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  1. I believe Sacha has been wanting Billy every since he met him, and I think Billy might be attracted to Sacha, will Billy finally let Sacha kiss him,or will it be Liam,or Donny
  2. Cewright

    Chapter 19

    Yes this an awesome love story so far, but please tell us what happens when Deme start school with Shane, and what happens when Sara,and mom learn about their love,and does Deme Dad and Grandpa ever find out, can't wait to see what you have in store for the love birds, please don't keep us waiting to long, thanks your friend Charlie
  3. Cewright

    Chapter 2

    Awesome story, I was hoping the that Adam and Mark actually end up dating and be come boyfriend's
  4. Cewright

    Chapter 23

    Amazing story so far, I hope Ethan finally decides to come out to his parents, and to his three friends, I think that he will find out that they still care for him and want to get to know more about his boyfriend Drew and I think once he gets to know Patrick a little better he will find out that him and Drew will have four friends on their side at school, and his parents and Drew's mother, plus I think that if Drew's Mom talk's with Drew's dad,and would open up a little and meet Ethan and get to know him and see how much Ethan really loves his son and how happy they are together, I think he would approve
  5. Cewright

    The Untouchables

    Awesome story can't wait to see where it goes I think Billy has a crush on Donny and I think Sacha has a crush on Billy
  6. This is amazing I hope you continue the story and I hope Oli and Mark find true love and happiness like Teddy and Ryder
  7. I really loved your story, I just wish you had told us weather Ryder lives and weather him and Teddy get back together
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