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  1. Caedus

    Picket Fences

    "Fuck picket fences, I thought as I fell asleep. A picket fence can’t keep me warm at night." Had a good laugh at this. It's hard to balance that contradiction of accepting everyone, but then actually having to accept what that means in reality. Even though the Cadet comes off as a douche, he's still an interesting character to see Corbin try to deal with. People are all their contradictions, which definitely applies to Corbin. As he hazards through his relationship with Pete, it'll be interesting to see how those contradictions play out.
  2. Games of Thrones ftw:

  3. Nope. What's a fact about you that most people would be surprised about? (besides sexual orientation)
  4. I've grown a lot these last few years, but I never fully understood how being "closeted" can deeply affect someones mind...

  5. Hey there. I've been pretty good, nothing too big to complain about. I hope you've been doing well, also. I've been slowly making my way through some of Singer's work, although not as fast as I would like. I'm about halfway through "Animal Liberation" right now and read it whenever I have free time. For grad school, I'm looking everywhere, really...Boston, Memphis, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Colorado, etc. We'll see.

  6. Happy New Years!

  7. Happy New Years! How have you been? Good luck getting into grad programs for philosophy, what schools are you interested in?

  8. Happy Birthday, Anya, hope you've been well.
  9. Will definitely check out that interview. Hope your doing well, stranger.
  10. main emphasis on mother f**king pendulum, the first time ever after countless years of worshiping them do i see them live, it is like mecca. it might be a dj set though but that doesn't matter to me trente is like dark electro, he is hard to pin down he w2as in coachella and not touring and i think he is touring now with a new album. sorry for the wall spam hue~

  11. JELLY??????????????

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