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  1. Happy Birthday Lab!!! I hope you're having a great day! :) Funny, I didn't know you were female! I guess I just assumed you were male. My bad! lol

  2. Now, to get back to it.

  3. Labrador

    One Last Time

    Did hospitals all smell the same? The astringent odor of antiseptics and disinfectants overlaying the odor of sickness, death and decay? I hate this smell. As I looked down at the woman surrounded by her weeping children, I knew that I would not be coming back here again. Death would come soon and with it, the wailing grief. It was time for me to leave this room and go to find another. I walked the halls of the intensive care ward, passing room after room, not bothering to look into them. They did not hold the one I was searching for. Here it is, and there you are, still lying in the s
  4. Labrador

    Chapter 1

    Good chapter, Cia, but wrong series.
  5. Okay, part of me is going huh? Another part is going, Oh, I get it. But the biggest part of my brain is laughing hysterically. Maybe I should find those pills.
  6. Labrador

    Chapter 10

    When they pulled up to the house, Hugh saw that Gary’s truck was still in the driveway. He’d been thinking on the way over about what Rick had said. And, while he was still reticent about sharing the night of his nightmares with Gary, he was pretty sure he could use Gary’s help with finding out about the man he’d seen when he was a kid. He’d originally thought that maybe he could go to the library and look through some old newspaper editions, but on the way to Gary’s he began to realize that was like looking for a needle in a haystack. What if the guy hadn’t been from around these parts?
  7. Labrador

    Chapter 9

    It was dark by the time Hugh arrived at the house. He sat in the truck with the headlights shining over the front porch for minutes before turning the key to shut off the motor. The tick of the cooling engine was the only sound as Hugh sat in darkness. He questioned his lack of emotion as his eyes adjusted to the night. He’d expected terror at being so close to hell… at least a modicum of fear… but there was nothing. Hugh remembered times from his past were he’d felt such an emptiness. The day Jason came out, the day of his mother’s funeral, and the day of his father’s sentencing. They
  8. Labrador

    Chapter 26

    Thank you. I am in the process of my second rewrite for Twin Flames (second of the trilogy). Hopefully, I'll be able to get it done soon.
  9. Labrador

    Chapter 8

    Hugh didn’t let it be known that he knew anything. He still didn’t know what had happened to Jonathan or who was responsible for his injuries. Deep inside, Hugh felt that Gary could be trusted… but there was still that little doubt. He kept his expression neutral as Gary continued. “Jon and Jason were twins. They weren’t identical but I know they looked close enough that people used to joke about it when Jason came to visit. The boys would act it up too. I think they wanted to be brothers, at least Jason did. He used to talk about how much it sucked to be an only child. Looking back,
  10. Labrador

    Chapter 7

    Thanks for sticking with me. Yeah, I know I need to get it in gear. Now that I have a more clear direction, I hope to get it done more frequently.
  11. Labrador

    Chapter 7

    The rich blackness of Hugh’s coffee pulled on him as he waited for Gary to share what he knew of Jason. He found his gaze trapped on the dark liquid, sinking into its cold heat. When he realized that he was not really looking at his coffee, but was drifting to a different dark place, Hugh forced his head up and considered the look of compassion his host had given him―both at the cemetery and again as Hugh had run his fingers along the table top. Four years prior, Hugh had held his dying friend in his arms. He’d felt the life ebb from Jason’s body and known deep in his bones that it was bec
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