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Aias Dalman was born on November 8th, 2009 in Vancouver, BC. Scouted by Young Moviemakers Director Levente Mihalik during kindergarten, Aias spent the next several years working in Vancouver independent film both as an actor and writer before he finally signed with a talent agent.

By the age of 7, he was an early prodigy in math and science, and he even wrote several of his own short films, including Tough Guy (2018), and The Fortune Teller (2016). The Fortune Teller received "Best Film Overall" at the TIFF Young Filmmaker's Showcase, and Tough Guy has been screened at over 40 film festivals; it currently remains in circulation. Another short film, Teen Chick (2015), earned "Best Narrative" at the Calgary International Film Festival.

While Aias may have autism, that doesn't stop the little dude from playing neurotypical characters in his film roles. His first major credits are When Time Got Louder (2021), Separate Sights (2020), and Michelle's (2019). Although he loves acting, Aias claims that his dream is to host a "Bill Nye" style Science Show, and ultimately give his own TED Talk on Neural Networks.

Aias can program in JavaScript and Scratch, and has been designing his own video games since the age of 7. He also played alongside his younger brother, Azriel Dalman, in My First Time Biking to Work (2018).















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