Jason Collins makes history


It looks like it was a fairly low-key event, without the hype that could've been there.

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