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Imagine Magazine's 'Framework' Is Set! :)

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It has been a few months of hard work getting stuff together, and we actually made our goal for getting waaaaay ahead of schedule with the bare bones set up! In fact, the goal was six months ahead...and we're almost at NINE months right now! A new design is on the way as well, and we're looking for any and all new contributions for 2018! If any of you authors are looking for a boost and want to expand your fanbase, we want to promote you! And you can guide all of your new readers right back here to GA or any other place where your work is hosted! Just click the link below for details on how you can all get in on being a part of the monthly releases! If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!


I've recently been training for a brand new job (Since just before Halloween), and it is a LOT to absorb! So my brain has been more mushy than it usually is! But last Friday I got an idea of what my schedule looks like, and this is my last weekend of training. So stories are coming back, I'm close to my email again, everything is in motion! Imagine Magazine is a huge project for us, and many of you have already helped to make that happen with your participation in the weekly questions! So thanks from the bottom of my heart! And let me know at Comicality@webtv.net if you guys want to jump in and be a part of something that's sure to be revolutionary in 2018! Details below!


Expect to hear from me soon! Hehehe, I've been having SO much fun with this! :P



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