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  1. I wonder about Blake. As others have said, he sounds as if he comes from modest means, and I'm interested to hear his history. If only Aric can keep it together long enough to have a meaningful conversation without launching himself at Blake's lips.
  2. OMG! I definitely need to show this movie to Max! He'll LOVE it!!
  3. Just finished the first season of "Sweet Tooth" last night!
  4. Hey, I'm eating smarter these days! Yes, the pickles are usually sliced and breaded before frying. I've seen a restaurant or two that serve fried pickle "spears", but I prefer pickles which are sliced into "coins".
  5. Hey, Terry. Sounds like a tasty breakfast. I can almost imagine a cute young Drew tucking into his morning repast.
  6. It's rather like a version of "Bambi" with human-animal hybrids.
  7. Yup. Last night, I started watching a show on Netflix called Sweet Tooth. It's an excellent story so far. A pandemic sweeps across the globe, known only as The Sickness. Around the same time, babies are born with horns, or feathers, or porcupine quills. Which came first, the children or the virus? Fearing for his son's safety, a man goes "off the grid" and teaches the boy how to survive while the civilized world collapses into chaos. However, when the boy confronts the world of Men for the first time, he must do it alone.
  8. Hey, Albert. Hey, Terry. The weather is a little unpleasant today, but otherwise, everything is good.
  9. So sorry to hear this. Though our interactions were limited, he was a good friend.
  10. We're doing well, thanks. We made Croque Monsieur for dinner. Now Sneakers is curled up with Max on the sofa.
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