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  1. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 25

    Dammit, now I'm late for work! Thanks, Ronyx! — The part about being late for work, though true, was meant as a joke. The thanks, though, is 100% sincere.
  2. I usually skip short stories, but I decided to read this one, and I don't regret it. It was cute and left me with a smile. Thank you.
  3. Considering how much I dislike pushy people, I'm extremely uncomfortable with Nash's and Penn's family's actions in this chapter. They keep acting as if they know better than Penn how Penn should live his life, and that's just not how you should treat an adult, as much as you might disagree with their choices. Yes, sometimes it works, specially in fiction, but in real life, more often than not, it just makes people frustrated. Nish's “I'll fight for you” (regardless of whether he means it romantically or just platonically) sounds both disrespectful and juvenile. The few times I've had to deal with people trying to push me into doing things I didn't want to do because they thought they knew me better than myself, I eventually exploded, and it wasn't pretty.
  4. The title led me to assume things about this chapter that were entirely wrong. Good one.
  5. The one thing I didn't like about this story is how they brush off what was essentially an instance of rape that Jack did to Joey in the past, and Joey goes as far as telling Jack that he didn't to anything wrong (then he backtracks but dismisses it anyway and even claims that in a similar situation he would do the same). I understand, teenagers sometimes do things without fully realizing the consequences (not only teenagers, even), but that doesn't change the fact that Joey did not consent to what happened. One thing that a lot of people still have trouble seeing even today is the fact that you don't get to force or mislead people into sex just because you're convinced that once you get past their initial resistance they'll grow to like it and give you retroactive consent. That's because, unlike what often happens in fiction, in reality there is a good chance that the person won't like it, and once that becomes clear you can't go back in time and undo the trauma you inflicted on them. I'm not saying Jack is irredeemable or anything like that. I just think a bigger deal could have been made, to make it unambiguous that what he did was bad, and it was serious. Then, he could have been shown to understand the seriousness of his actions and sincerely apologize, and that would have been that. What I'm trying to say is that acknowledging it for what it was wouldn't have to doom their relationship, so it could have been done. The incest thing, on the other hand, I think was a bit overblown. For a guy who sees no problem blowing a guy when he knows this guy is being misled into thinking he is being blown by a woman, he was pretty quick to jump to abuse as soon as he heard about Roman and Joey, without any indication that that's what happened. It seems like a bit of a contradiction to me. All that being said, the story is good. I'm sure I'll be reading it again soon, and I'll definitely read the sequel.
  6. Is Shaun into guys in general, or only those who have shown an interest in Joey? Right? Will he ever get to be with someone with friends like these?
  7. That's exactly what happened to me. I've read Morningstar a couple of times before, and I just started reading it again. In fact after I read it for the first time it was such a pleasant experience that I even read a few other shifter stories that I had avoided before.
  8. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 26

    Oh! Phew! I'm sorry if this sounds weird, but I'm just so relieved to hear that she is fine. I don't know her, but I feel a kind of connection from reading her stories. Sure, I would like for her to write more, but even if she had decided to give up writing I'd still be relieved to know that she is all right.
  9. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 13

    Is Ethan… a waterbender?
  10. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 5

    I wonder if Linda didn't know that Richie wouldn't be pleased about her moving into his dead mother's house mere days after the funeral, or if she just didn't care. Maybe there's more to the story, I don't know, but based on the information Richie currently has, I see his reaction towards her as completely understandable. And although I feel sorry for Freddy, his situation is not Richie's fault nor is it Richie's job to fix it, specially if the way for him to fix it would essentially amount, in his mind, to betraying his mother's memory.
  11. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 24

    Did Tracy just suggest that Jack should mislead Jeff and just use him to win points with his mother?
  12. Davi Medrade

    Chapter 9

    I'm not a big fan of Tracy so far. From all he went through, I would expect him to be a lot more cautious than he is, specially towards Jack, whom he seems to almost deliberately be setting up to go through the same thing. The way he outed Jack to Jeff, right after telling Jack he wouldn't say anything, really doesn't sit well with me. Yes, Jeff is gay and wouldn't have reacted badly, but it still wasn't Tracy's place to do that.
  13. Davi Medrade


    “Let’s just call it... leverage” My inner voice read that in Nate Ford's voice.
  14. Preying on vulnerable people and giving them something they want or need in exchange for their “services” is what a predator does. They are pretty good at rationalizing their actions so that they portray (or even see) themselves as the good guys. So no, I for one won't pat Mike in the head and praise him for what he's doing.
  15. Ha! I finally get to share a birthday with a character. Though Dustin would be one year older than me.
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