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Once upon a time there was a game called Masters of Orion.


It was a bit like Civilization gone interstellar. I've wasted much of my consciousness playing it. MOO and MOO2 (remember- Masters Of Orion) were classics but dated.


I longed for a game like that but, you know, new and improved.


I looked long, hard, high and low and couldn't quite find a match for it. Until... I found Stellaris. 


Holy timewarp Batman. A few minutes ago it was Thursday and how did it become DAWN already!?


This is the most amazing game system I've ever seen. If you want to develop a civilization of poetry reading roaches with a bent for galactic domination, it'll take some work but you can do it.


Well my Solar Union needs me. If you are a Sci-fi junkie, DO NOT get this game. You'll never be seen or heard from again.


You would be proud of this Southern:  I lead a coalition of species on a campaign to wipe out slavery in our part of the galaxy. :cowboy:


My battle cruisers are standing by. I've gotta go clean out some pirates.


Go to general quarters and prepare all station for a hostile jump...









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I have the game and spent some time with it.  But I wandered off.  Something shiny probably distracted me :)


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