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  1. Michaeleaton

    Chapter 17 Brady

    It has been quite some time since I have been on the site. Life is just too busy at times. I had a few days and started to read November falls. I love this story so much! I can so see this as a tv mini series, of course on HBO, or Cinemax because of the hotness. I am curious what Brady's daughter had to say. I agree with some of the comments she is pregnant, dropping out of school or coming out to her father. I can hardly wait to find out. I think it is a douche move to go after a friends wife like Gordon did, come on the guy did not die he left her and if you were his friend then you would not of gone after his wife. Also the wife recovered fast after the breakup if just a few weeks or so she is with Gordon. I think it was going on before Brady left her. I am also curious about Justin and Cam. I don't remember Cam saying he was gay to his brother? if he did what chapter I would like to read that again.
  2. Just heartbreaking about Frankie. Are you going to write his story maybe he can find himself on a summer trip after his senior year. He could take a trip not necessarily through Europe. Maybe a trip through the U. S. Or a trip to an aunt, Uncle or Grandmother for the summer and they can help him find himself and help him come out to the parents. And if they don't accept him then this aunt, Uncle or Grandmother can take him in while he goes to College where he finds the love of his life that he can give himself to. Because I always love a happy ending.
  3. This was amazing and yes I need a boyfriend like David. A truly touching chapter.
  4. I found this story just a few days ago and cannot put it down. I have laughed, cried and of course have been turned on by these stories. Wow amazing
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