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I've been digging into the GA story archives and found some fascinating stats on this young, not so young now, author. My reason? Well Dom was one of the first authors who caught my attention when I first started to really take an interest in gay fiction. But there is something else about Dom which really facinates me in terms of his pulling power. It not just fascinates me, it baffles me... I'll explain, but first a few facts.

- Domluka is 2nd only to Cjames for the most read content

- Four of Domluka's novels are in the top 100 of GA's books available, That's out of over 5000 if I am correct.

- He is widely mentioned on the site in forums and blogs.

- Despite only completing a handful of books he has built a reputation most can only dream of.

Now the bit that fascinates me.

Dom is a good writer, lets start with that. Grammatically he is sound and his stories "make sense" however upon looking at his style, it is (in only my opinion) rather, well... plain, simplistic and unadventurous. That is to say, if you had a pile of books in font of you and you wanted one to grab you with it's textured and multifaceted allure, Domluka you would not probably pick up. However the stats speak for themselves and the guy has a fan following and has managed to create some wonderful and sickly sweet narratives that pull you in. I probably need to note that Domluka's world building and storytelling is excellent, I am talking from a writing style perspective here. Not to be confused because I have read all his work, have deep affection and respect all his books, period.

I guess my question would be, what pulled you to a Domluka story? Is it just consistent ol' fashioned good storytelling that trumps style and complexity?

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