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  1. Chapter 49 “Hi Martha, how are you doing?... Sorry, I know most of that must be from me… I wish I didn’t have to ask this, but do you have a bit of time this afternoon for me to stop by and talk about something that’s just come up?... Ok see you in half hour.” Sarah quickly got ready and left for Martha’s office. It didn’t take long for her to drive there and she quickly found a parking space not far from the Social Services building. “Hi Sarah.” “Hi Martha, I know you like the occasional treat, so I picked up this éclair on the way.” “Now I definitely know I’m being butte
  2. Great read. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey with the guys
  3. Chapter 48 Before they entered the room they’d be sharing for a few weeks, Jerry and Declan looked at each other. “Toilet first?” asked Declan. “Yeah, I can get Alex to help if you’d prefer?” “I’m happy helping. Come on, let’s get that sorted and then we need to chat a little.” “Is something wrong?” “No, there’re just a couple of things I think you and I should talk about being as we’re going to be sharing a bed.” Jerry and Declan headed to the bathroom and they both emptied their bladders before heading to their bedroom. “So what did you want to talk about?” as
  4. edu29d

    Chapter 47

    I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed the chapter. Callum's situation will become more clear in future chapters, it's not been forgotten, I promise
  5. Chapter 47 [Time to visit what’s happening with Aaron, Danny and the twins. When last we saw them, the twins were just leaving Dr Boyland’s office.] While the twins were at the doctor’s, Danny and Aaron had spent time talking with their mother. They had also talked to each other about what they should do with the last couple of days at the caravan. The one big question on June’s lips when she was talking with Aaron was about the letter she had received from his school. They had written to her in response to Aaron’s lack of interest in submitting any applications to universities.
  6. Chapter 46 It took Declan a few seconds to realise what had woken him up. He quickly jumped out of bed and tried to hold Jerry down to stop him thrashing around too much and hurting himself. Declan guessed Jerry was thrashing around because he was having a nightmare. He wasn’t sure whether it was better to wake him up or just try and see if he’d come out of it on his own. The only thing he knew was when he’d had nightmares, he always seemed to feel better when someone held him. With a little struggle, Declan managed to move Jerry so he could get into the bed with him. He wrapped his
  7. Chapter 45 “Hey bud,” said Justin. “Hey kiddo,” said Alex. “Hey guys,” said Jerry “You must be Declan? I’m Alex and this is Justin.” “Hi.” “And this is Rick and Alan,” said Alex. “Hi,” said Declan and Jerry, who were both really meeting them for the first time. “So guys, how’s your day been?” asked Alex. "We’ve had some fun watching those movies you brought over last night, there’s some really good action in them. Have you seen them Alex?” asked Jerry. “No, what about you Declan; had you seen any of them before?” “Yeah some, I like watching the ones
  8. edu29d

    Chapter 4

    I am glad you are enjoying the story Joann414. There are many more chapters for you to read and I hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks for reading and taking the time to give feedback
  9. edu29d

    Chapter 44

    Hi Edward Remember what it was like as a kid where you got to see films about dragons and magic. Granted there are some that are better than others and it is a movie with really speaking, 2 hotties in there with the boys playing the half brothers
  10. edu29d

    Chapter 44

    Hi Carrie, I've found some mojo recently and have been able to work a bit on some new chapters so don't worry a new one will be on it's way.
  11. Chapter 44 “Hey dudes, I thought I’d pop in and see if you’re ok?” “Hey Yuri, yeah we’re fine; what time you getting off?” asked Jerry. “It was supposed to be one, but I was asked to work on for a bit longer.” “When does the doc come around to say I can go home?” “I think he’s already been through dude, I’ll go and check and see if he’s put anything in your notes or something.” “Thanks Yuri.” Yuri went out of the room and headed for the nurses’ station. “That sounds like you’re staying here tonight.” said Declan. “It did, didn’t it? Oh well, I guess I’d bett
  12. edu29d

    Chapter 43

    A little bit of surprise is always good. Glad you like the chapter.
  13. Chapter 43 It was the pain that brought Callum back. He struggled to open his eyes. As he started to open his eyes he began to hear his father. “I said get up boy.” It took a few seconds before Callum could understand what his father said. As he started to get up his legs went from under him and he fell back onto the floor. “Do you want me to smack you about a bit more? I said get up boy.” “Yes sir,” was the only thing Callum could think to say. On his second attempt he managed to get up off the floor leaning on the chair to help him stand. “That’s enough of
  14. edu29d

    Chapter 42

    Hey Lisa, As I said to Edward, we don't know if it is Cal being brought in to the hospital. I guess the only way to answer that is for me to post the next chapter. Keep your eyes out, it should be up in about a week. Happy New Year to you too, Anthony
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