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Genres Unique To Lgbt Writers

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I had this thought last night as I wrote a reply in the teen forum, there really are unique genre story types to LGBT writers that is unique to us.


I can think of 2 genres in particular that are unique and almost exclusive to LGBT issues:


1. The Straight Acting guy being or turning gay, when the protagonist falls for him (Seriously, this has been repeated many times. Let's just call it the Revelation/Conversion Genre)

2. Coming Out story, when a protagonist must face social stigma and find his place in the world as a LGBT individual


What are other story genres unique to LGBT writers?



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  • Losing a partner and not being able to mourn openly because it will expose the homosexual relationship.
  • The sexual fluidity of loving a transgendered person.
  • The difficulties in cross-cultural relationships in regards to homosexuality.
  • The silent horror of male on male violation during war.

I don't know how common these are but these are themes I explore in my writing. :P

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