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  1. Now that Alex admitted to looking for a place to jack off, maybe Alex and Jake could make out and jack each other off,
  2. Come on Jake go to Alex and comfort him and be there for him,he might even need a shoulder to cry on, be there for him
  3. Way to go Jake, now take some time over breakfast to get to know Alex better
  4. I hope Vincent tell's Mason about his little run in with the detective, I hope Vincent will finally let Mason turn him and complete their bond
  5. Let's hope so, I think they need each other,
  6. A mazing story can't wait to see what you have in store for Chance next, please tell me that seeing his best friend and lover killed,he fights back, to defeat his boyfriends killer
  7. Awesome story, can't wait to read the next book, does Nikki and prince Zion ever meet up again and become friends, and does Nikki and Samuel finally fight, and what happens with Samuel mother, and will Nikki meet his father?
  8. Cewright

    Chapter 1

    Very interesting story, I think Tristan really should have made that phone call about 8 months sooner
  9. Cewright

    Chapter 34

    Thank you for the new chapter, please don't keep me in suspense, please tell me that him and Brody stay together, can't wait to see what his teacher thinks, I love all your stories, thanks again, can't wait for the rest of the story
  10. Awesome story I am glad that they became a couple, I just wish you had put in one more chapter, to tell us how the party went, how long they actually dated
  11. Awesome story, I was hoping they would become a couple
  12. Awesome story can't wait to see more, do they finally bond, and does Vinny cross over,? can't wait to see what you have in store for them?
  13. Awesome, can't wait to see what you have in store for them, does Ryan end up shadowing Mark,or does he follow his dancing career
  14. Cewright

    Chapter 10

    Awesome story great to see that they found true love and happiness, I loved it thank you,
  15. Cewright

    Chapter 7

    Is James ever going to tell Patrick that he loves him,
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