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Imagine Magazine Question for 4/26

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Okay... I have a few entries from other sources and I added mine to the first draft. There is some "Behind the Scenes" content in mine so I need to hold it until we launch. Where this question is being asked as a "Comsie Q&A" that's how I'll set it up :) Thanks MrM! - I should say that where we are planning to launch this on June 15th so get IM back up and running, please try to have your entry by at least June 10th so I have time to format it.

* * *

Two other things for those of you who still wear your "C" symbol on Shack Holidays: May 2nd is Comsie's birthday, May 28th is Comsie's 18th Annual "Random Cake Holiday" which qualifies as official ;), and June 19th is the Shack Out Back's 26th anniversary. I've had my "C" symbol on for over a week now... I'll keep it on for a while longer. (Old Shacker traditions, If you aren't aware of this quirky tradition, you can read his original explanation at shackoutback.net and bring your Shack sense of humor with you ;)

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I had posted this video on the Shack forum. Comsie's response was: "Hahaha! OMG, that's pretty damn cute, actually! I could TOTALLY live with that thing, if I had to!" That made me laugh even more than the initial video. I mean, living out your life with the noise-maker from a dog toy restricting your airway? The absurdity is pure Comsie.  :heart:



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Remembering Comicality

I’ve been trying to put something into words for days now and not being the consummate writer Com was it’s taken me a bit, especially as this was something I never thought I’d have to do….. at least not for several more decades.

Like many of us old time “Shackers” I came across Com’s stories on Nifty, way back when we all had dial up modems, and Com was using his WebTV!

But only started talking to him in 1999 while I was, ironically, recovering from being in hospital as I too nearly died. It started by my email saying how I was enjoying New Kid in School like so many of us and how it was keeping me occupied during my recovery. I was stunned when I got a reply from him less than 24 hours later, and not just a short email either!

Since that day we stayed in regular contact either by email or as some will remember in the chat room on IRC, and even by written correspondence. Hehe, those group chats were always a lively affair, and he always was happy to see us in there with him.

We had some deep conversations me and him over the years. (I’ve kept every single email, letter, card he sent) I remember in the early days as his popularity grew he was getting allot of “hate mail” and in one email to me he said “Dom I don’t think I can do this anymore, it hurts too much, all I want to do is make people smile but they just keep pulling me down” He was going to give it 6 months. Fortunately, with encouragement he carried on, and what a legacy he went on to create!

One of our best conversations was over his and my love of drawing cartoons, but sadly he didn’t have many from his younger years because his dad destroyed them. So, I sent him some of the ones I had done when I was a kid, Thunder Cats and Roger Rabbit. When he had to move to Georgia, he still had them!

He became a true friend; one I could confide in and most of all never get judged. Now that’s not to say he didn’t give me his opinions, and infuriatingly he was usual right!

AND we kissed once! Hehe. His words not mine! One year he sent me a Christmas card which was in an envelope within an envelope, which to begin with I though was a bit odd until I pulled it out. Right in the middle he had drawn a circle and under it was a smiley face and the words “Kiss here, I did!” ….. So, obviously I did. When he asked did I kiss the same spot he said we had technically kissed!  Typical Com always goofy!

But that was Com, he never judged anyone. Always looked to see the best in people, encourage them, lend an ear and try to make everyone smile, even when he wasn’t able himself. Again, it hurt him deeply every time he felt he hadn’t been able to help someone, when the truth is he was in more need of it than most of us.

I think one of the other things that bugged him was with popularity meant he couldn’t speak to everyone as often as he wanted, but he would always make as much effort as he could which resulted in allot of sleepless nights trying to catch up on emails and the like which couldn’t have been healthy!

Com and I were the same age. Him being the elder by 1 month and 1 day! We had planned to meet up for our 40th when I was going to be in Chicago but sadly and again ironically, he had to go visit the family down south, we had discussed trying again for our 50th next year. He gave me a whole catalogue of must-see things including his beloved Navy Pier which he said I “HAD” to see, which I did. I might still try and go back next year, but it will be bittersweet if I can.

When first writing this I had by the end of the first session nearly 6 pages! But even that doesn’t seem long enough. I mean how can you fit 25 years of friendship into words and do Comsie justice?

It’s so very unfair that someone who gave so much, so selflessly has been cut short so early. He had such a tough life personally, not just with money but a tough childhood with a father that beat him and tried to break him down. Though I do honestly believe that because of those things it inspired him to be a force for others. I don’t think even at the end he truly realised what a huge legacy he had crafted, how much he impacted on so many lives.

There is so much more I want to say about my friend, but I think I’ll leave it here for now. Plus, if it’s too long Jeff and the Imagine team will be cursing me out! Hehe

So, I will end with this; Com you were one of my truest friends, you deserved better and more, but you achieved much to be proud of. I will miss you terribly, but will remember you fondly……. Always.

Rest easy bud!

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