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  1. Happy Birthday!  i was just thinking of you the other day.

    You are missed

  2. Happy Birthday and know you are remembered!

  3. Happy Birthday, Moggy. You are not forgotten here on GA :)



  4. Miss you miss moggie :heart:

  5. Merry Christmas Miss Moggy...we love you and miss you....😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dmrman


      Yeah...🤔she does...😄😄😄😗😗

    3. Headstall


      I can read her posts and comments and smile. :) 

    4. Dmrman


      When I feel down I can still trust she brings me some smiles...words of comfort and hope...😶🙄😏

  6. mogwhy

    Moggy's Mutterings

    A place for moggy's words to be shared. Poems and sayings. Thank you for taking this journey with me.
  7. Miss Moggy... respectfully and sincerely missing you yet this time of year brings strong remembrance of your Grace as you Shared, we shared... calming words...Wisdom and Expressions of Kindness Still ever so Grateful I had you in my life...to laugh, cry and share the depth of your kind ways of handling life... Thanks, Love never forget you...!!!:heart::heart::heart:

  8. I am sorry I fell off the earth the last few weeks, I will miss you my friend and I will never be able to replace the sage advice and friendship you gave me. 

    1. Dmrman


       Still grieving and Missing you Dear Friend :heart: You are gone but won't be forgotten, your love pushes thru in the darkest moments your words of wisdom in the greatest times of need... your Friendship lingers like sweet perfume .:kiss:and words of hope in you poems still bloom...! Such pleasure and joy of knowing someone as graceful and Kind I do not deserve yet you chose to share it with all who received it... yes missed, yet not forgotten, yes  I am thankful for the moments you shared ... that can not be bought nor sold but given to remember, like the mist of the sea, or the glimmer of the skies, or the soft cries of a baby, all special and Fresh like you...!!! :kiss::kiss::heart::heart:

  9. Your journey is over and you have been called home.  May you now Rest In Peace.  My sincere sympathies to your family and friends.

    James M

  10. You will be very missed moggy. 


    R.I.P my friend:hug: 

  11. Goodbye Moggy! Rest peacefully. 


  12. MrM

    I hope your wings can carry your spirit back to us for a visit from time to time. :heart:



  13. R.I.P. Moggy. You will be missed.


    1. Puppilull


      This is such sad news... 

  14. May your pains end. And your spirit be free. Goodbye Dear.


    1. Dmrman


      0:)0:)" MISS MOGGY" you often asked if "they would Miss you when you were Gone" I knew your subtle words were saying the very things we are hearing about now...REVEALING YOU HAVE INDEED LEFT US" so as you asked and spoke those simple words that you thought were hard to ask openly...Today this night, this very moment the answer is Quite clear based on the Response to your PROFILE would indeed Suggest the obvious Answer Is..."YES... YOU WILL BE MISSED... YES, PEOPLE WILL CARE THAT YOU ARE GONE... AND YES YOU WERE VALUED EVEN WHEN YOU DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE...Miss Moggy as you are looking Down I feel your Smile, that you finally the Truths popping up all over GA site to show our hearts and love for you, who loved us First... and there Is No Doubt that this has been so Always and even before your passing A Fact YOU were Always, and will always Beloved and not forgotten... So just keep smiling you alone Earned this...!!! Moggy I'll always love you and remember all your help Too and For me.. you are a Real Angel...!!!!:kiss::kiss::heart:0:)0:)

  15. Happy Belated B-day, Moggy! I hope you had a great day!

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