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Imagine Magazine #64 Is Live!


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A brand new issue is up for you guys to dive into and enjoy! New chapters from your favorite authors, and articles that you've come to love and enjoy! So have fun! It's all free! So why not have a blast! Please reember to hit that green 'like' button at the bottom of every page to let these hard working authors know that you love them! K?

Also, I was hoping to have this video finished in time for last month's August Issue, seeing as it was our two year anniversary and all! But I couldn't concentrate and finish, because...Corona Virus scare! :P

But it's done now! I hope you guys like it! Definitely come by and check out Imagine Magazine when you get a chance! It's basically 'Comicality Stories'...but in real life! Yes....these beautiful cuties do exist! So, to my younger readers...go out there and grab you one! Hehehe! Boys, boys, BOYS!!! :P

Actors, singers, models, martial artists, chefs, dancers...they all have something to say. And their beauty isn't just skin deep. So drop by and have fun with the magazine! And huge thanks to everyone who took the time to participate and submitted their own efforts and hard work, making the magazine a huge success, month after month after month! You guys are awesome! ((Hugz))

Take care! :)



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