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  2. What kind of level of detail will you need? e.g. Title, description & story note. OR More details such as the authors, genres, tags, ratings, custom fields etc.. And how are chapters handled under this? A separate revision history for when a chapters title, note, text are edited?
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  4. If you are seeing this forum, that means that you have to validate your account! You should have received an email with a link in it after you submitted your registration. If you do not click the link, your account will be terminated automatically within 5 days. Welcome to the Gay Authors, Gay Story Discussion board. In order for you to view all of the forums and post, you need to complete your register. Registration is free and easy. Just click on the help button if you are having problems. Some of what you can see once you complete your registration: The Library - Posted stories. The Cafe- Story discussions, links to stories etc. Story Reviews - Formatted story reviews of stories found on the net. Editor's Corner - A place for authors and editors to work together.
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