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    Stories crafted here are going to be filled with angst. You'll find abused, hurting characters who feel lost and just want to be safe and loved, whether they are human, neko, or something in between.

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  1. Ripped

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 02/23/2017 (Updated: 07/28/2018)

    Declan was the epitome of strength, the top defensive back, top student in his classes, part of THE top-notch football team. But when he fails a basic challenge in front of his entire team--especially to a tiny thing like Bailey McIntyre--he's furious. So is his team captain. And Declan just can't seem let it go. And it gets worse... because he starts to think about Bailey as more than just the guy who destroyed his reputation.

  2. In Between

    By craftingmom, in 2017- Halloween. 10/07/2017 (Updated: 10/07/2017)

    Woody has just started collage as a botany major where he's glad to be out from under his parents' domain. Now free to explore his sexuality, he's been dating Sam for the last couple weeks, although he's wondering about his shy roommate's interest as well. He's suppose to be going out with Sam on Halloween night, but his roommate doesn't want him to go. He's caught in between.

  3. Finding the Line 2. The Line

    By craftingmom, in Fall - Blindsided / The Forgotten. 11/10/2016 (Updated: 11/10/2016)

    At what point do you give up? Ryan spent half the semester 'studying' with Brady, the star hockey player at his new school, when Brady suddenly blindsides him in the park one day, changing their relationship forever. Ryan knows he's falling in love with the other teen, but there comes a point where he may have to draw the line and decide what's best for his heart.

  4. Falling Apart

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 01/02/2016 (Updated: 10/17/2016)

    Control. Discipline. Be Strong. Be Good. My mantra. I can do it. I have done it for years now. I need to do it, it's my job. But damn if those two intriguing lords have me faltering, willing to disobey my Master to help them.

  5. Guarding the Line 1. The Line

    By craftingmom, in Spring - Crossing the Line. 03/09/2016 (Updated: 03/09/2016)

    Brady sits on a line. He guards it viciously. Nothing is going to cross it. Not even himself.

  6. Santa's Little Helper

    By craftingmom, in 2015 - Secret Santa Short Story. 12/16/2015 (Updated: 12/16/2015)

    Dean was hating the Christmas season. He'd been roped into working as Santa's aide by his boss, and he was just done with it. Annoying parents, crying tots, greedy kids—it was rapidly becoming too much. Until he meets Chase... and his irritation melts under Chase's Christmas wish.

  7. Prying Ears

    By craftingmom, in Winter - Blackout. 12/10/2015 (Updated: 12/10/2015)

    Colt overhears his newly adopted son Ryan talking with his friend, and he becomes very concerned about their plans for the evening.

  8. Attempts at Poetry

    By craftingmom, in Poetry. 01/02/2015 (Updated: 11/28/2015)

    These are just a collection of poems.

  9. Shorts to Jump Into

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 10/17/2015 (Updated: 11/14/2015)

    A mix of short stories based on prompts. Basically, these are like my other "Shorts", and they will probably be based on characters from some of my other stories. I decided to create one place to put all the other prompts. If they are based on characters from a previous story, I'll let you know in the chapter notes.

  10. Avery & Matt shorts

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 01/24/2015 (Updated: 10/28/2015)

    Avery and Matt are starting a new life together now that Avery is free from his father's abuse. These are individual short stories with the characters from What No One Sees.

  11. Lie of the Serpent

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 07/14/2015 (Updated: 10/04/2015)

    When Bryan finally finds the man he wants to be with forever, he thinks his life will be perfect. But it's taken time to convince not only Wyatt that he's sincere, but his own mother as well. Between Wyatt's anxiety to trust again after a brutal breakup with an ex, the ex still trying to wreck havoc in Wyatt's life, and Bryan's own mother's doubts, Bryan is over-stressed. So when Wyatt disappears days after their engagement, he's left devastated and confused.

  12. Exhaling the Past

    By craftingmom, in Fall - Blurred Edges. 09/10/2015 (Updated: 09/10/2015)

    He was just another kid on the street, a kid that had nothing left--no home, no future, no hope. He was my past. And I was going to become his future.

  13. Beneath the Current

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 03/12/2015 (Updated: 06/22/2015)

    Stolen from the lab that created him and crushed under the overwhelming guilt of the death of a beloved uncle, Casey seeks what little peace he can in the only place that accepts him--the ocean. Arriving at his family's old cottage, Shawn senses something odd about his neighbors--Martin outright tells him to f-off and the young Casey is terrified of his uncle's retribution. Shawn's determined to get beneath the currents of Casey's fears and find the man he knows is hiding there

  14. Neko Shorts

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 11/26/2014 (Updated: 06/02/2015)

    These are short little one-shots/ficlets set in the Tears of the Neko Universe.I've been perusing the writing prompts and using them as a way to get me back into the 'neko mindset' to write the sequel. They are set after Tears of the Neko (unless otherwise indicated)--so it would help to have read that story first of course to be familiar with the characters. Most are sort of funny and silly, as I'm playing around with the characters.

  15. Blood of the Neko 2. Tears of the Neko

    By craftingmom, in Fiction. 01/26/2015 (Updated: 02/17/2015)

    In the sequel to Tears of the Neko, Damien, the duke of Marsten must journey to the mines to deal with a problematic overseer. When his feline lover, Kayden, comes face to face with nightmares from his past, will he be strong enough to survive them, or will he fall prey to his fears and their resolve to draw the Blood of the Neko?

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