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Do you change the gender when you sing along with a song?

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Whenever I sing along to Howard Jones’ No One is to Blame, I switch the gender to male. (‘And you want him. And he wants you.’)


Tom Robinson recorded Ricky Don’t Lose that Number (his cover version of Steely Dan's Rikki Don’t Lose that Number). Openly Gay, Tom is definitely singing to a man.


And then there’s the Male Version of Cher’s Strong Enough off the CD Single. When you listen to this version, someone is bisexual since she’s singing about her lover sleeping with a man. Cher knows who her fans are!


I even have an entire CD, Inside Out, where Cam Clarke has switched the genders in all the songs he recorded. But it’s not as good as the others.


I also have several CDs each from Openly Gay groups including Romanovsky & Phillips and Pansy Division.

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No, I tend to sing the exact lyrics that the original song/singer sings when I'm singing along. Although, I'm mostly making up most of the song unintentionally as it is.. lol. I've seen singers do it well with covers, although some of them sound corny, as some songs are made structurally about the love of a man or a woman and to change the gender, you change the entire meaning/point/tone of the song.. and it may fall flat. (Any Man of Mine - by Shania Twain, for example) change the gender to that song.. and it just doesn't make sense as the song references all the "argue inducing" mistakes that men make in relationships with women. 


But to be honest, I have no issues with singers that don't change the gender of songs and keep it original to the originally written piece.

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