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  1. Cewright

    New Highs

    Awesome story I can't wait to read more of it, I hope it works out good for Dave and Jensen they both need love in their lives and it's sounds like they both have found that special love in each other
  2. Evan is still learning how to use his ability, and hopefully he can get it figured out before he has to battle Sonya and save Ethan, looking forward to the next chapter, will Evan meet and talk to his father, and repair the damage done by agent corft and Sonya?
  3. Yes, very much, so does Evan have a crush on Dougie?
  4. Cewright

    Chapter 2

    Awesome story so far, can't wait to see what you have in store for them? I hope they can share their love for each other, and hopefully it will last for a long time,
  5. Cewright

    My Boy

    I love your story, please tell me you have another chapter or two, did they tell Owen's parents, how did they take the news about Owen being gay and having a boyfriend?
  6. Awesome story I loved it, can't wait to read part two,
  7. I really love your story and I am kind of sad to hear that it is coming to an end, I was hoping they would get back together, hopefully end up getting married and starting a family of their own, hopefully Jasper's Solo career will take big for him and Ryan,and with Ryan by his side he can write and sing all those love songs he has written about Ryan, hopefully their families can finally except their love for each other and except relationship, thank you for the story I hate to see it end, Charlie
  8. Ryan and Jasper really need to sit down and talk about their feelings, and open up their hearts to each other,
  9. I really love this story so far, and I can't wait to where you take Evan and his crew to?
  10. No please Ryan and Jasper really are still in love with each other and they need each other more than they know!
  11. Come on Jasper talk to him open up your heart to him please don’t let him go you to need each other more than you both know
  12. I see Billy finally showed Liam how he feels about him, but when will Sasha show or tell Billy how he feels about him? I can't wait to see what you have planned for young love but I am sure it will be good
  13. Cewright


    Jasper please don't make this mistake, you know you really want and need Ryan, Maybe Ryan should get Flynn to go and talk to Jasper again like he did when Jasper was high maybe if he was to hear what Flynn told him when he was high maybe he could stop pushing people away, Ryan you should break down and explain to Jasper that you only love him and you are going through this alone and two should be going through this together
  14. Come on Jasper, you can't throw away everything you have with Ryan, you need to get a drink and call Ryan to come and both of you need to grieve together, remember Blake also was there for Ryan too, you both loss someone you both loved in your own way, stop and think, Ryan is trying to be strong for you, but he is hurting and grieving too, you both should grieve together,
  15. I'm glad to see that Jasper didn't cheat with Leo, hopefully Ryan and Beth will able to fly out soon and meet up with thier guys
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