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  1. Chapter 49 “Hi Martha, how are you doing?... Sorry, I know most of that must be from me… I wish I didn’t have to ask this, but do you have a bit of time this afternoon for me to stop by and talk about something that’s just come up?... Ok see you in half hour.” Sarah quickly got ready and left for Martha’s office. It didn’t take long for her to drive there and she quickly found a parking space not far from the Social Services building. “Hi Sarah.” “Hi Martha, I know you like the occasional treat, so I picked up this éclair on the way.” “Now I definitely know I’m being buttered up, what’s wrong?” “Can we go someplace to talk?” “There’s a room around the corner that we use to interview people, is that alright or do you want to go somewhere else?” “No, that room sounds ok.” “Follow me then.” Martha got her keys and unlocked the room before holding the door open for Sarah to go in. “I’m guessing your need for privacy means something’s wrong, so let me start by getting us a cuppa and then you can tell me all about it while I eat this éclair.” Two minutes later Martha returned with two mugs of tea, she put one down in front of Sarah before sitting down. “I wish I didn’t have to do this to you but I need your professional help again.” “I’m listening.” “The boys called me during lunch with a pretty big problem that only you can help us solve. Remember when we went to visit Jerry in the hospital I let him talk to his friend Callum on the phone?” “I remember.” “I don’t know all the details but Justin said Callum’s father beat him unconscious on Saturday for apparently spending time with Alex. My first thought was that the solution would be to remove Callum’s father from the house, but he indicated that his mother would be against that. That tells me that if we were successful in getting the police involved she’d back her husband which I’m guessing would stop the police dead in their tracks.” “I know the type; I’ve seen cases like that before and we usually end up taking the child away from the parents. The tricky part is getting something that you can use to justify removing the child from them.” “Callum said there’s something you can use but he wasn’t specific on what that was, he also said he’d rather not have to use it.” “The only thing to do is to talk to him and find out what we can do.” “That’s what I thought we’d have to do.” “I know that tone; you want to take him in don’t you?” “I found out about this five minutes before I called you, so I’ve had a little over half an hour to think about it.” “Yeah, I knew it.” “I wasn’t able to help Terry when he needed me, so I do have a thing about helping kids in trouble.” “I think you’ve done more than your fair share there.” “Not really, my parents left me the opportunity but there are many others in my position who wouldn’t have thought twice about it.” “True but you shouldn’t try and house every stray you find, not every kid is as well behaved as the ones you’ve come across the last two weeks or so.” “I’ve spent a bit of time helping out at schools so I know that some can be right little shits.” “That’s putting things politely.” “Back to Callum, I thought that if there is a chance you could fast track Rick and Alan’s application, we could move Declan in with them and Callum could share a room with Jerry.” “If we want to get Rick and Alan approved, to protect everyone from any comeback down the road, we need to process their application by the book.” “I understand that. Ok, so thinking on my feet, obviously your boss is going to be involved in signing off on Jerry and Declan’s move to my house right?” “Yes, she’s involved with any placement.” “So she will be aware that after the weekend we now have three boys living with our family?” “Yes, in the original application you and Simon made, was a list of current occupants and a brief description of the house.” “I remember that bit. You were confident you could sell Declan and Jerry sharing a room to your boss right?” “That’s not a problem, as far as the rules go, we don’t approve of a boy and girl over the age of ten sharing a room, other than that it’s ok.” “So I would be right in thinking there wouldn’t be a problem with say Alex and Justin sharing a room or Alex and Callum sharing a room?” “I don’t think we need to specify on the forms who shares a bedroom, but as you only have three bedrooms it would be understood that the boys are sharing. Technically there isn’t anything to say that Declan, Jerry and Callum couldn’t share.” “And you could sell that?” “Sure I could. The big sell would be done by you on the boys. Are they going to be ok adding Callum to the house?” “I have a feeling that would be easier than selling water to the thirsty. What time are you going to finish this afternoon?” “With all the paperwork I have on my desk at the moment, I’d be here until five at least why?” “When the boys were talking to me at lunch, I told Callum to come to our house rather than go to his own after school.” “So what did you have in mind for me?” “The boys were going to walk home but they think there’s a chance Callum’s dad will be at the school gates waiting for him, so I told the boys to leave school the back way and I’d meet them at Worcester Street and pick them up.” “Ok?” “Well the thing is, with the five boys together there’s not enough room in my car to take them all in one trip.” “Now I see where you’re going, you want me to help you take the boys to your house and then start working with Callum?” “I would never presume that, but I thought it would help. I can probably get Rick or Alan to help out but I thought you’re going to need to talk to Callum sooner rather than later and it would kill two birds with the one stone.” “Hang on.” Martha got up and left the room. “Ok, I’ve explained to Mabel that I need to leave early. I didn’t give her any details. Hell, I couldn’t if I wanted to, I just told her that there’s an allegation been made of abuse and I need to talk to the child after school before going to talk to his parents.” “Do you want to stay for dinner tonight?” “You know I never say no to a free meal. Would you be able to whip something up just after we get in so that Callum and I can eat before I take him to his parents to sort this all out with them.” “Do you need to take him with you?” “There’re two choices. The first one is that I talk to Callum, go around to his parents and then have to go back another day to get his things or the other option is to take Callum with me tonight and do it all in one visit.” “I can see your point, what about taking Justin or Declan with you to help carry things so you don’t have to?” “Not a good idea, I don’t want Callum’s parents to try and confuse issues with someone else in the room, and as I don’t know how long it will take to convince his parents, I can’t ask one of the boys to sit in the car until we need him.” “Fair enough, so if I’m going to have dinner ready for you, I’d best head home and make a start on it. I’ll meet you in Worcester Street for three thirty?” “Ok.” Martha and Sarah got up and walked out of the room. “Do you have any preference for dinner?” “Surprise me.” “You may regret that comment.” “I doubt it, I know what you’re like, so I’ll see you later.” “Bye.” As the bell went to signal the end of the day, Alex put his papers and pen in his bag and left the class. Normally he would be one of the first to leave the school, as his last lesson on a Tuesday was next to the front door of the school, but today he needed to go to the back exit, which meant he had to walk the whole length of the school to get there. He hadn’t used this exit before as his parent’s house was in the other direction so this would be another first for him since he’d met Sarah. As he got out through the door he wondered where the others would be waiting for him. After a few seconds of looking, he found them sat by the tennis courts. “You all ready?” “What took you so long? I thought you’d got lost or something,” asked Justin. “No, I had Physics with Taylor so I was right at the other end of school.” “Oh well, come on then let’s go and see who mom’s got to help us get home.” Callum and Declan helped Jerry and they followed Justin and Alex. To get to Worcester Street the boys would have to use a footbridge to get them over a busy road and rail tracks. “So how was your first day at Connor High Dec?” asked Justin. “To me one school is just like another; the only difference here is that I have friends who can watch my back from the beginning.” “You don’t expect to get in a fight do you?” asked Alex. “No, that’s not what I meant. In my last school, if someone had just started like I had today, some kids would take it upon themselves to see how much they could mess them up before they wised up to them, like sending them to one end of the school for one lesson when it’s in the other end.” “I see, I don’t know if anyone would have done that here,” replied Alex. “Oh they would, they messed with Cory Edwards for days before I got pissed with them and told him to ignore them,” said Jerry. “You can tell I walk around with my eyes shut,” said Alex. “You don’t see those kinds of things because you keep to yourself and don’t mix with anyone,” added Jerry. “I know,” answered Alex sounding a little down. “Hey, it’s not a bad thing that you keep to yourself. Most of the kids here are all tossers and not worth talking to.” “Jerry’s right Alex, most of the kids here aren’t worth getting to know,” said Callum. “There are one or two worth knowing,” said Justin looking in Alex’s eyes. “It’s like that in any school,” said Declan. “So what did you get to do today?” asked Alex. “Jerry forgot to mention this afternoon was double P.E. so I didn’t have any shorts or things to change into. I spent the afternoon on the side with Jerry and talking to Mr Norris about joining the rugby team. I explained to him about how I’d be repeating year nine in September but he doesn’t think that’ll be a problem. He wants me to go to training and then he’ll see if I’m any good.” “That sounds promising, by all accounts Mr Norris is a good coach,” said Justin. “He also asked me about how Jerry would get home if I stayed behind some days for training.” “And I told them that if I couldn’t get someone to walk home with I didn’t mind staying behind to watch training.” “So what days do the team train Jerry?” Justin enquired. “Before Easter we were spending about an hour and half training Tuesdays and Thursdays with the game normally on Saturday mornings.” “Ok, did Mr Norris indicate that it would be any different this side of Easter?” “No, he didn’t say anything about it being different,” replied Declan. “Fine, do you want to start going to training this week or leave it until next week?” asked Justin. “I’m guessing all I’ll need are my boots, shorts and a t-shirt right?” “Yep, and a towel for a shower,” added Jerry. “Well I’ve got all that so I guess Thursday is as good a day to start as any.” “I’m sure that won’t be a problem, but do me a favour and check with Mr Norris tomorrow that he’s ok for you to start so soon.” “Sure.” “I’m guessing you don’t play on the team Cal?” asked Justin. “No, it’s one thing Jerry and I don’t share. I’m not that into sport.” “I hate having to do P.E. as well Cal, you’re not on your own there,” replied Alex. “I don’t hate P.E. as such, it’s just I prefer the solo stuff like gymnastics but we don’t get much chance at things like that, it’s mostly the team stuff.” “What about cross country stuff Cal, does that interest you?” Justin enquired. “It’s one of the many things my dad doesn’t approve of. He only lets me draw and paint because I get A’s for every other subject. Well except P.E., my report for that usually has the ‘can do better’ tag on it.” “Mine’s the same, if it wasn’t for P.E. I’d have a perfect report,” suggested Alex. “That’s the complete opposite to mine, I usually had a great report from games and all the others thought I could do better but I’m hoping I can change that now,” said Declan. “We’re all here to help if you need us,” insisted Justin. “I probably will.” “Don’t put yourself down,” responded Jerry quickly. “You mentioned drawing Cal, are you any good or is it just something you do for pleasure?” asked Justin. “He’s really good, get him to show you his sketch pads some time, they’re awesome,” replied Jerry. “I’m not that good Jer.” “Really? According to whom?” Jerry fired back. “I’m not that good. I couldn’t make a career out of drawing.” “Ah, there’s the answer I was looking for, it’s your dad that says you’re not good enough. Well whatever you think, I think your drawings are brilliant.” “Thanks.” The boys walked on for a bit quietly, thinking about different things as they were coming down the other side of the footbridge. Alex was surprised by the number of kids that walked this way to get home. “Have you been this way before Justin?” asked Alex. “One of the boys I used to play football with lives a few streets away and I’d go to his house now and then.” “Used to, suggests you’re not in touch anymore?” Alex enquired. “We were never that close while he was in school but after our GCSEs he left school and I stayed on. I kept in touch a bit over the summer but when he didn’t come back to school we just drifted apart.” “I’ve not been down this end of town before, how far is Worcester Street from here?” asked Declan. “It’s actually round this corner,” replied Justin. Just as they went round the corner they saw Sarah and Martha. “Hey mom, hi Martha.” “Hi boys,” replied Martha. “Hello Callum, I’m Sarah and this is Martha.” “Nice to meet you, I’m sorry to be a nuisance but I think you’ve both probably wasted your time, I don’t think there’s any chance of getting my dad to sign a form like Jerry’s mom did,” replied Callum. “Well for a start young man, and I know this will sound patronizing, but let me worry about getting your dad to sign. Looking at your face he did a good job on the weekend.” “Who is going in which car?” Sarah asked. “Alex and I’ll go with Martha and the others can ride with you,” suggested Justin. “Sound ok with you guys?” asked Martha. “Fine with me,” said Jerry. “Me too,” added Callum and Declan. They all got in the cars and drove off. A few minutes later they were all walking through Sarah’s front door. Sarah led Martha and Callum to the kitchen where they could talk while she could carry on making dinner while the other boys went upstairs to change. “I hope you’re not a fussy eater Callum, I had to make a start on food before I left, Martha wants to spend some time with you and me, we’ll explain a few things for you and then Martha is going to take you back to your parents’ house to get them to sign the forms and get your things.” “I’d be surprised if there isn’t all sorts of hell to pay when I get there and I’d be flabbergasted if they even let Martha in the house.” “I’m not going to let them fob me off. I can see for myself that there are questions that need answering and I expect your parents to answer them. If they refuse to talk to me, I can make a really big fuss and get the police involved.” “I don’t know if that will do more harm than good but Jerry trusts you and I trust him so if that’s what you think is for the best I’m ok with trying.” “Ok Callum, first off, what do you want to drink? We’ve got most things you could think of.” “Do you have some orange or apple juice please?” “Sure, we have both, which do you prefer?” “Apple please.” Sarah poured him a glass before pouring tea for Martha and herself. “I need you to explain everything about yourself and your life with your parents and that includes what your father did on the weekend,” said Martha. “I don’t know where to begin.” “Why don’t you start with what life was like growing up in your house?” suggested Martha. Callum decided that as Sarah had no problem with Alex and Justin being gay, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to know about him. “I guess I should start by telling you that I’m gay but my parents don’t know. There is someone on my mother’s side of the family who is also. Dad was going on about him one day and I asked him what he had done that was so wrong. He called him an abomination in the eyes of God and told me that I was never to talk to him again. One of the names he used was queer and later that day I looked it up in a dictionary. That was when I realised why I felt different to everyone else. I told Jerry about it a short while later. He didn’t know what to make of it but he supported me. So unlike Alex I never got to the point where I wanted to hurt myself because I had Jerry to talk to and I knew I wasn’t the only one in the world. I don’t know whether it was by design, but I was with Jerry when his dad told him that he was to stay away from Alex and my dad knew about this conversation.” “On Saturday Jerry’s mom came around and told us about the accident. My first thought was to let Alex know his brother was in hospital. I couldn’t let dad know what I wanted to do so I had to wait a bit before asking if I could spend some time in the park. Jerry had told me about spending time with Alex and Justin during the street party so I knew roughly where Alex was but I didn’t know the house. I walked over to the street and spent some time walking up and down it hoping that Alex was keeping an eye out for Jerry. After spending some time with Mr Edwards playing chess, Justin and Alex turned up and I went with them to Rick and Alan’s house where I explained about what had happened to Jerry. When I got home my dad told me he wanted to talk to me but we had a church meeting to get to first. During the meeting they chose my father as the person to take over from Vicar Stephens who died in the car with Jerry’s dad. After I’d changed and done the dishes I sat down with my dad and that’s when he asked me where I’d spent the afternoon. I tried to lie about it and said I was at the park and that’s when he hit me around the head. In all I think it was five or six blows my dad gave me around the head with the last one sending me into a cupboard which knocked me out.” “What did your father do then because I don’t think you’ve been to the hospital have you?” asked Martha. “How did you know that?” “Because if he had taken you to the hospital I would have heard about it as I was in the hospital dealing with Declan around the time this happened.” “As I was coming around my dad told me to get up before he gave me another clout. When I got up he told me that I was only allowed out of the house for school or church and I was to have no contact with Jerry or his brother.” “Did anything else happen on the weekend that we need to know about?” asked Martha. “No.” “So that takes us up to today, did your dad say anything before school?” “He reminded me about his warning on Saturday but that was it.” “Were you expecting to see Jerry in school today or were you hoping he wouldn’t be in?” asked Sarah. “I was hoping to talk to him in one way because he’s my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him but I also know what my dad is like for knowing things he’s not supposed to.” “Give me a minute,” said Sarah as she left Callum and Martha in the kitchen. A few minutes later she returned with Justin. “Callum, I want you to go upstairs with Justin and let Martha and I talk a few things through?” “Ok.” “Come on Cal perhaps you’ll be more of a challenge for Declan than Alex has been.” “In what?” “I’ve got a game going on one of the consoles.” “I doubt I’ll be any better than Alex, I don’t get to play on the game consoles. My dad thinks it’s a waste of time and money.” “Well we all have to start someplace right?” Justin led Callum up to his room leaving Martha and Sarah to talk. “Ok, any ideas on how to swing this?” opened Sarah. “I think I may do. If Callum’s dad has just taken over this church, then I would doubt that he’d want a load of publicity about him beating his son up. Callum’s face probably looked bad on Saturday but for now if he wants to play hardball, the photos I’ll take before we leave are going to look worse.” “So you’re going to blackmail him into signing his son over?” “We have a couple of options, that being one of them. I could instigate a removal right now just based on the allegations while an investigation takes place into their accuracy. I think if I got Callum to admit to his parents about his sexuality, his father will gladly sign the paperwork for me, but I get the impression that that was the card Callum didn’t want to play but it is one I can think about.” “How easily do you think it will be?” I think I’ll have a battle on my hands but I think it’s one I can win.” “Ok, so do we go and ask the boys now if they want Callum to move in or leave it until you take him to his parents’ house?” “I think it’s best to leave it until we go, that way it’s not putting any pressure on the boys and I have a place I can put him in if I need to but I think he’d be better here. What about Simon, doesn’t he get a say?” “I spoke to him after I left you this afternoon and he’s happy for Callum to stay.” “You were really lucky when you found Simon.” “Don’t I know it.” Just then Declan came into the kitchen. “Can I have a chat?” “Sure, what’s on your mind?” asked Sarah. “Well, while you were talking to Cal just now, we were talking upstairs. We all agree that Cal needs to be safe from his dad. I think Alex and Jerry were reluctant to say what they really want because your family has done so much for them already, but Justin and I both thought it would be good if Cal was able to live here. Hearing what we thought, Alex and Jerry agreed it would be great. Alex and Justin have told me that they are a couple and they went on to tell me that you already know they are sharing a bed together. Jerry thinks it’s silly for Alex to have a bed that he didn’t use while Cal needed one.” “I don’t know how much of Alex’s story you’re aware of Declan, but I’ve already explained to Alex and Justin why I think it’s important for Alex to have somewhere of his own he can go if he needs space.” “Yeah he told me. I know at the moment this is a big if, but if Alan and Rick get the nod, I’ll be moving in with them won’t I? That means if Jerry and Cal are ok with it, Cal could share with Jerry.” “Assuming Cal is ok sharing with Jerry and you move in with Rick and Alan, where do we place Cal in the meantime?” queried Martha. “After we’d agreed it would be good for Cal to stay here, Justin came out with a couple of possibilities. The first option was for him to let Cal use his room and he would sleep at Rick and Alan’s. Jerry said that wouldn’t work because it would force Alex to choose between staying here with him and going with Justin and he didn’t want that. The second option was for Cal or me to use a sleeping bag on the floor in Jerry’s room. And then there was his last idea that he thought would work but it is a bit strange; none of us are on the large side so there should be plenty of room in the double bed for Jerry, Cal and me to share.” “Let’s work through those options a minute. I agree with Jerry that making Alex chose whether to spend time at Rick’s with Justin or here with his brother isn’t being fair on Alex especially when he’s supposed to be concentrating on revising for his exams. As for the other two options I’ve already told you we can change the bed in that room if you boys wanted to. There is enough room there to put a single bed and bunk beds so the three of you could have your own bed rather than all squeezing into one or one of you sleeping on the floor.” “Alex mentioned the possibility of changing the bed and Jerry and I both said that it would be wasting money if in a couple of weeks I would be moving out.” “I’m sure I could get a camp bed or something for one of you to use if that’s what you want?” “I think Jerry wants us to try the three in a bed and see how that works.” “But what about what you want? What you want is just as important as what Jerry wants.” “If I’m being honest, I enjoyed cwtching up with Jerry last night. Before you start to worry, you’re not going to have another couple because I’m not into Jerry like that. I enjoyed the feeling of having someone close but there were no thoughts of going any further. I think I would have got just as much out of it if we had been fully clothed. If Cal wasn’t in the picture Jerry and I would continue to share the bed until I moved in with Rick and Alan. That is still possible but what about Cal? Do I ask him to sleep on his own when he clearly needs comforting more than I do? Jerry is confident Cal will be ok sharing a bed so the question to answer is will we be able to sleep three in the bed? The only way to answer that is to try it out and then talk tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, perhaps Cal and I could take turns sleeping in a sleeping bag that way no one is on their own all the time.” “We can see you’ve thought this out. I have a feeling Alex will sleep in Justin’s bed tonight so if you find in the middle of the night it’s not working then jump in Alex’s bed and let me know in the morning if we need to look for an alternative. Will you promise me that?” asked Sarah. “Yes I can, but I think we’ll be fine. It’s a big bed and even with Jerry’s casts, the three of us should have room.” “Ok, can you tell Callum that Martha and I need to talk to him please?” “Sure, can I get something to drink please?” “Yes you can but there’s something I want you to think about. Whether you move in with Rick and Alan or stay here, you’re as much a part of the family as Justin. Why am I saying that? Simple, I don’t expect Justin to ask if he can have something to drink therefore I don’t expect you to ask either, understood?” “Loud and clear.” “While you’re in the fridge, there should be a few cans in there, take a couple upstairs with you for the others and let them know that dinner won’t be long.” Just then there was a knock at the front door. Walking down the hall to the door, Sarah guessed this was the boy Alex had mentioned on the phone at lunch. She was surprised when she opened the door. Standing on the doorstep was a policeman. Declan walked up the stairs with some cans so was able to see who was at the door. He didn’t like the idea of eavesdropping on Sarah but he thought he should to find out what the cop was there for. He waited at the top of the stairs. “Hello, sorry to bother you but are you Mrs Western?” “I am yes, is there something wrong officer?” “I’m not sure exactly, would it be ok for me to come inside?” “Sure.” Sarah stood to the side to let the policeman in. As Sarah closed the door behind him, the officer took his hat off. “My sergeant asked me to call to find out if you have a boy here called Callum Jones?” “I still don’t understand what this is about.” “I have told you all I know Mrs Western.” “Yes Callum is here.” “Can you give me a moment to talk to my sergeant please?” “You can talk in the living room, no one is in there.” “Thanks.” “When you’re finished I’ll be in the kitchen.” “Ok.” While the officer went in to the living room, Sarah went out to the kitchen to tell Martha of the visitor. “I have a feeling Callum’s father has filed a missing person’s report and someone at the school saw him walking out of the school with Justin and the others,” replied Martha. “So what do we do now?” “We have a couple of options. The first is that I use my authority to overrule him if he wants to take Callum home to his parents. The second option is to go with the flow, let him take Callum and I’ll follow them in my car and then have the conversation with his parents earlier than I’d planned.” “How do we decide which one to go for?” “Well, what are you doing for dinner and is it easy enough to reheat?” “On the drive over from seeing you this afternoon I had to think about what was in the cupboards that would feed eight people. I thought lasagne and jacket potatoes with salad would work. I made the lasagne in two dishes so it’s possible to cook one for the boys and the other one later when you know you’ll be coming back with Callum.” “I think that’s best, then we’re not forcing the officer to make a decision.” “Ok.” “Can you go up and let Callum know what’s going on, I’m sure Declan heard what was said about the officer being here for Callum and he’ll have told the others,” asked Sarah. “No problem.” Martha got up and walked down the hall to go upstairs but as she got to the bottom of the stairs she saw Callum at the top in tears with Jerry behind him looking concerned. “Stay there, I’m coming up,” Martha said as she began to climb the stairs. When Martha reached the top, she put her arm around Callum and said “Come on, let’s go into one of the bedrooms a minute. Can you let me talk to Callum alone please Jerry?” “Sure.” Jerry went back to Justin’s room while Martha led Callum into the bedroom. Martha suspected that they were in Jerry and Declan’s room by the look of the pile of clothes on the chair. “First I want you to sit down and try and hold the tears for a minute. I know you’re scared because there is a policeman downstairs asking about you. But if you give me a moment I’ll explain what’s going to happen, ok?” “Ok.” “I believe, but can’t be sure yet, that your father has called the police to report you as missing and someone in the school saw you leaving with Justin and the others. I think the best thing we can do is go along with whatever the policeman suggests when we go downstairs. I also think he’ll have been told to take you to your parents. I will follow you and when we get to your parents’ house and the policeman has left, we’ll begin to have the conversation with your father and mother about what’s best for you. Before I talk to your parents I want to know if you are prepared to tell them about your sexuality? I don’t think I will need you to tell them to get them to sign the papers but I think for your own good it would be better.” “I don’t know if I can. I know the minute I do dad is going to hate me.” “Do you think he loves you at the moment?” “I guess you’re going to tell me now that his beating me on the weekend shows he doesn’t, right?” “I don’t know your parents so I can’t answer that, only you can.” “Then the answer would be I don’t know. In just a short time, I’ve seen how Justin is loved by Sarah and Rick and Alan and that kind of relationship isn’t ever going to happen between dad and me.” “What about your mother?” “I don’t think so, she does everything my father says so I think if dad decides to end our relationship mom will go along with him.” “How do you think you’ll feel if that’s what they do?” “I don’t know, I suppose I’m going to feel a lot of hurt.” “Do you think having Jerry and Alex with you will help?” “Jerry’s my best friend and I think having him around would help and Alex sort of knows what I’m going through but they live here with Sarah, I can’t ask them to move just to help me deal with things.” “Who said anything about them moving? Sarah and the boys have been talking and they want you to move in here with them. Is that something you’d like?” “There’s no room here for me though, Declan has to share a room with Jerry and then you’ve got Justin’s room, Alex’s room and Sarah and Simon’s room. Where would I fit in?” “Do you know about Declan moving in with Rick and Alan?” “He mentioned something about it.” “He’s only here with Sarah and Simon while we get the paperwork sorted, so in a few weeks’ time he’s going to be moving out and you’d share a room with Jerry. Until then Declan and Jerry are happy sharing the room with you if you’re ok with it.” “But what about sleeping? I can see there’s only the one bed in here.” “Jerry and Declan slept in this bed last night and they think it won’t make any difference you joining them.” “I know Jerry knows I’m gay but Declan doesn’t, is he going to be ok sharing a bed with a gay boy?” “That’s something you’re going to have to talk to him about. What Sarah has said is that if you want to try to sleep three in a bed tonight and it doesn’t work, there are alternatives that you can explore tomorrow. So is that what you’d like to do?” “You seem sure that me sleeping here tonight is just a question of whether I want to or not.” “It’s that simple.” “But what if you can’t get my parents to sign the forms?” “Ok, here is what will happen when I see your parents. I will give them the choice of signing the forms that relinquish their parental rights to you. If they choose to fight me over it, I’ll just tell them that I’m removing you from their custody while an investigation into the allegations of child abuse is conducted and they won’t be allowed any contact with you until the investigation is concluded.” “But how can you do that?” “I work for Social Services and if I believe a child is in danger I have the power to remove them from that situation. If your parents sign the forms you’ll be sleeping here tonight, if your parents don’t sign the forms you’ll be sleeping here tonight. The question is, whether you want to share the bed with Jerry and Declan?” “If Jerry and Declan are willing to do it for one night I guess I can as well.” “Good, now let’s go down and see what the policeman has to say.” As they entered the kitchen, Callum froze. Fear started to course through him. Despite feeling Martha behind him; and knowing that she would be there when he got to his parents’ he couldn’t help fearing what his father would do when he got home. Just looking at Callum told the officer that what Sarah had told him was true. Apart from the bruises on his face, he could see fear in his eyes. “Hello Callum, I’m Officer Davies. Don’t be so worried, I’m not going to leave you alone with your father. I will wait with you until Miss Harris, Martha as you know her, arrives. I can see myself that what your father told my sergeant isn’t true.” “What did my dad say?” “As I told Sarah when I arrived, I didn’t know why I was to see if you were here. When I spoke to my sergeant after I knew you were, I was told to take you home because you were not safe here. After talking with Sarah and the bruises on your face I can see your father has been lying. So I’ll be having a chat with him about wasting police time and making false statements to us. Sarah said you would be ok going with me to your parents’, is that true?” “Yes sir.” “Ok then, do you need to get anything or can we go?” “I’m ready to go sir.” “Right you are then, thank you Sarah for letting me know what was really going on.” Officer Davies and Callum left the kitchen and Sarah and Martha followed them down the hall and through the front door. Sarah and Martha watched as Callum got into the back of the police car and was driven off. “Callum said he’s ok with sharing a bed with Jerry and Declan but he questioned whether Declan would be ok sharing with him.” “Why would that be a problem?” “He doesn’t think Declan would be ok when he finds out Callum’s gay.” “I don’t think we need to worry about that.” “From the time I’ve spent with Declan over the years, I don’t either, but that’s something Callum and Declan are going to have to work out themselves.” “Give me a ring when you know what time you’ll be leaving Callum’s parents’ and I’ll put the dinner on.” “Oh shit.” “What?” “I just realised, I don’t know where Callum’s parents’ house is.” “That’s ok, Jerry knows.” After getting the address from Jerry, Martha left and Sarah went to the kitchen to put the one lasagne and potatoes in the oven.
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    From Hell’s Heart

    Great read. Thoroughly enjoyed the journey with the guys
  3. Chapter 48 Before they entered the room they’d be sharing for a few weeks, Jerry and Declan looked at each other. “Toilet first?” asked Declan. “Yeah, I can get Alex to help if you’d prefer?” “I’m happy helping. Come on, let’s get that sorted and then we need to chat a little.” “Is something wrong?” “No, there’re just a couple of things I think you and I should talk about being as we’re going to be sharing a bed.” Jerry and Declan headed to the bathroom and they both emptied their bladders before heading to their bedroom. “So what did you want to talk about?” asked Jerry. “Well I am pretty sure you seemed a little nervous this morning when you woke up and I was in bed with you?” “I was but that wasn’t because it was you, it was just because I went to sleep in bed alone.” “If you remember back to our chat yesterday about sex, I said that guys get erections all the time and have no control over them.” “Yeah I remember, what’s this got to do with us sharing the bed?” “I’m guessing you didn’t fail to notice that I had an erection when I was cwtched up against you this morning?” “I felt something sticking into my back but it wasn’t until we went to the toilet that I realised what it was.” “I want to clear something up so that it doesn’t become a big problem between us. I like you Jerry but I’m not attracted to you, I’m not gay or bi and I didn’t want you to think that me having a hard-on in bed with you meant that I wanted to have sex with you.” “I don’t think that idea had crossed my mind this morning, but I guess I would have begun to wonder further down the road if it happened regularly.” “It will; I can’t remember a morning when I haven’t woken up with one since I started puberty. As we’re going to be sharing this bed, did it weird you out waking up with me cwtching up to you? Wait, I know you felt a bit weird, but what I guess I’m asking is would it bother you us cwtching up during the night or would you rather we put a pillow down the middle of the bed to stop it happening?” “Honesty is the only policy between us right?” “Right.” “Well I’m not completely sure whether I’m straight, gay or bi. I’ve talked to Alex about how I’m confused about the feelings I have for Cal but still find girls attractive. Am I attracted to you like I am with the girls? No. Does that mean I can’t cwtch up to you? Friends can cwtch up with each other without it meaning anything sexual right?” “Yes.” “So I’ll ask you, do we need the pillow down the middle?” “I guess not. There’s one more thing we need to work out.” “What’s that?” “Before the accident, what would you normally wear to bed?” “Can we stop making this all about me? What would you normally wear in bed?” “As I’ve grown older I’ve found myself wearing less and less to bed. Until we were in hospital I was wearing just briefs in bed. But like you, I’ve spent the last two days without any underwear on. Whatever we do or don’t wear to bed tonight we both have to be comfortable with what the other person does.” “I agree.” “I’ve enjoyed the freedom wearing just the hospital gown gave to my balls, so would you be comfortable if I went to bed wearing nothing?” “Let’s talk this out a second. You’ve seen me naked; you’ve had your hands all over me. You’ve seen me with a hard-on and have even felt it. I’ve seen you naked, felt your hard cock press against me. If we went to sleep together naked, would anything happen that hasn’t already happened?” “No, I don’t think so.” “So naked it is then.” “Ok. Let’s get undressed then and get into bed.” With that Declan started to help Jerry out of his clothes. He didn’t think he should leave Jerry sat on the bed completely naked while he got undressed so he left his briefs on while he folded the clothes and put them in a neat pile on one of the chairs. After that he took his own clothes off and added them to the pile. He put his briefs on the other chair before taking Jerry’s off and adding them to his own. Declan pulled the sheets back on the bed and helped Jerry get in before he got in himself after switching the light off and pulling the sheets up over them both. Waking up in the morning Jerry found himself in Declan’s arms again. It felt nice and comforting; he wondered if he’d had a nightmare again or whether Declan had got into that position naturally. Jerry had been lying there thinking about how things had changed so much in just a little over one weekend when there was a knock on the door. “Hello, you up?” asked Alex as he stuck his head around the door. “Hey.” “How did you sleep?” “Not bad, what time is it?” “Nearly time for you both to be up and getting ready for school.” “Can you help me; I don’t want to depend on Dec too much?” “Sure kiddo, do you need a shower or just a wash?” “I need the bathroom first; my bladder feels like it’s going to burst.” “That’s easy.” Alex helped Jerry get up and was a little surprised to find him naked. He gave Declan a gentle shake to help wake him up. “Dec, it’s time to get up.” “Ok,” he replied a little groggily. “Come on kiddo, let’s use Justin’s bathroom so Dec can use this one. We’ll just put these joggers on you for now rather than have you walking around flashing that boner.” Jerry blushed. “Oh shit, I’m sorry kiddo, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I just thought I’d mention it to let you know it didn’t bother me.” “It’s ok Alex, I’m just not used to people seeing me like this, you’re only the third person, not even Cal has seen me hard.” “It’s nothing to be ashamed of Jer, I’ve told you that,” said Declan now fully rouased. “He’s right kiddo, now let’s get these joggers on then we can see about getting you cleaned up and ready for school. Dec there’s towels in the airing cupboard on the landing for you to have a shower if you want.” “Thanks Alex.” Alex and Jerry went upstairs to Justin’s bathroom. “Where’s Justin?” “He’s downstairs having breakfast; he suggested using this bathroom for you so Dec could use the one downstairs. So first the toilet.” Jerry stood in front of the toilet while Alex pulled down the joggers and aimed Jerry’s cock at the toilet bowl. After a few seconds Jerry’s bladder let go and he felt relief as the stream flowed out. When Alex could see Jerry was finished he gave his cock a little shake before pulling the foreskin back over the head and letting it fall back inside the joggers. “Ok, so what are we going to do about cleaning you up?” “I didn’t have a shower yesterday but I think I can leave off having one till tonight if that makes things easier?” “I’ll just pop down and get your sleeves for the plaster and we’ll get you all scrubbed up for school, can’t have you going to school all stinky can we?” “I don’t stink.” “Well a shower will take care of that.” Alex was laughing as he left Jerry in the bathroom. When he walked into Jerry and Declan’s room it was empty and he could hear the shower going. He quickly found the sleeves and went back upstairs. “You know I don’t have to have a shower this morning, you look like you’ve already had one and you’re going to get soaked if I shower.” “I know what’s going to happen so stop trying to get out of having a shower. Let’s get these sleeves on you and those joggers off. Do you mind if I ask you something?” “What do you want to know? Oh wait let me guess you wanna know about me sleeping naked with Dec right?” “How did you know?” “Well I saw the look of surprise when I got out of bed and when you said there wasn’t a problem about my boner I guessed the surprise was me being naked.” “So who decided what you’d wear?” “We had a bit of a chat about a couple of things before we got into bed. Dec was worried that us sharing a bed would lead to a few confused ideas so he explained a couple of things from his perspective so that I didn’t get the wrong idea.” Alex had set the shower going and got the sleeves on and joggers off. “Ok, you’re going to have to explain that to me, but first get under the water and get yourself nice and wet.” While Jerry was getting wet, Alex got undressed so he could get in the shower with Jerry. “I was surprised yesterday when I woke up with Dec in bed with me. I think he wanted to explain things so I’d be comfortable sharing the bed with him.” “I can understand that,” said Alex as he got into the shower. “Now lean you head back out of the spray so I can wash your hair.” Jerry had been facing the shower when Alex had got in so he took a step back so Alex could shampoo his hair. Jerry found that even knowing it was his brother; he still thought it was great having someone massaging his head. “He explained that he liked me but he wasn’t attracted to me, he said he didn’t want me to get the wrong idea when we wake up in the morning and he’s got a hard-on. He said he’s had them every morning since he hit puberty.” “I can agree with that, I’ve been the same and I think Justin would agree as well.” “I told him I hadn’t thought about that but I could see how it would begin to niggle me. I also told him that while he was sure he was straight I wasn’t quite sure what I was. I told him I had mixed up feelings for Cal but found girls attractive too.” “Get your head under the water now to wash the shampoo out and make sure you don’t get it in your eyes.” Jerry turned around so he could lean his head back to let the water take care of the shampoo. He kept his eyes shut so no soap got in them. He felt Alex close to him and then Alex’s hands were running through his hair. “Ok turn around and I’ll wash your back and then we’ll take care of the front. So what did he say when you told him you weren’t so sure about your sexuality?” “He didn’t say anything, he asked if I’d be ok with us cwtching up in bed and I said that friends can cwtch up without it having to mean something and then he asked about what I normally wore to bed.” “As far as I know, you would normally have your pyjamas on wouldn’t you?” “I haven’t worn pyjamas to sleep for months now. I was wearing just my pants to bed but Dec mentioned how he’d enjoyed the feeling of not having anything on under the hospital gown and he was right, it did feel good, so we both agreed to try sleeping naked and that’s about all there is to say.” “Turn around now so the water can wash the soap off your back and then step forward so I can soap your front up.” Unlike Declan, Alex had been using a type of sponge to wash Jerry’s body. As he turned around he got his first look at Alex naked for the first time in years. He noticed that Alex was a lot more developed than Declan. He was surprised how Alex’s cock was soft while his was as hard as a rock. Alex began to soap Jerry’s front up and pulled the foreskin back on his dick to clean him properly. “Ok kiddo, turn around and wash the soap off and then we can get out and dry off.” Alex got out and began to dry off while Jerry let the water take care of the soap. When Jerry moved out of the spray, Alex turned the water off and helped Jerry to get dry. “So any ideas what’s going to happen in school today?” asked Jerry. “I know Sarah is going to take the two of us and Dec to the head and explain the changes in circumstances. Hopefully Dec is going to be able to enrol. As for what happens with me? I’d guess I’d be there for a few minutes, just long enough to confirm the change in address and guardian. You’re going to be a different matter. I don’t know if they’re going to manage with you not being able to do anything for yourself. It’s easy enough for one of us to help you around the house but when it comes to school, we’re not going to be around.” “I know Cal is going to be ok with helping me.” “He may well be, but you have to think about something kiddo.” “What’s that?” “Well, is Cal going to be ok with helping you in the toilet? What are the other kids going to make of that? You know how nasty kids can be when it comes to names and bullying, will you or Cal be able to handle the abuse that is sure to come at you both if he’s helping you go to the toilet?” “I don’t know Alex. I know he’d help, but is it fair of me to ask him?” “I say we let the school decide what’s going to happen. Come on, let’s get you dressed and then you can have some breakfast.” “Ok.” Alex helped Jerry into the joggers after he’d put his own on. They went down to Alex’s bedroom first so he could get dressed in his school things before they went in to Jerry’s. After Alex had put his briefs on him, Jerry sat down so Alex could put his socks on. With that done, the next thing to go on was his trousers and then the school shirt. Even though both his arms were in plaster, Jerry was still able to wear a shirt for school; his mother had bought a couple of short sleeved shirts for him earlier in the school year. “Do you want cornflakes, toast or something else?” asked Alex as they were walking down the hall to the kitchen. “Um… cornflakes sounds ok.” “Morning bud,” said Justin. “Morning, thanks for letting me use your shower.” “It’s no big deal, I’m finished with my breakfast, so do you want me to help you have yours so Alex can eat his the same time?” “Sure, where’re your parents?” “Dad’s gone to work already and mom is catching up on some of the news in the living room.” The boys went quiet while they concentrated on breakfast. “Do you think it’s worth me taking anything with me to school?” asked Jerry. “If you’re going to be staying at school, you’ll be eating with Alex, Dec and me so you won’t have to worry about food. As for school things, I don’t see the point unless you have homework to turn in.” “You guys don’t have to go out of your way for me, I’m used to being the new guy,” said Dec. “But you’re part of the family now Dec and I don’t see why you should have to eat on your own when we’re there,” said Justin. “Thanks.” “You’ll get to meet Cal too; he’s going to want to eat with us, if that’s ok?” asked Jerry. “Of course it is, we got on well with him the other day when he came by Rick’s,” said Alex. “Are you boys nearly ready to go? I want to get there early so the Head doesn’t have much choice but to see us,” said Sarah as she stuck her head into the kitchen. “Nearly, just need to swill out the dishes,” said Alex. “You wash, I’ll wipe,” said Justin. “I’ll put them away then,” replied Dec. With that done the boys got their school bags and piled into the car. Sarah was soon pulling the car to a stop outside the school administration building. They all got out and went inside. Justin had decided that as they were so early he’d wait with everyone until he had to be at registration. He found it a little difficult being so close to Alex and not being able to hold his hand. He realised it was going to be a big challenge if they were to keep their relationship a secret at school. Alex was craving the contact even more. He knew being able to hold Justin’s hand would have given him the support he needed right then but he wanted to protect Justin more. Jerry hadn’t been to this part of the school before; he was intrigued that so much space was required for what he thought of as just paperwork. “Hello, can I help you?” asked one of the secretaries. “Yes, my name is Sarah Western. I don’t have an appointment but I require some time with the Head this morning. A few things have happened over the Easter break that I would like to discuss with her.” “Is there something I could help you with? The Head does have a pretty busy schedule this morning.” “What I need to talk to the Head about is all confidential so you’ll appreciate that you’d not be able to help. I came down early because I anticipated the Head would be busy and I understand that I may need to wait a bit to see her but it is important that I speak with her.” “I’ll see what I can do Mrs Western, now what can I do for you boys?” “They’re all with me.” “Oh ok.” The secretary knocked on the door before going into another Head’s office. Sarah sat down next to Alex and waited. She wasn’t waiting long before the secretary and another woman came out. “Mrs Western? I’m Miss Stapleton, I’ve been told you have something important to discuss with me?” “Yes I do.” “I understand what you have to discuss is confidential but can I have some indication as to what it involves?” “Yes, it involves most of the boys here with me.” “Oh, I see. Do you want the boys to sit in with us when we talk?” “Yes, I would like to include the boys.” “I see, well my office isn’t big enough for us to do that, would you mind if we went into the conference room?” “That’s ok with me.” “It’s this way.” “I’m going to head to registration mom; I’ll see you at break Alex,” said Justin. “Ok,” replied Alex and Sarah. Justin headed back out while the others followed Miss Stapleton to the conference room. When they entered there was a large table surrounded by lots of chairs. Alex pulled one out for Jerry to sit in while everyone else chose a seat and sat down. “So what can I do for you Mrs Western?” “Firstly, for reasons that the school does not need to know, these three boys are now living with me and my family, so I’ve come to amend the records you currently have for Alex and Jerry Wilshere.” “That’s not difficult if you have the relevant paperwork.” “I have my copy of the papers that gives my husband and me guardianship of the boys.” “That is all we need, if it’s ok I’ll get a copy of those for their files later.” “Why would you need to keep a copy?” “When there’s a change from parents to guardians we keep a copy so that we cover ourselves, it’s just a legal thing. What else do you need to discuss?” “Well for a start as you can see Jerry has both his arms in plaster and is unable to do anything for himself, is it the school’s policy to send someone in Jerry’s position home or keep them in school?” “What year are you in Jerry?” “I’m in year eight Miss.” “Ok, and how long are the casts to stay on?” “I believe they need to stay on for the next six weeks,” replied Sarah. “So that takes us to the middle of June. Ok, let me think about how to work that out a little. Was there anything else you wanted to talk about?” “There was, Declan here, is not a student in this school. As he’s living with us now it would be easier for us if he was able to attend here?” “It is a strange time to add someone new to the class list but it can be done, what year are you in Declan?” “I’m year nine Miss.” “Well there goes my first idea of how to help Jerry. Which school were you in before Easter? And what is your surname?” “My surname is Andrews and I was in Lewis Heights before we broke for Easter.” “Ok, wait here a moment please.” Miss Stapleton got up and left them in the conference room. “That wasn’t so bad, she doesn’t seem that difficult,” said Sarah. “Wait until you mention bullying,” answered Alex. “We’ll see.” A few minutes later Miss Stapleton re-entered the room. “I’ve got my secretary working on a timetable for you Declan. She was able to talk to someone at your last school to find out which sets you were in to make things easier. We’ll get a copy of your school file later.” “Before you left you said that Declan not being in the same year as Jerry made you reconsider your first idea for dealing with Jerry’s problem. What was that idea?” asked Sarah. “I thought that as Jerry and Declan were living together having Declan go around each class with him would have made sense. But as they’re in different years that’s not possible.” “I don’t mind if that would help you out,” said Declan. “I appreciate that Declan but if you were to do that, you would miss so much of your own year that it would require you to begin year nine again in September.” “Can I be honest with you?” “Certainly, I prefer honesty.” “I’ve been in the foster system for a long time. As a result of this, I’ve changed schools a few times and as I’m sure you’re aware, Lewis Heights isn’t one of the better schools in Cardiff. Is there any law that says I can’t repeat a year?” “Not that I’m aware of.” “Ok. Would Jerry be taking exams before the summer to determine what sets he would be in next year? “Yes, we do that with every year apart from year ten.” “What if I go around with Jerry while his arms are in casts; I can write down his work for him, help him with doors and other things. While we’re at home, Jerry can help me learn the things he’s already done this year and then I can sit the exams the same time as him.” “Why would you want to do that? I can understand that you have not had the best time in school so far, but why would you want to extend your stay by repeating a year?” “I have only spent a few hours with most of the people in this room. Of everyone, I’ve spent the most time with Jerry and if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here right now in a family where I believe I have the best opportunity to reach as high as I can. I’m not saying I’m able to become a nuclear physicist because I’m living with Sarah and her family, but with their help I can aim higher than a rubbish collector which is where I think I was heading.” “I am not saying a rubbish collector is a bad job but I understand what you’re saying. Having a student request to repeat a year is unusual, but not unheard of. Would you be supportive of Declan’s decision to repeat the year Mrs Western?” “I think I should inform you that Declan is only with us for what we hope will be a short period.” “Then what will be happening? I don’t see the point in us making long term decisions if Declan is going to be moving on again.” “Declan is only living with us on a temporary basis while the couple he is going to live with gets the approvals required to be foster parents. We have agreed as a family that if the process fails, Declan will stay with us, but for the moment we are working on the premise that the couple will be accepted. Whatever happens, Declan will still fall in this school’s catchment area.” “I see. Well as you are currently Declan’s guardian, I’ll get you to sign the forms required for Declan to repeat year nine in September. If there isn’t anything else, I’ll go and get the forms for you and the boys can head to their lessons. Declan I’ll get my secretary to give you a note for you to take along with you and Jerry so the teachers know what’s going on.” “There was one other thing, but Declan and Jerry don’t need to be here for that, so if you want to get the forms and Declan’s note ready, Alex and I will wait here for you.” Miss Stapleton, Jerry and Declan got up to leave. “Justin and I will be in the Quad at break, we’ll see you then. Have fun.” The trio left Sarah and Alex alone in the room. When Miss Stapleton returned she had a folder with her. “So what else is there I can help you with this morning?” she asked as she sat down. “Alex told me that he’s been having some problems with bullying.” “I’m not aware of any incident being mentioned. Would you care to tell me who was involved and I’ll see that the appropriate action is taken.” “Would do you define as appropriate action?” Sarah asked. “Well in terms of bullying, unless it is witnessed by a teacher there is not really much we can do. Even when there is a teacher present we are constrained in what we can do.” “So basically, you’d have the boys or girls in and tell them not to do it again before sending them on their merry way?” “I wouldn’t put it in quite those terms. We’d make every effort to make sure Alex felt comfortable here, but there is only so much we can do.” “Ok, I don’t see any point in pursuing this any further so I suggest I fill the forms out you need me to and Alex can go to class.” “May I ask why you feel like that?” “If the worst you can do to a bully is to tell them to behave and not do it again, I don’t see it as a strong enough deterrent I’m afraid.” “What would you say is good enough?” “I am not in the education business so I don’t know what I would do but you have to agree that just being told not to do something is a poor deterrent?” “Not really, it seems to work here in this school as we have very few incidents of bullying.” “Miss Stapleton, I’m not going to sit here and argue with you about the state of bullying in your school. I wanted to raise the issue with you to try and help Alex; you have given me your honest assessment of what can be done. So I’d prefer to leave it at that.” “I wish there was more I could do but my hands are tied.” “Then there’re only the forms to fill out then, so I guess Alex can go to class unless you have some need of him?” “As your first lesson has start, I’d suggest you go to your next lesson. I’ll make sure that your registration teacher knows you are here.” “Ok Miss.” Alex got up and left Sarah and Miss Stapleton alone. Rather than stand outside the classroom he sat in the Quad until the school bell rung. When the bell went Alex got up and walked to his next lesson. “What was that all about with Sarah in there?” asked Declan as they walked to their first class. “I’m not completely sure but I think it’s got something to do with him getting bullied.” “So what lesson are we going to?” “History, not the most exciting subject.” “I never minded History.” “It’s just around this corner, here we go.” Declan knocked on the door before opening it and going inside with Jerry behind him. He went to the teacher and handed her the note he’d been given to explain who he was and why they were late. When Declan moved towards the teacher, Jerry got a look at the class. There at the back in his normal seat was Callum. Jerry was horrified to see the bruises on his best friend’s face. He had conflicting emotions, he was eager to talk to Callum to find out what had happened but he was also sad for not being there for him when it had happened. Jerry moved towards the back of the class to sit down at a desk where Declan could sit next to him, unfortunately this meant that he couldn’t sit next to Callum. The teacher continued from where Declan and Jerry had interrupted. When the lesson finished, she took Declan to one side. “I understand from the note you gave me, that you’ll be taking notes for yourself and for Jerry until his casts come off. As you came in late this morning, I can get you a copy of the notes for today’s lesson.” “Thank you. Unless you think Jerry or I will need them before the next lesson, I’ll collect them then.” “Next lesson will be fine.” “Thank you again.” Jerry had gone straight to Callum when the bell went. “What happened to you?” “I don’t want to talk about it here, can we do it later? I’d rather talk about what happened with you and who that boy is that came in with you.” “If that’s what you want, but I’m not going to let you off that easy Cal. Ok, what happened with me, let’s see, you know about the crash and me moving in with Alex and Justin. So there’s only Dec to tell you about.” “Is he here to help you cause you can’t write?” “Yes and no. I met Dec in the hospital and well it’s his story really and I’d feel more comfortable if he told you, is that ok?” “Come on you two, we’ll be late for the next lesson.” “We’re moving Dec.” The boys left the classroom and headed down the corridor. “I’m Dec by the way and I’d say you are Cal?” “Yeah, nice to meet you.” “You look like you’ve been in a spot of bother like me?” “I think yours looks more painful than mine.” “I don’t know, yours looks worse.” “So Jerry said he met you in hospital, was that because of that?” asked Callum as he pointed to Declan’s face. “Yeah, it’s a bit of a long story, I’ll tell you about it later.” “So how long are the arms like that for Jer?” “About six weeks. Dec is going to help me until they come off.” “Don’t you have your own lessons to go to Dec?” “That’s another long story, but basically I’m going to help Jerry for the next six weeks and then start year nine in September. It will mean I repeat a year.” “Oh. Sorry for being nosey.” “You’re not being nosey Cal. Jerry has told me how close he is to you and I hope you and I can be good friends too, so you’d find out eventually.” “That sounds nice, us being friends that is.” The door opened and they were ushered in for their next lesson. Declan handed the note to the teacher before sitting in between Callum and Jerry. When the bell went Justin got up off the comfy chair in the sixth form common room and walked over to the Quad to meet the others. As he was in sixth form, he didn’t have as many lessons to go to and the last lesson was one of a few he had free. He’d spent his time catching up on some of the goings on with his classmates over the Easter break. As he walked into the Quad he saw Alex straight away standing in one corner on his own. “Hey sexy,” he said as he got really close. “Shhhh, you don’t want people to hear you.” “I know that’s why I waited until I was close enough that others wouldn’t hear. How did the meeting with the Head go?” “It was a surprise. We knew what would happen when Sarah brought up the bullying problem, but before that, she was really helpful. There wasn’t a problem changing over the next of kin information on our files.” “How did she deal with Jerry and Dec?” “I’ll let them tell you that, I was surprised by the outcome.” “Have you seen Cal yet?” “No, I’d bet he comes with Jerry and Dec.” “Now that would be an interesting sight to see.” “Behave, that’s my brother you’re talking about, you perv.” “You’re telling me you haven’t imagined what Dec looks like naked?” “I don’t need to, I saw him in all his glory this morning.” “And it’s only now you’re telling me?” “I didn’t get a chance.” “So what’s he look like? Is it nice to look at?” “He’s told Jerry he’s straight so what it looks like doesn’t matter.” “No, that just means we can’t play with it, it doesn’t mean we can’t imagine what it’s like to play with it.” “Ah, look there they are and it looks like Cal’s with them.” “I see them; it’s a bit difficult not to see Jerry’s arms.” “Oh my God, look at Cal’s face.” “Shit, I wonder what happened to him” “Hey guys,” said Jerry. “Hey,” said Alex and Justin. “Maybe now you two are here Cal will tell us what happened to his face?” said Jerry. “It’s no big deal. It happened and I’m still walking around.” “It’s a very big deal if it’s what I think it is,” replied Jerry. “What do you think it was Jer?” asked Alex. “Looking at the colour of the bruises, I’d say his dad did it a few days ago. I’m right aren’t I?” “Is he right Cal? Did your dad do this to you?” asked Declan. “Look guys, we only have a few minutes here before the bell is going to go. Cal, if you want to tell us now then don’t hold back and remember you’re with friends who can help. If you’re not ready then we’ll let the matter drop,” said Justin. Callum didn’t know what do to, he knew how Alex had found Sarah or to be more precise been found by Sarah, and his life along with Jerry’s had taken a turn for the best, but what could she do for him? Both his parents were still alive and unlikely to respond well to interference from Social Services. They’d be more likely to call him a liar if he told the truth about what had happened on Saturday night. Justin was the first to spot Callum’s eyes filling up. “Ok, I can see this isn’t the best place for this, I know somewhere for us to go at lunch break where no one will see us or interrupt. It’s a little bit of a walk but we’ll have plenty of time to talk. Can you hold on until then Cal?” “Yeah.” It took a couple of deep breaths and a few blinks of his eyes before Callum was able to get his emotions under check. “Alex wouldn’t tell me what happened with you two and the Head this morning, do I have to wait until lunchtime to find that out as well?” “The short story is that I’ll be going around with Jerry for the rest of the year and then I’ll start back in year nine in September with Jerry and Cal.” “So you’re repeating a year?” “Yeah, I’d already thought about it. Whether I stay with you lot or move in with Rick and Alan, I’m going to find myself in the best position I could to try and do well in school so I asked if it would be possible to repeat the year and then maybe with this being a better school than most of the ones I’ve gone to in the past, I’ll actually learn something.” “I can’t believe the Head went along with that.” “I think she was relieved that I was prepared to go around with Jerry while he’s in the casts. I don’t think she had any idea of how to deal with it. I’m sure she would have worked something out in one way or another for his school work, but I don’t know if she’d thought about the feeding and toilet problems.” “I hadn’t thought of those either,” said Callum. “So you have to have someone help you go to the toilet? Man that’s got to be embarrassing.” “It depends who I have helping me. When I was in hospital I was lucky. One of the nurses, Yuri, was just a little older than Justin and Alex so when he helped I could think of him as an older brother. Saturday night when Yuri had gone home the nurse that helped me was a lot older and that made me feel really uncomfortable. Then Sunday Yuri asked if Dec could watch the films that Alex and Justin had brought that you helped choose. I said it was fine and from then on Dec’s been helping me, oh except this morning when Alex helped.” “Wow, I knew it was going to be awkward not being able to use your arms but wow.” “Yeah, um, where are we going to meet lunchtime?” “We’ll be going off school grounds so we’ll need to meet at the front gates,” said Justin. “I’ve got packed lunch, will that be a problem?” asked Callum. “Mom thought that as we’re going to have to feed Jerry we’d be better off eating outside school, so she gave me money for the four of us to buy something in a shop I know. They do all sorts of different rolls and sandwiches. Once we’ve bought those we’ll be going somewhere else to eat them so when we do eat, you won’t be any different than the rest of us.” “What about a toilet, does this place you have in mind have a toilet?” asked Jerry. “Yeah and it’s in a fairly quiet place so there’s no worries there.” The bell rang and the boys went their different ways. When the bell rang for lunch, Justin walked to the front gates and waited for the others to show up. Callum, Declan and Jerry were together, just a couple of minutes ahead of Alex. “Hey guys,” said Alex. “Hey,” everyone replied. “So where’s this sandwich shop you mentioned earlier?” “It’s not far, come on,” said Justin. As the school didn’t have secure lockers to keep their things in, the boys had to carry their bags with them. A few minutes later Justin was entering the shop he had told them about. “They can make most sandwiches or rolls you want, so have a look and let me know what you’d like. You can see the drinks they have as well so choose one of those as well.” “I’ll have the plain cheese sandwich and bottle of water please,” said Declan. “Is that because that’s what you want or because they are the cheapest things they do?” asked Justin. “I suppose the latter.” “Don’t worry about how much things are. Mom gave me twenty quid this morning so split four ways that’s about five pound each. We’re not going to need all of that but you don’t need to go for the cheapest either, and that goes for you two as well.” “I got the message,” said Jerry. “I’ll have the chicken tikka role and orange juice please,” said Alex who hadn’t been listening to what Declan and Justin had said. “I’m glad I’m not going to be kissing you later, I’ll have the BLT with apple juice please Justin,” said Jerry. “Mind your lip you, remember you need help to eat,” said Alex. “Ah it’s alright I’ve got plenty of people for that.” “And who do you think they are?” asked Callum. “Are you telling me you wouldn’t help me if Alex was busy?” “Of course I would.” “And Dec has helped me before so I have options.” “I’ll have the same as Jerry please,” said Declan. “Do you have a drink with you Cal?” “No, I normally get water from the canteen.” “Do you want water now or would you prefer juice or pop?” “You don’t have to get me anything, I’ll be fine.” “What do you want to drink?” “I’ll have apple juice please and thanks.” “Ok guys, it’s probably best if you all wait outside while I get these and then we can head off.” When Justin joined the boys outside the shop he was carrying all the rolls and drinks in a carrier bag. “Ok, I know a spot in the park where we can go and be left alone.” Alex walked by the side of Justin while the other three walked a little behind. As they entered the park Justin took hold of Alex’s hand. “It’s alright; most kids tend to go to the chip shop on the other side of the park so we won’t be seen.” They walked on a couple of minutes before Justin cut through between two trees. “Here we go, there’s plenty of room here and as you can see it’s pretty secluded. Not sure why they’ve put a couple of park benches here, but that’s why I like it.” “You’ve known about this place for a while I take it?” asked Alex as he sat down next to Justin. “I’ve spent a lot of lunchtimes here, on my own I might add. I doubt I’m the only person to have ever found this place, but I’ve never seen anyone else here.” They all sat down and Justin handed out the drinks and rolls and Callum got his sandwiches out of his bag. “Ok Cal, spill. What happened over the weekend to get you in that shape?” asked Jerry. “Give the boy a break kiddo, he’s only just sat down,” said Alex. “Sorry Cal, I’m just worried about what’s happened.” “Let’s calm down a minute Jer. Cal, I know you don’t know me so maybe you feel like you can’t talk in front of me. I don’t know what has happened to you. Jerry seems certain it was your father and for obvious reasons I can understand not wanting to get him in trouble. Let me tell you a story and I hope it will help you,” said Declan. “It’s not that I don’t know you Dec, it’s just difficult to talk about.” “I know.” Declan took a deep breath and continued, “I am currently on family number six and in a few weeks I’m going to move on to family number seven. I don’t know when my mother started using drugs. All I do know is that I was three when she overdosed. She didn’t die that day, somehow the paramedics were called and got there in time to save her, but Social Services were involved and they took me away from her. I haven’t had any contact with her since that day and I couldn’t even tell you if she’s still alive. I was put into the foster system and I’ve been bouncing around in it ever since.” “You don’t really need to know about most of the families for this story so I’ll just move on to the last one I was with. Susan didn’t care about me; she only cared about the cheque she got for housing me. I don’t know how much she got, but I do know she didn’t spend it all on getting me things. If I told her I needed clothes, it was to the charity shop for the cheapest thing she could find. Anyway, she had a boyfriend who would only come around in the evenings and was never around when Social Services called. He wasn’t too bad when he was sober, but when he was drunk, he liked to use me as a punch bag. Susan was able to get him to back off before he went too far. Well until Saturday that is, she went out to get something and left the two of us in the house alone. When she came back she had to call for an ambulance. I was unconscious and she couldn’t wake me up.” “I was taken to hospital and when I woke up the next morning, Yuri asked me if I’d like to spend some time with another boy who was on the ward. I said yes and he took me in to meet Jerry. Later that morning I told Jerry about what had happened the night before and he told Sarah as soon as she visited him that afternoon. Sarah was able to work some magic and for a few weeks I’m living with Jerry, Justin and Alex while Rick and Alan get approved to be my foster parents.” “Wow, I had no idea. Thank you for telling me that Dec, I guess it was difficult to tell.” “Not in the slightest, you see I’ve been in the foster system for so long that it doesn’t bother me and living with Rick and Alan I think will be one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The fact that I had to spend a couple of nights in hospital for that to happen doesn’t matter because in a few weeks there won’t be any sign that I was in hospital.” “Ok, here goes then, can you let me get this all out in one go rather than bombard me with questions?” “Sure Cal, if that’s easier for you,” said Jerry. “You know I went to that meeting on Saturday right? Well before we went dad told me that he wanted to talk to me after the meeting. He didn’t say if I was in trouble or what it was about. Well at the meeting they decided on a successor to Vicar Stephens, they chose my dad. When I got home I changed out of my best clothes and did the dishes before I sat down for the talk my father wanted. He asked me about where I’d been that afternoon and I didn’t know what to do, so first I told him I went to the park and that’s when he smacked me around the head. Then I told him about spending the afternoon with Mr Edwards and he smacked me again. I had to admit that I’d spent the afternoon talking with Alex. He wanted to know how I knew where you were and then I got a smack around the head for not telling either my dad or yours about Jerry going to the street party. He didn’t believe me when I told him all we’d done that afternoon was talk so he smacked me around the head again only this time I went crashing into the cupboard and that’s when I lost consciousness.” Callum was in tears as he finished. When he looked up Jerry’s eyes were wet as well. “What are you crying for Jer? It’s not like you could do anything.” “My best friend is telling me about his father beating him unconscious, how am I supposed to be?” “Would a hug off Cal help Jerry?” asked Alex knowing it was as much for Cal as his brother. “Yeah if Cal is ok with it,” replied Jerry. Callum got up and sat down next to Jerry and hugged him. “Cal I want you to give me permission to tell my mom all of what you’ve just told us. I won’t tell her if you say not to but I think we should get someone involved.” “What’s the point? It’s just my word against my parents. They’ll just tell everyone I fell down the stairs or something and everyone will believe them because as far as anyone is concerned they come across as really religious.” “I think I know of a way to solve that but it will mean telling him about the secret you told Alex on Saturday,” said Justin. “Wait, no you can’t tell them that.” “Think about it Cal, if he’s going to insist that you fell down the stairs, then that’s the only card we have that will get you out of there and into a family that will love and protect you.” “I’m not in on the card Justin is talking about, but as someone who has been in the system, it’s not a step to take lightly. Do you know what you could be putting Cal into if you did play this card? How many decent families would your mother be able to talk into taking a foster kid? I know she got Rick and Alan to agree to it, but do you think she’d be able to do it again?” “I see what you’re saying Dec, but I believe that Cal has to be removed from his parents for his own safety. What do you think his father is likely to do if he knew Cal spent so long talking to Alex and Jerry today?” “He’s already told me I’m not supposed to talk to either of them.” “So we know what’s going to happen if he’s got someone whispering in his ear about you sitting here. No I’m not letting you go home Cal. I’m going to phone mom now and have her and Martha meet us at the school gates. We’ll need Martha for two reasons, the first is that she’s going to be able to keep your father away as she works for Social Services and secondly because we’ll need a second car for all of us to go home.” “I don’t think getting Martha involved is such a good idea Justin. If there is an allegation of abuse, she’ll be forced to investigate it and that will mean Cal is screwed if she can’t put him in a good home,” said Alex. “What if I talk to mom and see what she has to say? How would you normally get home from school Cal?” “I’d normally walk why?” “Just trying to work out whether your dad will be at the gate waiting for you.” “It’s possible after he told me I was only allowed out of the house to go to school or church.” “Right, I’m going to call mom and fill her in and we’ll see what she says. Now I’ll put the phone on speaker so you can hear what she says Cal, ok?” “Ok.” Justin got his phone and dialled the house, after ringing twice a voice answered. “Hello?” “Hi mom.” “Is everything alright? You don’t normally call during the day.” “We’ve got a big problem and it’s one you’re best suited to solving.” “Ok, enough with the bull, what’s happened?” “I know you haven’t met Cal, but you know who he is right?” “He’s Jerry’s friend who called around Rick’s to tell Alex about Jerry being in hospital right?” “That’s him, well he’s in trouble. The long and short of it is that his dad beat him unconscious after he spent time with Alex on Saturday.” “Oh my, is he ok?” “I’m fine thanks,” said Callum. “I thought you had the phone on speaker, I can see why you called now. I’m thinking out loud a minute, but chip in boys if you can. Now if your father is the one beating you, would removing him from the home help?” “I don’t think that would work, I can’t see mom allowing someone to split her and dad up.” “Ok Cal, so it would mean removing you from their care. Um… I know of a way to help in the short term, but that would require Martha to be able to sign off as well as getting Cal’s parents to sign like Jerry’s mother did. Is your father likely to do that Cal?” “There is a way I think but I’d rather not have to do that.” “It may be necessary. Regardless we can’t have you go back there. I’ll try and talk to Martha this afternoon and set the wheels in motion. If I can’t catch her in the office I’ll call her at home later, so no matter what I can or can’t do this afternoon, I want you to come here with the boys.” “What if his dad is at the school gates waiting for him mom.” “There’s more than one way out of the school isn’t there?” “Yeah, but that takes us well out of the way. Anyway we won’t all fit in the car, so what if Alex, Cal and Jerry take the back way out of school and meet you in Worcester Street and Dec and I can walk home like normal. Cal’s dad doesn’t know us as far as I know so we won’t have a problem there.” “I don’t like the idea of you all splitting up.” “Come on mom, I’ve walked home on my own more times than I can count.” “I know that Justin, but not under these circumstances. All of you go out the back way when school ends and let me worry about getting you home from there.” “I just remembered, Dewi is going to be calling around after school,” said Alex. “What time is he coming around?” “We didn’t say a time, we just said after school.” “Ok, do you have his mobile number Justin?” “No, I gave him mine and our address but I didn’t think of asking for his.” “No problem, I’ll make sure you’re here just after school finishes just in case he comes straight from school.” “Thanks mom,” said Justin. “Thanks Mrs… what is your surname?” “My name is Sarah, Cal not Mrs.” “Ok, I’ll try and remember that, but no promises.” “You boys enjoy the rest of the day and I’ll meet you in Worcester Street.” “Bye mom.” Justin ended the call and put his phone away. Callum began crying again. “Hey, no more waterworks, Sarah is going to make this all right,” said Jerry. “You can’t say that Jer, just because she was able to work magic for you and Alex doesn’t mean she can for me.” “You’re forgetting she worked magic for Dec too.” “So there’s more chance that she’s run out of magic.” “Trust Sarah, she’ll find a way to make it right Cal,” said Alex. “Listen guys, we need to eat up or we’re going to be late back,” said Justin. There wasn’t much talking between the boys while they ate. Cal and Dec helped Jerry to eat and drink as they were sat either side of him. Before they left the clearing, Justin kissed Alex and slid his tongue in. “Wow, you’re a randy git,” said Jerry when they broke apart. “I haven’t gone so long without a kiss from Alex since we got together.” “Well you’ll have to get used to it. We’re not going to have a chance like very often.” “I can’t believe I’ve just seen that,” said Cal. “It didn’t weird you out did it?” asked Alex. “Hell no, why would it? I think it’s awesome you two are together.” “It was a bit weird seeing two boys kissing, but that’s only because I’ve not seen it except on telly,” said Declan. “Sorry Dec, I didn’t think about you guys,” said Justin. “You shouldn’t have to be sorry, we all know you’re a couple so don’t worry about it,” said Jerry. “Thanks kiddo.” “Come on, we’d better make a move or we won’t be back before the bell goes,” said Justin. Callum brushed some crumbs from his trousers before doing the same for Jerry. Justin held Alex’s hand as they walked until they got to the entrance for the park. When they got back to school they went their different directions.
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    Chapter 47

    I'm glad you seem to have enjoyed the chapter. Callum's situation will become more clear in future chapters, it's not been forgotten, I promise
  5. Chapter 47 [Time to visit what’s happening with Aaron, Danny and the twins. When last we saw them, the twins were just leaving Dr Boyland’s office.] While the twins were at the doctor’s, Danny and Aaron had spent time talking with their mother. They had also talked to each other about what they should do with the last couple of days at the caravan. The one big question on June’s lips when she was talking with Aaron was about the letter she had received from his school. They had written to her in response to Aaron’s lack of interest in submitting any applications to universities. “It’s simple mom, I want to wait until Lucas and Liam are ready to go and then the three of us can go together.” “I don’t know Aaron; that means two years of putting your life on hold. I know Lucas and Liam mean a lot to you, they mean a lot to me too, but should you really be holding your life up for them?” “You remember a couple of summers ago, before I knew the twins; and Danny had left for the army? I was completely miserable, had no one around to have fun with.” “But if you went to uni, you’d meet other people in the same boat as you. I think it’s a mistake to put off going just because you’re afraid you won’t make friends.” “It’s not so much that I’m afraid of making friends; I don’t think I would be happy spending months at a time away from Liam and Lucas. With that in mind I’d only be able to choose from the courses in Cardiff University because that would allow me to still live at home and see Lucas and Liam, but if I wait until they are ready to go the three of us would have a lot more choices open to us.” “Have you talked to the boys about this?” “No, it’s my decision and I don’t see what they could say that would make me change my mind.” “What do you think about this Danny?” “I wasn’t around to see the beginning of the relationship and to some people it’s bizarre, but you have seen over time how it has been really good for all three of them. They push each other when it comes to all aspects of their life. Do I think we should be telling Aaron that now he needs to leave the twins to go to uni because that’s what everyone else is doing? Not a chance. I think if anything, it would be a bad move for all three of them. I know you are trying to think about what’s best for Aaron, but for me Aaron has shown that he is capable of making the right decision. Plus I think Aaron’s idea of the three of them going together makes more sense to me because they would be more inclined to push each other to excel like they have in the pool, whereas if Aaron went on his own his studies would likely take a big hit from his moping around missing Lucas and Liam.” “I guess I can see your point. So what are you going to do with the two years you’ll be waiting for Lucas and Liam to complete their A-levels?” “I’m not completely sure; I was thinking that maybe I could look at doing some computer courses that the local college offers. I guess getting a job would be a good idea so that I could save some money for uni. I haven’t really thought a lot about it, with my exams coming up and all that.” “Why don’t you concentrate on your exams and then we can talk some more about what you’re going to do.” “Thanks mom, I knew you’d get it.” The ride from the doctor’s office to Aaron’s house was quiet. Myfanwy was a little concerned at just how quiet the boys were but thought that if they wanted to talk to her they would do. She couldn’t help wonder that perhaps some of the silence was due to the boys seeing the other two boys in the waiting room. Myfanwy was sure that both Lucas and Liam knew who they were and she wondered if this may be a problem somewhere down the line. When the car pulled up outside Aaron’s all three got out of the car and headed in to the house. Aaron was opening the door as soon as the car stopped. The twins and Aaron went upstairs to his room, while Myfanwy went out to the kitchen. “How did it go?” asked June. “I don’t know, the boys haven’t said a word since they got out. I don’t know if it’s because of the session with David or whether maybe seeing the two boys in the waiting room might have something to do with it.” “What do you mean?” asked Danny. “While Liam and I were waiting for Lucas to finish, two boys and a woman came into the waiting area. I am sure Liam knew who they were but no one said anything and when Lucas came out and David called the boy Alex in, I was sure there was a hint of recognition in Lucas’ face too.” “I think it may just be that David has given the boys a lot to think about rather than seeing the other boys in the waiting room. Even if it is seeing these others, they won’t know why Lucas and Liam are seeing David in the same way the twins don’t know why those boys were there. But don’t worry, I’m sure that they’ll start talking soon,” said Danny. “I’m sure you’re right Danny, it’s just that I hate seeing them like that.” “Here you go Myfanwy, drink this cuppa. Danny and Aaron agreed that it made more sense for the boys to have food here before they headed back to the caravan so I’ve made a start and it should be ready in half hour and I’m sure that by the time the boys have eaten, Lucas and Liam will be fine,” said June. Upstairs Aaron and the twins started playing on the PlayStation. Aaron could sense that Lucas and Liam had a lot on their minds. Not sure if he should try and get them to talk about it he thought that he would be better waiting for them to start if they wanted to. “What time is Danny taking us back to the caravan?” asked Liam. “While you were at the doctor’s mom asked about food, Danny and I thought it would be best if we ate before heading back to the caravan so I think it will be at least two before we leave.” “Ok,” “Are you two ok?” “If Lucas’ appointment went like mine, he’s given us a lot to think about. Stuff that I don’t think any of us had thought about and it’s all stuff that’s better talked about at the caravan. I don’t think any of it is bad, it’s just stuff that needs to be talked about.” “Yep, sounds like we had the same chat,” said Lucas. “There was something I meant to ask you bro, did you recognise those boys in the waiting room?” asked Liam. “Yeah, they go to our school. I know the one plays for the footy team, or at least he did. I haven’t seen him play in a while. The other one I’ve seen around school but he always seems to be on his own and when we’ve been in the same room, which I don’t think has happened often, I don’t think I’ve heard him say a single word.” “I thought I’d seen them somewhere.” “Does seeing someone there that may know who you are make any difference? Surely if they are there then they need some help?” “I don’t think it’s going to be a problem, after all like you said he or they are both there for whatever reason so I don’t think they’ll be quick to shout about seeing us there to anyone else. It’s just someone you know knowing you’re going there is a little weird,” said Liam. “I guess I can see that, but it’s not like David is going to be talking about the two of you to the others.” “No, you’re right. David’s pretty cool and I don’t think he would ever do that.” “Well now that’s sorted we can get on with the game.” The three played against each other until Danny came in to tell them the food was ready. Danny saw the twins were laughing and joking with Aaron so he knew the boys were going to be ok. After the food was polished off and the boys all mucked in to clean up they were all ready to head back to the caravan. They said their goodbyes and were in the car looking forward to what was going to be an interesting last couple of days. The ride to the caravan was uneventful. They listened to some music off the radio and talked quietly. When Danny had pulled the car up, all four got out and went straight into the caravan. “Danny, did you have any plans for what we were going to do tonight?” asked Lucas. “I had thought that maybe we could all go to the bowling alley for a few hours, but when your mom said you were quiet after the doc’s I wasn’t sure if you would want to.” “That sounds ok. I guess we have been kinda quiet, but that’s because David gave us a lot to think about earlier. He knows how we both feel about Aaron and when we were talking to David about what has happened here this week, he asked us about our feelings for you. He asked questions like did we consider you a friend with benefits or closer to a boyfriend. Did we feel more for Aaron than we did for you or are our feelings the same. There is only one way to really answer those questions and that’s to talk it out amongst ourselves over the next couple of days. I know it’s a lot to just drop in your laps but David thinks it’s time we worked on defining our relationships now that we are coming to terms with losing dad,” said Liam. “Wow, you weren’t joking when you said it’s a lot to drop on me. I suspect you two still need a few hours to try and think about this, so why don’t we go bowling like I had planned and Aaron and I can think about some of it while we’re out and then when we get back we can all talk?” “Do you think that you’ll be able to concentrate on bowling if your head’s full of questions?” asked Lucas. “Aaron? What do you think?” asked Danny. “I don’t know what to think. I guess I’m going to need a bit of time to work out what I would say about those questions and sitting around here isn’t going to help with that, so let’s go bowling and we’ll see.” “That sums up how I feel as well, so do you boys need to change or are we ok going like this?” After a nod from Lucas, Liam said, “We’re fine.” After a quick drink, the four got back into the car and they were off to the bowling alley. When they got back to the caravan a few hours later they were laughing and joking about some of the attempts they had all made during the games. With Aaron setting up the laptop for them to watch one of the films Danny had downloaded, Danny set to work on making something for everyone to eat. After they’d eaten and the dishes all washed and put away, they decided that it was time to start talking about how they all felt. “I think we should try and talk about some of the questions you asked earlier and I think we’d be better off doing that now before we get undressed and our hormones get in the way,” said Aaron. “Ok, so who is going to go first?” asked Liam. “I think we all can agree that the exploring sex between the four of us has been something we’ve all enjoyed?” asked Aaron. “It definitely has for me,” said Lucas. “Me too,” added Liam. “It has made me think a lot about myself but yeah, I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done together,” said Danny. “Ok, so the next question, are the four of us in a loving equal relationship or are we just exploring the sex that can happen between the four of us?” “That’s the trouble, how do we begin to answer that?” asked Liam. “How about we look at it in a different way? Assuming for a moment that we are ten years older, do you see the four of us living together and sharing a bed, or do you think that there is a possibility that that wouldn’t be in our future?” asked Aaron. “I can see where you’re going,” replied Lucas. “I think we can all agree that when you were all around fifteen the three of you thought of yourselves to be in a loving relationship? You would do anything for each other,” said Danny. “Yeah, that’s true but the question we have to answer isn’t about the three of us, it’s about the four of us,” said Liam. “My point is the only reason we’re having this discussion is because Myfanwy asked me to look after you guys the weekend you two turned sixteen.” “Look, I think we’re going off track a little. You and I never had the close, intimate relationship that Lucas and Liam had growing up, but since that weekend I have found myself feeling closer to you than ever. Do I love you any different because of the sex? No. Do I love you any less than Lucas and Liam? No. For me I see us as a foursome.” “Did I think that getting Danny naked that weekend would lead to all of this? No. Did we get you naked that weekend just because we expected you to have sex with us? Absolutely not! Do Lucas and I find you sexy? Definitely! Do we love you? You bet we do. Is our love for Aaron different to the love we have for you? I don’t think so.” “I agree with Liam. So the question is how do you feel Danny?” “As I’ve said before, I considered myself straight and sex with any boy never entered my head. Then that weekend broke it all. Do I now consider myself gay? At the moment I can’t amswer that. I do know that I love the three of you. I enjoy the sex we’ve been having. Am I content with the idea that I never have sex with a woman in the future? I can’t say I’ll miss something I’ve never had. Do I think we could make a life together as we are? I don’t see why not.” “Well that settles the big question. And it also answers where we see our future of the relationship,” said Aaron. “I know this is something you haven’t talked to Lucas and Liam about Aaron, but, I think they should know what you’ve decided about university.” “What’s Danny talking about?” asked Liam. “He’s talking about my decision to put off going to uni until the three of us could go together.” “Why would you do that? It’s not fair on you to hang around for two years,” replied Lucas. “Like I said to mom, if I go to uni this September, there is only one uni I would go to and that’s Cardiff, which limits the number of courses I could do. If I wait until you two can go then we can choose a uni that suits the three of us.” “But why is Cardiff the only one open to you now?” asked Liam. “How much time have we spent apart from each other in the last few years?” “Apart from school nights, I don’t think we’ve been apart,” answered Lucas. “If I chose a university in England for example, how often do you think I’d be able to get back home to spend time with you? I don’t want to have to spend time away from the two of you. I want to be with you as much as I can and that means either I put off going to uni until you two can go or I go to Cardiff. I’ve had a look at the prospectus for Cardiff and while I think for some it’s a great university, I want to have more choices open to me.” “There’s one problem with your thinking,” said Liam. “What’s that?” “You’ve made an assumption that the three of us would be able to go to the same university. There is no guarantee that we would all get accepted to the same uni.” “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem, you two get good grades the same as me.” “What will you do for the next two years while we sit our A-levels?” asked Liam. “I’ve not completely worked that out, I was thinking perhaps I could work or do some courses in college.” “And what do you think about this Danny?” asked Lucas. “While I was in the army a few of the guys got letters from their girlfriends telling them that they’d found someone else. A lot of long distance relationships don’t work. We have just agreed that we consider we are in a relationship. There are two academic years between Aaron and you two. That means that we are looking at five or six years before you all graduate. I say six because some courses last four years. Do I think our relationship could last that long with all of us separated in different cities? With us not spending much of our time apart, that makes answering that difficult. Before I left for the army, Aaron and I were not as close as we are now, but we were close. Aaron found being alone that summer really hard to deal with, then he met you two. Do I think Aaron could find and make friends at uni if he went this September? Yes he could, but I know that he’d miss us and I think that would affect his grades. While you two would still have me around to help you deal with Aaron being away, I think his absence would affect your grades as well.” “So you think Aaron is right to wait?” asked Lucas. “Yes.” “Ok, so assuming that Aaron waits and the three of us get accepted for our courses in the same uni. What happens? The three of us go off and you stay here?” asked Lucas. “I was in the kitchen this morning when mom asked Aaron about his plans for uni after she got a letter from the school, so I’ve had a bit of time to think about it. I’m going to assume that whichever uni you three choose, you’re going to want me along with you for a minute.” “I thought we’d answered that, if we can’t deal with Aaron going off on his own, why would we leave you here and head off without you?” said Lucas. “Ok, the four of us are going to be going when you’re ready. Assuming I’m still doing the same job in two years, I’m pretty sure I could transfer to a different office or even work from home which means I could go where I liked.” “So I guess the only thing that needs to be worked on is what Aaron’s going to do for the next two years,” said Liam. “I don’t think we need to answer that right now, Aaron has his final exams to work towards and you two have your GCSEs. Let’s get those out of the way before we worry what Aaron’s going to be doing.” What Danny didn’t say was that he was certain he would be able to get Aaron a job working for the same company as him. “Have we answered all the questions David asked you or do we need to keep going?” asked Aaron. “His plan was for us to work out what we thought the relationship between the four of us meant to each of us and whether we saw it as long term or just a bit of fun,” replied Lucas. “We’ve worked that out, so how about we cwtch up and watch a film?” asked Danny. “Sounds good to me,” said Lucas, Liam and Aaron. Lucas and Liam made hot drinks for everyone while Aaron got the film ready to go and Danny got the blankets for them all to cwtch up under. When the drinks were made, they all got undressed before they got under the blankets. Aaron thought that with the conversations they’d had it was important for the twins to have Danny in between them and he spent half the film cwtching up to the other side of Liam and the other half cwtching up to Lucas. When they went to bed they were all up for a bit of fun. Liam told them that any fun they had that night was to be had with mouths only, no hands were to be used in any shape or form. There was lots of cum and fun had by all. When they got up the next day it was a little sad as they realised that this was their last full day at the caravan. They had to be out of the caravan by ten the next day, so with that in the back of their mind they started to make plans for their last day while they ate their breakfast. “I want to clean the caravan up today rather than trying to do it in a rush in the morning, so I suggest we do something this morning, have lunch, all muck in to clean up the caravan this afternoon and then we can all settle down to watch a few films after dinner and then in the morning it’s breakfast and showers and we can head straight home,” said Danny. “Sounds ok with me,” replied Aaron. “Me too,” said Lucas and Liam together. “So I guess the only thing we need to work out is what are we going to do with the morning?” “How about we head over to the swimming pool?” asked Aaron. “Good idea,” said Liam. “I think a few hours in the pool is a good plan,” said Lucas. “So the pool it is then,” replied Danny. After breakfast was eaten and all the dishes washed and put away the boys got dressed to go to the pool and after a quick ride in the car they were in the changing rooms getting undressed. With their Speedos on they went in to the pool area and dived in. They kept to the birthday weekend rules when they got back to the caravan and stripped their clothes off as soon as the door was closed. Danny was in charge of lunch and after spending a few hours swimming and messing about in the pool they were all hungry. After polishing off all the sandwiches and washing the few plates, it was time for them to make a move cleaning the caravan. “I’ve decided that it would be better to go out for dinner tonight, so leave a suitable set of clothes out and pack everything else up. Not that there’s much to pack.” “Why don’t we do it like this, Liam can clean the bathroom, I’ll clean the living room, you clean the kitchen area and Lucas can do the bedroom and as we finish we help whoever is still going?” suggested Aaron. “Is that ok with you two?” asked Danny. “Ok with me,” said Liam. “Me too,” answered Lucas. They went to start the cleaning and found that after an hour all the parts of the caravan had been cleaned up. With a couple of hours left before they were to go out for dinner, they all cwtched up in the living room and watched a film on the laptop. “Can I ask you all something?” said Lucas. “What’s up?” asked Danny. “I was just thinking about what we were talking about yesterday.” “What about it?” asked Aaron. “About university and what happens then. I know we have to start studying for our exams when we go back home tomorrow; and that has to be our priority until the summer, but shouldn’t we start thinking about what we are going to be doing at uni and after?” “I want you boys to concentrate on the things that are important right now, loving each other, studying and your time at the pool. Everything else can wait until the summer when you’ll have all the time to think about what’s going to happen in the future,” said Danny. “I guess you’re right, is coach going to let us into the pool this weekend or do we have to wait until we go back to school?” asked Lucas. “When I was arranging this trip I had to talk to your coach because I knew you’d want to have him spend time at the pool with you guys. I explained to him about the holiday and asked him if he’d be ok to open the pool up for the last few days of the Easter holidays. His response was that he hoped you’d enjoy your break and he’d be glad to open the pool up, you just need to call him when we get back to arrange what times.” “That’s cool,” said Liam. “One thing you’re going to need to think about though, tomorrow is the royal wedding and I’m pretty sure your coach is going to want to see that, even if he doesn’t there’s supposed to be a load of street parties going on, so I’d suggest that even if you were thinking about going to the pool tomorrow, you don’t. Call your coach tomorrow evening and arrange to go to the pool on Saturday.” “Sounds fair, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the wedding anyway. For some reason I find Prince Harry pretty hot,” said Liam. “I doubt you’ll see much of him, being as the wedding is all about his brother,” said Lucas. “Maybe, maybe not, but it doesn’t hurt to look.” “There is something else we need to talk about,” said Danny. “What’s that?” the three boys asked. “You’ve all mentioned studying for your exams. I am guessing nothing much has changed since I went to school a few years ago and you’re all going to get study leave. Are you going to spend that time with each other or will you find being together too distracting to study? Would it be a good idea if I dropped you two off at mom and dad’s to spend the day there with your mom and Aaron? Or, if mom agrees, would it be better for the two of you to move in there until your exams are over? It wouldn’t be any different to spending the weekend because you all sleep in the same bed anyway.” “And how would we spend time with you then? Isn’t that sort of cutting you out of it all if we moved in with Aaron?” asked Lucas. “I thought that there may be more studying done if our moms were around than if I left the three of you alone at my place.” “I guess you’ve got a point there. But why don’t we do as you suggest, move in with Aaron when we start out study leave. Then on the weekends, we bring some of our work with us and we spend it with you?” asked Liam. “I am happy whatever you decide as long as you’re going to spend the time off studying and not doing other things. So I guess we’ll go to mom’s house straight from here in the morning, talk to both moms about the study leave and see what they both say. Anything else we need to talk about or can we settle down to watch this film now?” “I don’t think there’s anything,” said Aaron. Before they got into bed later that night, Danny set the alarm so that they wouldn’t have to rush around the next morning. After a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a quick shower, all four were packing the car and making a final check on the caravan to make sure they left it clean before they headed home. The drive home wasn’t any different to any of the other times they’d made the journey except this time they were a little down as this was the end of their holiday. To an outsider this would seem silly as they could do anything they did at the caravan at home because their parents knew about the relationship and accepted it but to them it was the end of a time when they’d moved from a trio in love to a foursome and for them, that meant that their time in the caravan was special. June and Myfanwy were both glad to see the boys when the car pulled up outside Aaron’s house. “So what are you boys going to do now until you have to go back to school?” asked June after the boys had settled down in the living room with a cup of tea. “We talked with Danny last night and there’s something we need to talk to you and mom about,” said Lucas. “You know you can ask anything, so let it out,” said June. “Well, in a couple of weeks, Liam, Aaron and I will all be off school for study leave. Danny suggested that Liam and I move in here during the week so we can keep each other going and help each other if we’re stuck. Ok, Liam and I won’t be able to help Aaron as much but you get the idea. Then we give you some peace and spend the weekend at Danny’s. Does that sound like it would work well or do you have another suggestion?” “I think having you boys around during the week would be great, I also think having me and Myfanwy around is more likely to make you study than if you were left alone at Danny’s during the day while he’s at work.” “There’s something I need to talk to you boys about as well,” said Myfanwy. “What’s that mom?” asked the twins. “Well I got a letter from your father’s solicitor. He’s been offered a promotion at work which will mean that he has to leave the country. He’ll be the new division chief in Germany. As a result of this, he’s looking for a quick end to the divorce proceedings I set in motion.” “I don’t see how that’s going to make any difference to us mom, we’ve already come to terms with him not being around,” said Liam. “There’s a snag to it, the solicitor has admitted that because your father wants this all done before he leaves for Germany it gives us an edge. They have offered me a deal where I get the house, mortgage free, but for that I don’t get any support from him nor do you boys when you leave school or turn eighteen, whichever is last. That means he wouldn’t support you boys when it comes to tuition if you go to university.” “If dad’s signing over the house, does that mean you could sell it if you wanted to?” asked Lucas. “I could if I wanted to, which I’m guessing is what will happen because I don’t think you boys want to live there do you?” “If you want to live in the house mom you can, but I think Liam and I would rather not have to.” “I agree,” said Liam. “Well that makes it easy, because I didn’t really want to live there anyway. I have already talked to June about this and she’s happy for me to stay here until we can find a house where we’ll be happy.” “Liam and I have always been more comfortable sharing one bed and we’re going to be off to uni in the not too distant future. So rather than getting a big house with loads of bedrooms, why don’t you just look for a two bedroom flat or house and then you can use the money you save to keep you going until you can find a job.” “June and I had already talked about what type of house to look at. She pointed out that you boys all preferred sharing the one room and that you’d be more likely to want to live with Aaron and Danny sooner rather than later. So I’ve decided that a two bedroom house is more than big enough. I didn’t want to make a move on anything until you boys were able to have your say, but now I know how you feel I can let my solicitor know that we’re happy with what your father has offered.” “Ok, now all the heavy stuff is over with, did you boys enjoy your time in the caravan?” asked June. “Yeah, we had all sorts of fun. There were some things we didn’t do a lot of, like sunbathing and spending hours on the beach but there’s always the summer for things like that,” said Liam. “What about the pool, didn’t you miss spending hours in the pool?” asked Myfanwy. “We went to the pool a couple of times, but we didn’t spend hours in intense work like we would have if we were home so we did miss it to a degree. That doesn’t mean we’d have changed the last ten days for anything,” said Aaron. “So back to my earlier question, what are you boys going to do with the rest of the holidays?” asked June. “Well, there’s the royal wedding later today that I’d like to see and then later we’re going to phone coach and ask him if he can open the pool the next few days until we start back in school, and the rest of the time we’re going to make a start on our revision work,” said Liam. “Well that sounds fair, there’s going to be a street party here for the wedding, you probably saw some tables being set up when you came in. A few houses have agreed to cook certain things so there’s a mixture of different foods for later. So you boys have some time before the wedding starts while Myfanwy and I work on some of the food for later and then we’ll have you boys carry it out for us.” The boys settled down watching some of the lead up to the wedding after they had gone out to the car to get their bags. Danny got them to put all the dirty clothes into a pile so that it could be sorted and put into the washing machine while they were all watching the telly. Liam got his wish and saw Prince Harry. Lucas pointed out how he looked as if he’d ridden on a horse before the wedding because his knees we so far apart while he was walking down the aisle. They joined everyone in the street party afterwards and all had a good time. As the party started to break up the boys went back to the house and started to think about what they were going to do that night and where they were going to sleep. Aaron called the coach to work out the best time to go to the pool the next day and then from there they could work out what they would do with their time. The coach said he wouldn’t be able to open the pool up for them until the afternoon and Aaron thanked him saying that was fine. With the pool sorted, they just had to work out what else to do. Lucas and Liam’s school stuff was all at Danny’s and that meant that any revision they could start on would have to involve a trip to Danny’s. “How about I take the three of you back to my place tonight and then on to the pool tomorrow, I spend some time at the pool and then when you’re finished I bring you here to mom’s so you can spend the rest of the weekend with them?” “That sounds like a good plan, but won’t you be lonely without us there?” asked Lucas. “I’ve been on my own in the past and I’m going to be fine, besides we don’t have to spend every night or every waking minute together do we?” “I know, but you don’t have to. What if we spend the days here with mom and June and then we spend the nights with you at your place?” “I am not going to say no to that arrangement but it’s up to you boys.” “Well if we spend the nights with you we don’t have to worry about any noises we make,” said Liam. “Who said you’re going to be making any noise apart from the snoring?” “First we don’t snore,” said Lucas. “Who told you that?” asked Danny. “I know we don’t or Aaron would have said so before now. And second, are you telling me you’re not interested in any sex at all this weekend?” “Ok, what time do we go to my place?” “Why don’t we go about nine, we don’t have to be up early in the morning and so we can stay as late as we like?” said Aaron. “Sounds fine to me,” replied Danny. With that sorted the boys settled down to spend some time with both mothers and Aaron and Danny’s father who had been at the golf club all day. As soon as they had the front door to Danny’s place closed, Liam announced that it was time to get naked. Danny made a cup of tea for everyone before they worked out what they were going to do that night. “I know exactly what I want to do tonight. I want to have one of you use the dildo on me while Lucas sucks me,” said Liam. “That sounds good, why don’t we sixty nine while Aaron and Danny use a dildo on each of us that way everyone is involved.” “Well that’s Lucas and I sorted, what do you two want to do?” “I like the idea of what you just suggested, we swap over, I sixty nine with Aaron while you fuck us with one of the dildos does sound good. What do you think Aaron?” “It’s fine with me but I think there’s something we need to start thinking about.” “What’s that?” asked Liam. “We are obviously enjoying having something up our arses, we need to start thinking about going to the next step and having one of us there instead of some rubber dick.” “I’ve been thinking about that. I’ve read that some people call it your cherry, while others will say virginity. I don’t know if virginity is the right name for it, so I’ll stick with cherry. I know it may be a little selfish but I want to lose my cherry to Aaron. I’ve wanted his dick in my arse ever since the birthday weekend,” said Danny. “I don’t think that’s being selfish. I have thought about how we could make this work out for a while, even before we became a foursome. Liam and I have talked about this before. We didn’t include Aaron because we didn’t want him saying that this idea or that one wasn’t fair. We decided that it would be ok if Aaron was the one to take, as you call it, our cherrys. What we couldn’t work out was which one of us would take Aaron’s assuming he wanted it taken. But thinking quickly here; and Liam can say if he disagrees with me, but what if each brother is the one to take the other’s cherry?” “Do you two think that’s fair?” asked Lucas. “I don’t think I could work it out any fairer. While we were a trio I had wondered how we’d work it out so that one of us didn’t feel left out but thinking about it, I think it makes more sense doing it this way,” said Liam. “You boys don’t have to agree to this just to please me,” said Danny. “Look Danny, we’ve been enjoying sex with each other now for a while and you agreed in the caravan that this is now a foursome not a trio so we need to work things out so that everyone gets what they want, where that’s possible. Here it is easy. But questioning us about why we’re doing something has to stop. We love you just like we love Aaron,” said Lucas. “I’m sorry, I guess it’s going to take me time to get used to it, I still feel a little like I’m butting in on the three of you.” “Well you’re not, so enough. So with that settled, let’s go to bed, I want to start sucking on Liam’s cock,” said Lucas. Aaron and Danny got the dildos out and lubed them up while the twins got each other’s hole ready. Danny let Aaron choose which of the twins he was going to use the dildo on before he started on the other. Aaron was really turned on to what he was watching and doing with Liam. Seeing Liam suck his brother while he was getting his hole fucked made Aaron feel really hard. Like his brother, Lucas was enjoying having his hole fucked while he got to suck his brother’s cock. “Wait,” said Lucas as he lifted his head up. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” asked Danny. “No, I think I’m ready for Liam to fuck me.” “Are you sure? I mean we aren’t using the biggest of the dildos.” “I’m ready if Liam is?” “Am I ever, let’s try but on one condition.” “I know, I let you know if you’re hurting me.” “So I guess you’re going to need to move bro, I can’t exactly do much with you in this position.” Lucas got up off the bed and allowed Liam to move as well. “So which way do you think is best? Do you want me to go in doggy style, missionary style or do you want to ride me like a cowboy?” “I think it would be best if you lie down on your back and I’ll sit down on your cock and ride you. That way I can control how much and how fast.” “No problem.” Liam got onto the bed and Danny got the lube out and plastered Liam’s dick with it while Aaron put more on Lucas’ hole. As Lucas got into position, Aaron helped guide Liam’s dick to Lucas’ hole. Slowly Lucas made contact and lowered himself feeling his brother’s dick pushing against his hole. One second Liam felt the pressure against his dick and then he felt his dick inside his brother. It felt completely different to having his dick in someone’s mouth. As Lucas felt his brother’s dick slip passed his sphincter muscle he stopped moving. It felt completely different from when they’d had the dildo in there earlier. He could feel his muscles relaxing a little and he started to move down a little more. When Lucas had gone down as far as he could, he leaned forward and kissed his brother deeply. It felt amazing to him having his brother inside him like this. Lucas broke off the kiss and straightened up. He began to lift off his brother’s cock before he sat back down slowly. Within a minute or two they were in complete rhythm with each other, Liam pushing up to meet Lucas sitting down and pulling out a little more as Lucas lifted off. Aaron and Danny were mesmerised watching the twins fuck for the first time. It didn’t take Liam long to start shooting his load in his brother’s hole. To him it felt amazing. It was one of the best moments of his life. Seconds after he felt his brother cum inside him, Lucas started to shoot all over Liam’s chest before he collapsed onto his brother kissing him deeply. Lucas couldn’t believe how amazing it had felt when his brother’s erection was inside him. It took a while for both boys to come down from the high they had reached. Liam’s dick finally came out of Lucas’ hole as it became soft. “Thank you bro, that was awesome,” said Lucas. “I know, it was awesome for me too,” “Do you think you’re ready to try that little bro?” asked Danny. “I don’t know if I’m ready.” “What about fucking me?” “You think you’re ready? I don’t want to hurt you.” “I’m ready.” “Do you want to go like Lucas and Liam?” “No, I’ll lie on my back, Lucas and Liam can hold my legs up for you and then you can enter me.” Liam and Lucas got up to let Danny move into position. Aaron got the lube and when his brother’s legs were up he started to apply the lube and began to open his brother’s hole with his fingers. “Fuck me Aaron.” “I’ve only just started to open you up.” “Just fuck me, I’ll tell you if it hurts but I really want to feel you inside me.” “Ok,” said Aaron a little nervously. Aaron lubed his cock up and stood up so he could aim it at his brother’s hole. He gently pushed his hips forward so the tip of his cock was pressing against Danny’s hole. As Liam and Lucas were holding his legs, Danny wasn’t able to control how slow or fast Aaron entered his hole. All he knew was right then he wanted Aaron’s dick to fill him up. Pushing little by little, Aaron could feel the pressure on his cock building. It felt strange but he could also see the need in his brother’s face for him to keep going. And then all of a sudden he felt the pressure disappear from the head of his cock and instead it enveloped his shaft. He paused to make sure his brother was ok. Danny pulled Aaron down so he could kiss him. “Now fuck me with all you’ve got little bro.” Aaron pushed his hips further until all his cock was buried in his brother’s hole. After a few seconds to let Danny get used to the feeling he started to pull out and then pushed back in as far as he could go. With Lucas and Liam holding his legs, Danny’s hands were free now so he started to stroke the twins’ cocks as his hole was being filled by his brother. In and out, in and out. Aaron started to find a rhythm and he was enjoying it. To him, it felt great experiencing this with his brother. “Harder bro,” Danny begged. Aaron tried to do what his brother asked and began to push his hips harder and faster. This new rhythm built, and Danny began moaning. Hearing his brother moan startled Aaron to begin with until he realised it was pleasure not pain that Danny was expressing. The moaning seemed to encourage Aaron all the more and he let himself go. Danny could feel himself getting close and after a few more pushes from Aaron, he was shooting his load all over his stomach. The clenching of Danny’s muscles around Aaron’s cock as he came felt amazing to Aaron and it wasn’t long before he was shooting his own load into Danny’s hole. After he had pushed for the final time he flopped down next to his brother on the bed exhausted. Lucas and Liam cwtched up either side of Aaron and Danny and all four of them fell asleep oblivious of the mess. Saturday morning found the four boys still cwtched up on the bed when the sun started shining through the window. Aaron was the first to stir. He only had one thing on his mind as he began to wake up, getting to the toilet. He moved Danny’s arm and Lucas’s hand off him so he could get up, before sliding down the bed to head to the bathroom. After emptying his bladder, he went back to the bedroom and saw that his moving hadn’t done anything to the other three who still seemed to be sleeping heavily. What he did notice was how the boys on the bed all had raging hard-ons. Not feeling in the least bit sleepy he decided to go downstairs rather than wake the others up. He went down to the kitchen and poured himself some juice before going into the living room and putting on one of the Stargate SG1 DVDs his brother had bought. He was watching a second episode when Lucas walked in. Like Aaron, Lucas hadn’t bothered putting any clothes on and Aaron was able to see that Lucas’ dick hadn’t gone down any. “How do you feel?” asked Aaron. “A little sore down below but I have to admit it was worth it. What about you? Was it everything you thought it would be or were you disappointed?” “I don’t know what I expected, I was worried when Danny wanted it so rushed and rough, but as I noticed he was ok and getting off on it, I let go and enjoyed it. I can say I’ve never had a climax like it but I don’t know if I’m ready for it.” “Last night I could feel the dildo in my arse and I realised that it felt nice but I was wondering more about what it would feel like to have Lucas there instead which is why I asked for it. Danny was obviously just as ready, if you notice Danny didn’t ask you to let him fuck you and Lucas didn’t ask me to fuck him.” “Well we sort of all fell asleep after I finished inside Danny. And everyone had shot their loads.” “That’s true, but they could have asked us before we went to sleep if we’d agree to it this morning or tonight. And we’ve always made sure that no one does anything they didn’t want to do.” “I know you’re right.” “If you are a little worried still, maybe talking to Danny would be best?” ”Talking to Danny would be best for what?” asked Danny shocking the two boys. “We were talking about last night, and I said to Liam about how I don’t think I’m ready for you to fuck me.” “Aaron, I want you to know something, last night was one of the best nights of my life. As I told you before, I’ve wanted your cock inside me since that birthday night. I knew I wasn’t ready for it then, but last night I was and you gave me everything I asked for. Will I want it that rough in the future? Possibly. Do I want you to let me do the same to you today? No, I am content to wait for you to ask me, when you’re ready.” “I knew in the back of my mind that you wouldn’t push me, but I did wonder if maybe I wasn’t being fair to you.” “There’s no being fair in this, either you’re ready or you’re not. You have said yourself you don’t think you are and that’s all that matters.” Aaron got up and kissed his brother whispering thanks to him. “So what are we all going to do this morning?” asked Danny. “Can I ask you something first?” asked Lucas. “What?” asked Danny. “Well Aaron was rougher with you than Liam was with me; I was just wondering if you were a bit sore or tender down there this morning?” “I am a bit yes, but it’s no different than when we started using the dildos in the caravan. When I went to the toilet earlier, I checked myself to make sure there was no blood.” “I’m glad of that. I don’t know if I could have tried again if you said you had been bleeding.” “So back to my earlier question, what are we going to do this morning?” “Liam and Lucas will need to get their school stuff together to take to mom’s after we’ve been to the pool. Other than that and having a shower to clean off some of last night’s mess I don’t think there is much.” “So what do we do with ourselves?” asked Danny. “Well we could just have a quiet morning just relaxing,” said Lucas. “Sounds good to me. I’m going to go and grab a shower and clean myself up,” said Danny. Before going upstairs to the shower, he kissed both Lucas and Aaron. “You mind if I watch some SG1 with you?” “Of course I don’t mind. You want to cwtch up?” “Silly question, I love cwtching up to you, you know that.” It was a while before Lucas and Aaron was disturbed again. Danny came in with the bed sheets in his arms. “I take it Liam’s got up?” asked Lucas. “Yeah, he’s in the shower now.” “I’ll go up and grab one when he comes down. Do you need a hand making the bed Danny?” asked Lucas. “No need, Liam helped me before he jumped in the shower.” “Is there anything else you need to do around the house?” asked Aaron. “The vacuum needs running through, a bit of dusting and then there’s making food for us all to have before we go to the pool.” “I’ll do the vacuuming,” said Aaron. “Liam and I can do the dusting if you do the food?” “Sounds good to me. I’ll pop these sheets in the washing machine. Any thoughts about what you’d like for lunch?” “Hadn’t thought about it,” said Aaron. “Me neither,” replied Lucas. “Pot luck it is then.” Aaron and Lucas continued to cwtch up while they watched the rest of the episode of SG1 before they got up to do the jobs they’d volunteered for. Liam came downstairs just as the episode finished. Lucas told him about doing the dusting. When Liam and Lucas had finished, Lucas headed for the shower. Aaron wasn’t far behind Lucas and sat on the toilet waiting for him to finish before he jumped in to get himself clean. The food was ready just before Aaron had finished in the shower but the others chose to wait for him to get downstairs so they could all eat together. After they’d eaten the twins got their school work together in a bag while Aaron and Danny got the swimming things ready. Everyone put their Speedos on under their jeans, and a few minutes later Danny was driving them all to the pool. They met the coach outside and they spent the next three hours working on their diving and racing. There was no messing around or wasting time while the boys were at the pool. They were totally focused on what they were doing. As four o’clock approached Danny let the boys know so they could begin to wind down. After arranging with the coach about what time he’d rather open the school pool for them on Sunday the boys jumped into the shower and then got in the car for the quick journey to Aaron and Danny’s parents’ house. June and Myfanwy had food ready for the boys when they arrived and after they’d eaten, Aaron, Liam and Lucas cleared the table while Danny made a start on the dishes. When all that was done, Aaron went to his bedroom to get some of his school things while Liam and Lucas made a start on working out what subject they were going to begin with. Lucas and Liam were debating the benefits of working on the mock exam papers before or after they’d done some of their revision when Aaron walked in. “Which do you think is the better option?” asked Lucas. “I was told that each person is different; for me I found working on the exam papers first gave me the evidence of what I already knew well and the areas where I needed to work harder on,” answered Aaron. They’d already decided that it made more sense for them to work on the same subject so with Aaron’s answer Liam found an exam paper and they got down to work. Unlike the twins, Aaron had to work on his own. He found an exam paper and knuckled down with it. Danny spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening watching telly with his parents and Myfanwy and chatting together. He did tell them of the arrangements the boys had for the pool the next day and they made plans for their dinner to suit. Every hour or so the twins and Aaron would come in and spend ten minutes or so with the rest before returning to their revision. This was done on Aaron’s advice as that way they didn’t spend too long and overdo it. Around nine, Aaron called it a day and the twins were right behind him. They packed up their stuff and after kissing their moms goodnight they got in the car and Danny drove them to his house. Unlike the night before, there was no fucking before the boys went to sleep. They were all too tired. Sunday morning, Aaron and the twins spent a few hours working on more revision while Danny sat watching a show he’d recorded. After a quick bite to eat they headed to the pool where they spent a few hours building their stamina and working on their diving. June and Myfanwy had a nice roast chicken dinner ready as they walked in. When they’d finished eating, Danny and the moms went to work on clearing up while Aaron and the twins went back to more revision. During one of the breaks the boys had later that evening, Aaron raised the subject about what the expectations of his parents were for where he’d be sleeping during school time. His father told him that with Aaron being almost eighteen, he was old enough to make those types of decisions himself. With a quick discussion with Liam and Lucas, the boys agreed that they didn’t see any need to change things. They’d go to school, spend the evening with their parents and then sleep at Danny’s. As this was the last night when the boys didn’t have to get up early the next day, they decided that they were going to have some fun in the bedroom before they went to sleep. Being fully awake and eager for fun, Liam was ready for his brother to fuck him. Aaron and Danny got both boys ready with their tongues and fingers before they lubed each of them. Liam chose to take the same position as his brother had two nights earlier. He slowly eased down allowing his brother’s cock to push against his hole. Gently increasing the downward pressure until his hole opened enough for Lucas’ cock to slide inside him. As he felt his muscles relax, Liam began to move up and down on his brothers’ cock. The twins quickly found a rhythm that suited them. Liam leaned forward to kiss his brother and as he did so, Lucas wrapped his arms around him and rolled the two of them over. He started to move his hips in and out pushing his cock as deep inside his brother as it would go. Liam wasn’t fazed by the change in position and he and Lucas quickly adjusted their rhythm to accommodate the change. Lucas took hold of Liam’s cock and began to stroke it matching his rhythm with his strokes. It wasn’t long before his hand was covered in his brother’s cum. He leant forward and kissed his brother while he continued to fuck him. As he began to reach his climax he increased his thrusts and exploded inside his brother’s hole. “Do you want to see what it’s like to fuck me?” asked Aaron. “Only when you’re ready,” Danny replied. “I think I am but I’m not ready for the rough side you wanted the other night.” “That was what I needed that night baby bro, if you want things to go a different way that’s fine with me.” “Can we try it with me on top so I can be in control?” “Sure.” When Lucas and Liam had recovered enough, they took on the roles Aaron and Danny had performed for them earlier. Both had their fingers inside Aaron’s hole before he moved onto the bed over his brother. Lucas held Danny’s cock so he could guide it for Aaron. Aaron lowered down very slowly. He felt Danny’s cock press against his hole and he paused. “If you’re not ready we can do something else, don’t feel like you have to do this.” “I know I don’t have to.” Aaron began lowering down further, increasing the pressure until he felt the tip of Danny’s cock inside his ring before he paused again. It felt like hours before he began to lower himself further but eventually he couldn’t go any lower and he had all of his brother’s dick inside him. After he let himself adjust to the feelings, he began to rock his hips. Although this wasn’t anything remotely like the other night, Danny was enjoying it just as much. He began stroking Aaron’s cock as Aaron bounced up and down on his. Feeling Aaron’s hole contracting around his cock as he came sent Danny over the edge and he shot his own load inside his brother. Danny kissed Aaron deeply and pulled him into a big hug before he pulled the twins into the middle of them and they all exchanged kisses before cwtching up and falling asleep. Monday morning Danny was the first one up. He went downstairs after he’d emptied his bladder and decided that he wanted something hot and filling in his stomach so began cooking a big breakfast for everyone. Liam was the next one to join Danny in the kitchen. “How do you feel this morning?” “Content and happy, I completely enjoyed having Lucas inside my arse and I love him all the more for it. I know that might sound a little naff but it’s how I feel.” “It’s not naff, I know what you mean. I know the other night made me love Aaron all the more for letting go and giving me what I wanted. Last night was a completely different feeling but just as special.” “Do you need a hand with the breakfast?” “Sure, you can scramble some eggs for me while I take care of the bacon and then you can go and get the other two up.” “Ok.” Aaron came around with a start when Liam woke him and Lucas up to tell them their breakfast was on the table. Lucas however, leaned up, kissed Liam and said thanks. They used the toilet together to empty their bladders before going downstairs to tuck into their breakfast. There wasn’t any talk while they all tucked into the eggs, bacon and toast on the table. When they had all eaten what they wanted, Aaron and Lucas began to take care of the dishes. “I want discuss something,” said Danny. “What’s that?” asked Liam. “Well now we’ve all lost our cherries, I was wondering if any of you had thought about what we were going to do next, if there is even a next?” “I had a great time fucking and being fucked by my brother, now I want to experience what it’s like with you two. Do I have a preference as to what I want to do with you or in which order? The answer simply is I want to fuck and be fucked by both of you, not at the same time of course but I have no order in mind,” replied Lucas. “I feel the same as Lucas,” said Liam. “I was a little nervous last night about taking the final step with Danny but I loved it. Do I want to have the same experience with you two? Of course I do. Do I want to experience what it’s like to fuck the both of you? Damn right I do.” “Like you all, I want to experience everything possible with all of you. So the question is where do we go from here?” asked Danny. “There’s a need to try and timetable anything. I think if we try and do that, we’re more likely to take the intimacy out of it and that’s what makes it special,” said Aaron. “You’re right,” replied Danny. “I think we should limit the fucking to the weekends,” said Lucas. “Sounds like a reasonable request. Now we’ve broken the barrier of fucking, I don’t think we need to limit ourselves to just that type of sex,” said Aaron. “Well now that’s all sorted, I’m going for a shower,” said Danny. The rest of the day went just like the previous few. They showered got on with some school work or in Danny’s case watched some telly, went to the pool, visited their parents, got on with more revision before going to Danny’s. The only real difference was that before they went to bed that night, they got their school uniforms ready for the next morning. I appreciate all of the emails I get from you. If you want to send me an email to let me know what you think you can send one to: al.edu29d@yahoo.co.uk
  6. Chapter 46 It took Declan a few seconds to realise what had woken him up. He quickly jumped out of bed and tried to hold Jerry down to stop him thrashing around too much and hurting himself. Declan guessed Jerry was thrashing around because he was having a nightmare. He wasn’t sure whether it was better to wake him up or just try and see if he’d come out of it on his own. The only thing he knew was when he’d had nightmares, he always seemed to feel better when someone held him. With a little struggle, Declan managed to move Jerry so he could get into the bed with him. He wrapped his arms around Jerry and quietly said everything was going to be ok. Jerry calmed down after a few minutes. Not sure whether Jerry was going to start thrashing about again, Declan thought it was best to stay where he was; he eventually drifted off to sleep. “Morning dudes, time to wake up.” Jerry was the first to stir and was surprised to find someone in his bed with him. He could feel an arm wrapped around him and something hard poking him in the back, he lifted his head and turned it to see who was in his bed with him. Just as Jerry was looking around, Declan stirred. “Did you have to wake me up Yuri, I was having a nice dream?” said Declan. “Sorry dude, I gotta do those checks. You can go back to sleep as soon as I’m finished.” “Fat chance of that happening.” “Um Dec?” “What is it Jer?” “Why are you in my bed?” “I got in last night because you were having a nightmare and thrashing about and I didn’t want you hurting yourself,” Declan said as he got out of Jerry’s bed and sat on the side of his. “Was it bad then?” “Well I wouldn’t want to get hit in the head with one of those casts.” “He’s right, those casts can do some serious damage,” replied Yuri as he moved towards Jerry to take his temperature and blood pressure. “I don’t remember having a nightmare.” “That’s the best ones to have, but believe me you were thrashing around a lot.” “So why did you think of getting into bed with me, wouldn’t it have been easier to wake me up?” “When I was younger I always felt better when there was someone there holding me when I was having nightmares.” “Oh, ok.” Yuri moved over to check Declan’s blood pressure and temperature. “Well as we’re awake, you wanna watch a film?” “I need the toilet first.” “Now you mention it, I need to go too.” “Well, I’m done here guys so if you’re quick Dec, you may catch the toilet before anyone else decides to get up and use it. I’ll go and get you a bottle and be back in two ticks.” “You don’t need to get him a bottle Yuri, I’ll help him in the toilet like I did last night, it’s no big deal.” “Are you sure? You don’t need to, it’s not like yesterday afternoon, I’ve got time this morning.” “It’s fine Yuri, I’m ok with Dec helping me.” “If you’re both sure, just be careful.” “We always are,” said Declan. Declan helped Jerry out of bed and the boys headed to the toilet. Yuri had been right; there was no one around so they didn’t have to wait. Despite what he had been told the day before, Jerry was still embarrassed about his erection when Declan lifted his gown. It took a bit longer before his bladder relaxed and he was able to go. When he was finished, he moved out of the way for Declan to go. He was surprised to see that Declan’s cock was pretty hard. After a few seconds he realised that that must have been what was poking him in the back when he woke up and it made him start to wonder. After Declan was finished and he’d washed his hands the two boys went back to their room and settled down to watch another film. Jerry had really gotten into the Harry Potter film they’d watched the night before and was looking forward to the second one but he let Declan choose first. Declan decided on Mission Impossible 2. Knowing that the others would be doing the same; when Alex got up he went to the toilet, showered and went downstairs without getting dressed. Again he was the first one up, so after he put the kettle on to make a cup of tea, he popped back upstairs to get his school work. Alex had been revising for an hour before anyone else surfaced. He was a little surprised when Rick came into the kitchen sporting a full erection. “Morning,” said Alex. “Morning, are you looking forward to the swimming later?” “I’m not sure.” “You’ll be fine, you’ll have us with you and you don’t have to worry about drowning.” “I know, it’s just I’ve never tried it before so it’s a little unnerving.” “I can see how that can be the case. Alan and I are going to spend a little time together upstairs, so help yourself to some breakfast and don’t leave sleepy head in bed all morning.” “Ok.” After making a pot of tea and pouring one for Alan, Alex and himself, Rick went back upstairs carrying two mugs of tea. Alex got back into his revision. Justin didn’t show his face until nine o’clock. Seeing Alex naked was all Justin needed to cause Junior to stir. “Morning sexy.” “Morning Sunshine.” “How long have you been up for?” “A while, Rick came down earlier, he and Alan are spending some time together upstairs.” “Yeah, I could hear them when I passed their door. So what are we going to do before it’s time to get ready to go out? Do you fancy playing around in the bedroom, or would you rather sit down and watch something on the telly?” “Cwtching up in front of the telly sounds good.” “Have you had breakfast yet?” “No.” “Well why don’t we have something to eat and then we can go into the living room.” “Ok.” “Do you want anything particular?” “Cornflakes are fine.” Justin poured two bowls of cereal and placed them on the kitchen table. “So how is the revising coming along?” “It’s not too bad, I’m finding things I’d completely forgotten about and it’s surprising how quickly it’s all coming back.” “Yeah, I know that feeling.” Once the boys had finished their cereal, Alex swilled the dishes out and Justin dried them off and put them back in the cupboard. With that done, the boys went into the living room and started looking for a film to watch. Justin pulled out Stargate and suggested they watch that. After putting the disc in the player the boys cwtched up on the settee. When the film finished Alex went to grab his school stuff off the kitchen table before he and Justin went upstairs to get dressed ready for the trip to the pool. On the way past Justin knocked on Alan and Rick’s door before letting them know what the time was. “I take it you want me to wear the Speedos?” Justin asked as he noticed for the first time the swimming costumes Alex had brought over. “I don’t think I’m ready for being so exposed in public.” “That’s ok Baby.” “Do we put the swimming costumes on under our jeans or wait till we get to the pool?” “I think it won’t hurt to put them on here.” Alex grabbed the swimming trunks and started to put them on as he watched Justin putting the Speedos on. After grabbing a kiss the boys put the rest of their clothes on before getting their towels and underwear ready to take with them. With everything ready they went back downstairs to wait for Alan and Rick. When they walked into the living room, Rick was sat there waiting. “You guys ready to go?” “Yeah, oh wait, I just remembered, mom is taking us shopping after we’ve been swimming, do you want us to take all our stuff now or leave it and grab it later?” “Later’s fine, that way there’s plenty of room in the cars for whatever.” “Ok,” said Justin. “Let’s get going then; Alan’s already got the car ready.” The trip to the swimming pool didn’t take long. When they went into reception to pay for their session and get their lockers, there was no sign of how many people were already there. They got their locker keys and went to the changing rooms where there was still no indication of how busy the session was going to be. Alex was starting to get nervous now that he was almost in the water. Justin could sense it and gave Alex’s hand a quick squeeze to calm him. Rick and Alan had done the same as Alex and Justin and put their swimming trunks on before they left the house. With all their clothes in the lockers and their towels and shower gel on top, they headed to the pool. “Ok, how do you want to do this Alex? Do you want us all to stay together to begin with?” asked Alan. “I um… I think I’d prefer it if you were close for now, if that’s ok?” “Of course it is,” replied Rick. “We are here for you.” The four of them went through the shower area to get to the opening that led to the pool. They were all surprised when they walked through and saw there was no one else in the pool yet. They walked down to the shallow end and got in, with Alex getting in last. “Being as we’re all alone at the moment, how about Alan and I do some lengths while Justin starts you off. We’ll check in with you every couple of laps and if you want us to hang about when it gets busy, let us know.” “That sounds ok,” replied Alex. Alan and Rick headed off with a bit of a splash. Justin started to talk Alex through the first steps of swimming. Not having much to do so early, the lifeguard was watching what Alex and Justin were doing and decided to try and help while it was quiet. “Um, excuse me, but it looks like you’re a beginner?” “This is his first time swimming if that’s what you mean,” replied Justin. “Do you want some of the floats we have here for beginners? It will only take me a second to get you some?” “That would be great thanks,” replied Justin. “Ok.” The lifeguard quickly returned with a couple of floats. “Here you go guys, I’m not sure if you’ll be interested but we have a number of beginner classes you could join?” “I’m not sure if I would be ok with crowds.” “To be honest, there’s not a lot of people turning up to them at the moment but if you’re worried about people making fun of you while you’re here, don’t be, the sessions are only open to the class so you won’t have people watching you while you learn.” “I’ll think about it, but thanks for getting the floats and for telling us about the classes. My name is Alex and this is Justin.” “I’m Dewi; and it’s no problem. It’s good to see people wanting to learn.” Dewi went back to his seat and left Justin and Alex alone. “He’s cute don’t you think?” asked Justin. “Yeah, how old do you think he is?” “I’m sure he’s sixteen or seventeen. I’ve seen him in some of the swimming competitions at school.” “So he goes to our school? I don’t think I’ve seen him around.” “No, he was swimming for one of the other schools that were competing; I’m not sure which one now though.” “Oh, ok.” “Enough talking, let’s see if these floats can help out.” Over the course of the session there were quite a few other people who turned up. A lot of them were old pensioners but a few youngsters turned up too. Despite the additions, Alex and Justin were able to continue in peace. About five minutes before the end of the two hours, Alex turned to Justin. “Come on let’s give these floats back to Dewi, I want to ask him about those learner classes, not that you’re not a good teacher, you are, it’s just, well what are the chances that every time we come to the pool, we’ll have the room for you to help me?” “If that’s what you want to do Baby, that’s ok with me. I know mom and dad won’t have a problem with it.” “Come on then.” “Um Dewi, do you have a minute?” asked Alex. “Sure guys, what can I do for you?” “Firstly, thanks again for the floats, they really helped.” “I’m glad of that.” “I also wanted to ask about the beginners’ classes?” “Well there are a few different ones available; I can give you all the details about them and other bits of info if you want.” “I do, but we don’t have much time right now, we gotta go and meet someone.” “No worries, you can call the centre up and they can fill you in on the details.” “Do you have any plans for later today?” asked Justin. “I don’t finish here for another hour but after that I don’t have any plans why?” “We’re off into town to do a few things and I thought maybe we could hang out for a bit and you could fill us in on the details, if you don’t mind that is?” “I wanted to check out a few things in town, so yeah sure. Where are we going to meet?” “What if we meet up in front of the castle say around half three, is that giving you enough time? Or would later be better?” “Would you mind if we made it four, I can grab a shower then before I meet you, otherwise I’ll have to rush to make it.” “We’ll see you at four then.” “Later guys.” Although Alex thought having Dewi explain about the classes was a good idea, he couldn’t understand why Justin would want to meet up with him in town, when they were supposed to be meeting Sarah and Jerry. Walking back to the changing room, Alex and Justin were quiet. When they reached the showers they saw that Rick and Alan were already there. “Come on you may as well use this shower gel rather than go to the locker to get a different one,” said Rick. Justin got into the shower and whipped off his Speedos with no hesitation. Alex wasn’t sure about getting completely naked. It wasn’t the idea of being naked in front of Alan or Rick it was all the strangers that were going to be getting out of the pool anytime now. “Alex, you can shower with the swimming costume on, it’s only to rinse the chlorine off your body anyway,” said Alan who noticed Alex’s hesitation. With that Alex got in and started the shower off. Not long after that all four were walking out to the car having dressed and handed in their locker keys. Yuri came in just as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was finishing. “Hi guys, I got some good news for the two of you, the doctor has been and looked at your charts and said you can both be discharged today. So we need to make arrangements for you to go home.” “That’s ok Yuri, Sarah is already coming over soon so we’ll just go with her.” “I’d like to say that’s ok Jerry, but from what I could see just now, Sarah isn’t able to sign Declan out of the hospital. It has to be his guardian, which is currently his social worker.” “Is it possible for me to ring Sarah? I can let her know and then she’ll be able to sort something out.” “Sure, I’ll go get the phone for you.” “Thanks.” “Jer?” “Yeah?” “Um, I don’t have any clothes to change into.” “What happened to the clothes you were brought in with?” “Because I was unconscious when they brought me in they had to cut them off me so they could examine me.” “No worries, I’ll tell Sarah she’ll need to bring something for you to wear.” “Thanks.” “Here’s the phone Jerry, make it quick though, we’re not supposed to let patients use this line.” “Thanks Yuri, I won’t be long.” Yuri left the boys again while they made the call. “Um Dec, I’m going to need you to help me out.” “I’d guessed that, where do I find the number?” “It’s in the drawer.” Declan found the number and quickly dialled it and then held the phone next to Jerry’s head. “Hello Sarah… yes the doctor said Dec and I can be released today… yes it’s good news, but we’ve got a couple of problems, you can’t sign Declan out for a start and Declan doesn’t have any clothes to change into… no they cut them off him like they did with me… ok, see you then… bye.” “So what did she say?” “Martha is going to be coming with her to sign you out and she said she’ll get some clothes for you so no need to worry there.” “Did she say what time she’s going to be picking us up?” “Yep, she’s going to be here for two.” “Ok, I’ll take the phone back to Yuri and then we can watch another film while we wait if you want?” “Sounds good to me, but I do need to use the toilet if that’s ok?” “Sure, we can go the same time.” The boys came back from the toilet and settled down to watch the third Harry Potter film. During the film Yuri came in with their lunch. “I’m going to ask Yuri if he can get me something that we can use to wash up with and then I’ll help you get dressed ready to go,” said Declan when he’d finished helping Jerry eat his lunch. When Sarah arrived with Martha at two, Jerry was dressed and ready to go, while Declan was still in his hospital gown. “Here are some clothes for you Declan. Don’t worry about them not fitting properly, we’ve arranged to get your things later,” said Sarah. “Thank you for all your help. I don’t know what else to say.” “Don’t worry about it now, while you get dressed, Martha and I will sign you two out so make sure that everything you need to take with us is packed up.” “I’d help out Dec but I’m kinda not much use right now,” Jerry said with a grin. “I’ll leave you two to get sorted then.” When Sarah left Declan pulled the clothes out of the bag Sarah had given him, grateful to see she’d included some underwear and socks. He took the hospital gown and started to get dressed. Seeing Declan naked again still brought strange feelings to Jerry that he struggled to identify. He did know that his cock reacted to the sight but he knew in his head that he didn’t fancy Declan so he didn’t understand why he got that reaction. The nurse who’d cut Declan’s clothes off him the night he was admitted had been able to just slip his trainers off him so he was able to put them on when he was dressed. He used the bag Sarah had brought the clothes in to put the DVD player in while he placed the DVDs in the bag Jerry’s clothes had been in. Before they left the room, Declan opened all the cupboards and drawers and checked under the beds to make sure he hadn’t missed anything. With everything checked and the bags in his hand, he and Jerry left the room and went to find Sarah and Martha. “You boys all ready to go?” asked Sarah as she saw them coming down the corridor. “Yep, all ready, but there’s something I want to do before we go if that’s ok?” “What’s that Jerry?” “I want to say thanks to Yuri, he’s been really great while we’ve been here and I didn’t want to go before we saw him.” “Did I hear my name being called?” “Yes, I wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few days.” “It’s no problem dude, it’s part of the job you know?” “No, there were other nurses here who checked in on me but you made me feel at ease and that made a lot of difference.” “And you helped me a lot more, thanks to you, I’m going to be living somewhere I don’t get used as a punch bag.” “I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with that.” “You did, if you hadn’t asked Jerry if I could watch the movies with him, he wouldn’t have asked Sarah to help and I wouldn’t be going to live with Rick and Alan.” “Well I’m glad it’s worked out well but like I said, I was only doing my job dudes.” “I know you probably think I’m too young but would you mind if we kept in touch?” asked Jerry. “I don’t see that being a problem dude. Hang on… there you go, that’s my email address and mobile number, send me an email or something sometime.” “Thanks Yuri, you’ve been great,” said Jerry. “I agree with him, thanks Yuri.” “It’s been a pleasure dudes; now I need to go and help someone so I’ll see you around ok?” “Bye Yuri,” Jerry and Declan said together. “Ok, so can we go now?” asked Martha. “Yep, all ready,” replied Jerry. “Let’s go then.” They all walked out to the car park and got in to the car before Sarah headed to town to meet Alan, Rick, Alex and Justin. Sarah parked up and they all got out before heading to the meeting point. When they got there, they were early so before the boys arrived Sarah decided to have a quick chat with Declan. “Declan, there are a few things we need to talk about.” “What’s wrong?” “Nothing’s wrong, it’s just I need to know a few things that’s all.” “Oh, what do you want to know?” “Well for a start there’s school. Martha has told me that you don’t go to Connor High, so tomorrow morning when I go to see the head about Alex and Jerry, I was hoping you’d be ok with me asking if I could enrol you at the same time?” “So I’d be going to the same school as Jerry? Sure that’s fine.” “What was the uniform situation at your last school? Did you have to wear shirts and trousers or did they let you wear whatever you wanted?” “Whatever we wanted.” “Ok so we’ll need to get you some shirts and trousers. I don’t want to embarrass you but what are the rest of your clothes like? The reason I ask is that we’d planned for you, Martha, Rick and Alan to go and get your things from Susan’s while I go shopping with Justin, Alex and Jerry, but I was thinking last night that maybe you’d need some clothes as well.” “I… um… are you sure you want to buy me stuff, I mean you’re already giving me somewhere to live.” “I know you don’t know me so I’ll explain something pretty quickly, I’m not poor and I don’t like the idea of buying for one while shunning another. Whether you move in with Rick and Alan or stay with us, you’re part of our family now and as such you’re going to be treated as an equal so don’t worry about the money. Besides, I’ll be getting money for being your foster parent.” “You’ll see for yourself later anyway so I guess there’s no point lying to you. The clothes I have at Susan’s aren’t brand new. She liked to get me stuff from the cheapest place possible.” “I’m not a fan of paying through the nose for things either.” “Please, I didn’t mean I wanted designer stuff that costs loads, it’s just when I told her I needed new clothes, the only place she’d go shopping would be the charity shops so she’d not have to spend much. She’d come back with some stuff that looked nearly new, but most times you could tell they’d been well worn and I just had to make do.” “I know what you mean now. So if Martha, Rick and Alan were to go around to Susan’s would they be able to easily tell what things were yours? Or would it be better if you were there with them?” “I had my own room there so my stuff is just in the bedroom.” “Ok, you can come shopping with us while Martha, Rick and Alan go pick up your things.” “Are you sure? I’m happy going with Martha.” “Come on Dec, it’ll be more fun if you come shopping with us,” said Jerry. “What if you go shopping with Sarah and the boys for an hour and then come with me to get your things? Does that sound better?” “Yeah, thanks Martha.” Just then Jerry spotted Justin, Alex, Rick and Alan. “Hey guys,” he said. “Hey kiddo,” replied Alex. “I see they let you both out, how does it feel? Glad to be from there?” asked Justin. “Yeah, while it was worth being there, ‘cause I met Dec, the place stinks, it smells of old people.” “Yeah we noticed, think what Alan has to deal with then, he works there,” said Justin. “What’s that you were saying about me working there?” “Jerry was talking about the hospital smelling like old people,” replied Alex. “Well you get used to it and eventually you don’t notice it. I’m glad to see they let the two of you out.” “There’s been a change to the plan Alan,” said Sarah. “What’s the change?” “Declan is going to do some shopping with us before going to get his things with you. So if you and Rick want to go do something for an hour or so I’ll give you a buzz when he’s ready to go?” “Sounds ok with me, Rick?” “Sure, I can think of something to do while we wait.” “I bet you can,” said Justin with a grin. Rick playfully clipped him around the head. “That’s for being cheeky, and for your information I wasn’t thinking what you were. I wanted to get some computer parts.” “Rick can I have a word with you a sec?” asked Sarah. “Sure.” The two of them moved away from the group for a moment. “Can you do me a favour?” “What do you need?” “When you mentioned the computer shop, I realised that Justin’s P.C. isn’t going to be enough for the boys to work on. I mean at the moment there’s going to be four boys at the house and only one P.C. What would you say is the best thing to do? I just thought that another computer and perhaps two laptops?” “Alan and I’ve already discussed getting Declan a laptop for when he moves in with us so how about we get the one and you and Simon get the computer and laptop?” “That sounds fine. You know all about that stuff so can you sort all three out and we’ll sort the bill out later?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” Sarah and Rick joined the group again. “Now that’s sorted lets go and get you all some clothes,” said Sarah. Rick and Alan went one way while the rest of the group went another. “How did the swimming go Alex?” asked Sarah. “It went well thanks.” “Talking about that mom, the lifeguard told us that there are some learner classes Alex could take at the pool and we arranged to meet him later to talk about them.” “You mean you arranged for us to meet up.” “Yes.” “What time are you meeting him?” “He’s meeting us by the castle at four.” “That’s fine; that gives us a good hour to get things. Let’s go to Primark then and see what we can get there.” “Being as you won’t need me for an hour or so, if it’s ok with you I’m going to run a few errands while you and the boys shop.” “Sorry Martha, I didn’t think about you when I changed the plan for this afternoon.” “It’s fine, I understand why you did.” “I’ll give you a ring when he’s ready then.” “Thanks. See you later.” While Martha headed off, Sarah and the boys headed to Primark. When they got there, as usual it was fairly busy. They went downstairs to the men’s section and started to look around. “Can you get me a couple of shirts and trousers for Declan for school, Justin? You know the ones he’s going to need.” “What size waist are you bud?” “Um I don’t know. What size are these?” “It’s no point trying to go by joggers; they don’t go by waist size as such. I’ll grab a couple of sizes and you can try them on to see which ones are best.” Justin headed off to get the shirts and trousers while Sarah and the rest started looking at the t-shirts. “Why don’t you boys pick out three or four t-shirts,” said Sarah. “Are you sure Sarah?” asked Declan. “Yes, now start looking while I help Jerry look.” The boys hadn’t been looking long when Justin returned with the shirts and trousers in a basket. After they had chosen the t-shirts they moved around to the jeans and without knowing their sizes, Jerry and Declan chose a couple of pairs of each style so they could judge the fit. Next they went to pick up underwear and socks before Alex, Jerry and Declan went to the changing rooms. “We only need to make sure you’re jeans fit you kiddo so I’ll help you try those on while Dec checks his clothes,” said Alex to Jerry. “When we’re home later Alex, can we talk about something?” “Sure kiddo, is something wrong?” “It’s not wrong I don’t think, but I do need to talk about it.” “No worries, I’m sure we can find some time later.” “Thanks.” Alex helped his brother out of his bottoms and chose the first pair of jeans Jerry had chosen. When he pulled them up Jerry’s legs and did the fly and button up, it turned out they were a little too large. He quickly helped Jerry out of them and went for the next pair. When both Jerry and Declan had tried on the clothes and found the sizes that fit best, they went back and handed them to Sarah so she could go and pay. With the bags of clothes all paid for they headed out of Primark. “I’m guessing you boys are going to need some trainers,” Sarah said as she caught a look of Declan’s and started walking in the direction of the sports shop. As they walked into the shop, they were confronted with shelves and shelves of trainers and different styles of shoes. “Um Sarah?” “What is it Declan?” “Um… well you’ve already spent loads are you sure about the trainers?” “Yes Declan.” Justin pulled Declan to one side after hearing him ask about the trainers. “When it comes to shopping for shoes, mom has one rule.” “What’s that?” “I can have any pair I want, just so long as they don’t cost more than £30. So just look at the different styles but keep the price in mind.” Sarah helped Jerry try the different types of trainers to find a pair he liked in a size that gave a little room for growing, while the other boys did the same. When the boys had all found a pair of trainers they were happy with Sarah paid for them all. As they were leaving the shop she got her mobile out and called Martha and then Rick to let them know Declan had finished shopping. It wasn’t long before Martha arrived and a few minutes later Rick and Alan turned up. “Ok then Declan, you ready to go and get your things?” asked Martha. “Yeah.” “I suggest that as I know where Susan lives, you ride with Rick and Alan so you can point them in the right direction.” “Sounds like a good idea,” said Alan. “Do you want us to give you a call before we leave with Declan’s things?” asked Rick. “No need.” “Ok, see you soon,” said Martha. When they were leaving Justin, Alex, Jerry and Sarah were left with all the shopping. “Justin, can you and Alex help me carry the bags to the car and then the two of you can head off to meet your friend.” “Sure mom no problem, is it alright if we have some money? I left my wallet at Rick’s.” “Of course you can.” After carrying the bags to the car and receiving the money from Sarah, Alex and Justin headed back to the castle to meet up with Dewi while Sarah and Jerry got in the car and drove home. “Perhaps now we have a few minutes alone, you can tell me why you wanted to meet up with Dewi rather than call the centre for the information?” asked Alex. “You’re self-conscious about your scars and while today you didn’t get too crowded and you had Rick, Alan and I around you, during those classes we won’t be so I thought that if Dewi was going to be around, that knowing him would make things easier for you. Does that make sense?” “I guess.” “I’m not saying you tell him about the scars or the reasons for them today. It may turn out that neither of us can stand him away from the pool, but something tells me he’s a decent guy and worth getting to know.” “I guess.” “What’s wrong baby?” “I don’t know… I guess it’s just that I’m so used to keeping a low profile so I don’t get picked on that I’m not used to mixing with others.” “Hey,” Justin stopped and turned to Alex and placed his hand on Alex’s arm. “I’m here with you, so don’t worry. No one is going to make you feel bad again while I’m with you.” “I’m just being silly.” “No, you’re just not used to making friends. Let’s go and spend some time with Dewi and see how things go.” “Ok.” When Alex and Justin got to the castle, Dewi was there waiting for them. “Hey guys.” “Hey,” said Alex and Justin. “So where do you want to go?” “How about Starbuck’s down St Mary’s street, we can talk in there while we have something to drink?” asked Justin. “Sounds good to me,” replied Dewi. The boys went to the coffee shop with Dewi in front. He placed his order while Alex was awestruck by the different choices they had there. The good thing for Alex was that as he didn’t drink coffee his choices were limited. “What are you going to have?” asked Justin. “Well I guess the hot chocolate sounds ok. I don’t know what half of these drinks are; never mind what they’re supposed to taste like.” “I didn’t think of that, sorry. You’ll be ok with the chocolate, go on I’ll get them, you go and get a table for us all.” “Ok.” Alex chose a table in the window and was soon joined by Dewi and Justin. “I’ve brought you a couple of brochures that tell you all about the times and prices for those beginner classes.” “Thanks. So what can you tell me about them that isn’t in the brochures?” asked Alex. “Well, there are a couple of different people who take the classes.” “Would you be one of them?” asked Justin. “I do take a few, but I tend to work mostly with the younger ages. Some of the oldies who come to learn don’t like learning from someone still in school.” “You must be a really good swimmer to be teaching classes,” said Alex. “I’m a decent swimmer.” “Oh come on, I’ve seen you swimming in the school competitions,” said Justin. “Don’t get me wrong, I can swim well enough to win a few competitions amongst the schools, but when I’ve gone into the national ones, I don’t do quite so well. I guess you could say I’m a big fish in a small pond when it comes to the school competitions but when I go up a level I’m more like a little fish in a big pond.” “So does your school have a really good swimming programme or something?” asked Alex. “I don’t think it’s great. The last school I was in, up in England was a lot better. But I’m not looking to make swimming my career so I guess in the long run it doesn’t really make a lot of difference.” “When did you move down here from England?” asked Justin. “We moved down in 2008 during the summer holidays and then I started year nine in St Joseph’s Academy.” “So that makes you what, seventeen?” asked Justin. “Nope I don’t turn seventeen until October.” “So you’re taking your GCSEs this summer then?” asked Alex. “Yeah.” “Me too; how is your revision going like?” “Not too bad.” “Do you go on study leave soon? I start mine in a fortnight.” “I think it’s the same as you. From what I remember from before Easter, they told us that we’ll be given an appointment for each subject each week in case we need to discuss something but we don’t have to turn up for it if we’re ok.” “I don’t know if our school will do that.” “Yes they do, or they did last year for me,” replied Justin. “So you’ve done you GCSEs then?” “Yep, so other than swimming, what else do you like to do?” “I like movies, music and football.” “Which team?” asked Justin. “I’m a Man Utd fan, what about you two?” “Liverpool,” replied Justin. “Leeds,” said Alex. “Leeds? How can you support them, they’re not even in the top division.” “They’re just going through a bad spell. We’ll get back up there one day.” “You’d get on well with my father; he’s a Man U fan.” “Can I ask something?” asked Dewi. “What do you want to know?” replied Justin. “I was wondering what was so special about today that made you decide you wanted to try swimming?” “It wasn’t that today was special. I recently moved in with Justin and his family and before that I had no chance to learn how to swim, so when Justin suggested we go to the pool today I thought why not.” “You can tell me to mind my own business if you like, but what led to moving in with Justin?” “It’s a bit of a long story and if it’s ok with you I’d rather not go into it here.” “Of course it’s ok. You hardly know me and it’s pretty public, I understand.” “So can I ask, did you two know each other before you moved in?” “We both go to Conner High, but as Alex and I are in different years there weren’t many times we would have had the chance to mix in school.” “And there was definitely no chance outside of school,” added Alex. “I thought you two may have been brothers or something. I know you don’t look alike but the way you interacted at the pool I thought it was possible.” “Nope, technically I’m an only child.” “Technically?” “Well my parents’ only had me but now we have Alex and his brother living with us and I think of them as brothers, so I guess you weren’t that wrong.” “As far as I know, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t living with their parents.” “Well it’s not something a lot of kids would advertise,” said Alex. “True, sorry I didn’t mean to sound insensitive.” “You weren’t.” “I was wondering about something?” asked Dewi. “What’s that?” asked Justin. “Well it’s more for Alex really.” “Go on.” “It’s to do with the GCSEs. Before we broke up for the Easter holidays, one of the teachers suggested we revise with someone, she said it helps reinforce the information working together rather than trying to remember it all by repetition. I was wondering if you’d be interested?” “I would be, but can I ask why you’re asking me?” “Well for one, I get the feeling the three of us could be good friends. Another reason is that while I’ve been at St Joseph’s now for three years I still get treated like an outsider by most of my year so and those who don’t treat me like an outsider are not in my year.” “There is a possible problem with your invitation,” said Alex. “What’s that?” “Well it is possible that we are not in the same types of classes.” “You mean sets or subjects?” “It’s possible both.” “How about this, I come to you or you come to me after school tomorrow and we can compare subjects and see from there if it’s worth us working together?” “Sounds ok, which would be best for you, meeting at yours or Justin’s?” “I think meeting at yours would be better, that way we can all hang out for a bit afterwards.” “That sounds good, what shops did you want or need to go to?” asked Justin. “I need to get some toiletries and I wanted to check in the book store.” “We’d best drink up if you want to catch some of the shops, most of them close soon.” “Oh, I didn’t realise the time.” All three finished off their drinks and got up to leave. “So I’ll see you both tomorrow?” “We don’t have to rush home, so if you want, we can come with you?” asked Justin. “Sounds good.” All three got up and headed out. They carried on talking while Dewi shopped for deodorant and shower gel. When they entered the book store the subject moved onto the books they had read or planned to read and while Alex and Dewi had a few in common, mostly the ones they had to read as part of their studies, it was Dewi and Justin who talked the most. Just as Dewi was paying for the book he’d chosen, Justin’s phone rang. “Hi dad… yeah… ok we’ll meet you by the castle…see you soon.” “I take it your dad’s gonna pick you up?” “Yeah, do you need a lift home?” “No it’s fine, I can walk home.” “Don’t be silly, dad won’t mind.” “Are you sure? I’m ok walking.” “Honestly, it will be fine.” “Ok then.” The three boys started walking to the castle to meet Simon. “Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions Dewi?” asked Justin. “What do you want to know?” “Well for a start, do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Yeah, I have a sister she’s six years younger than me, so at the moment she’s still in Primary school.” “What was the reason you moved down to Cardiff?” “My mother was from Cardiff, she moved to Manchester when she went to Uni, met dad and they stayed there when they graduated. A few years ago her mother fell ill and she wanted to be closer to them so we moved down.” “If you lived in Manchester did you go to Old Trafford much?” “Dad took me a few times each season, since we moved here though we don’t go so often as it’s so expensive to travel back and fore.” “We are going to see the Man U, Chelsea game this weekend.” “But you’re not Man U or Chelsea fans so why would you want to see that game?” “Over the years I’ve been to a few different games but Alex hasn’t so I thought that going to see two of the top teams in the league face each other would be a good first game.” “I would have loved to have had the chance to see that game but dad couldn’t get tickets, but at least the game will be on the telly.” “What was the last game you were able to see?” asked Alex. “The last game I saw was when Man U went to Upton Park and beat West Ham but the last game I saw at Old Trafford was the Manchester derby in February.” “Wow,” said Alex. “Who is your favourite player?” “I like watching Rooney play, on the right day, like in the game against West Ham he’s great but I think Chicharito is one to keep an eye on.” “I know I’m a Liverpool fan but even I can admit that Rooney is good, but I think Alex Ferguson did well buying Chicharito I think he’s a great little player.” “Do you think Man U can take the title this year then?” asked Alex. “I think it all depends on what happens in the game on the weekend, if Utd win then I think it’s in the bag.” “I think so too, but I hope they don’t,” replied Justin. “You said earlier that you get treated like an outsider at your school, how come? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to, I was just curious,” Alex asked. “I guess part of it was because of something I said in class not long after I’d arrived at the school. You know the school is a heavily religious one? Well there was a comment made one day about gay men burning in hell because they were an abomination in the eyes of God and I told them they were wrong. I was brought up around gay people so I’ve always seen it as normal.” “But that was three years ago, surely they don’t still use that?” asked Justin. “No they don’t but I keep arguing with them over it.” “You said you were brought up around gay people, were they friends of yours?” asked Alex. “No, remember I was only thirteen when we moved down here. They were all friends of my parents.” “Oh look, there’s dad. Come on.” “Hey boys.” “Hi dad, is it ok to give Dewi a lift home?” “Sure, where do you live Dewi?” “Over in Roath.” “No problem, just tell me where to go.” They all got in the car and Simon drove through town to Roath. “Thanks for the lift, just one thing; I’m going to need your address if I’m going to come over tomorrow.” Justin gave Dewi his address and his mobile number. “See you tomorrow,” said Dewi. “See you tomorrow,” replied Alex and Justin. After Dewi closed the door Simon headed home. After a few minutes he was pulling into the drive and switching the engine off. The three of them got out and went into the house. “Hey guys,” said Jerry. “Hey kiddo,” said Alex. “Has Dec brought his stuff over yet?” asked Justin. “No not yet.” “You must be Jerry, nice to meet you, if you haven’t guessed already, I’m Simon.” “Nice to meet you; and thank you for taking me in. I’d shake your hand but mine are kind of tied up at the moment.” “You didn’t tell me he was a comedian Alex,” Simon said laughing. “He’s not very good that’s why I didn’t mention it.” Simon went out to the kitchen while the boys went into the living room. “Do you need a hand putting your things away?” asked Alex. “No, I was going to leave it till Dec came and then we can work out where things can go.” “Have you seen your room yet?” asked Justin. “No, since we came home, Sarah has been in the kitchen working on getting dinner ready. She said she’s going to do a big dinner for everyone.” “That should be fun, we haven’t had a big dinner party in like forever,” said Justin. “Will there be enough room for everyone?” asked Jerry. “Yeah, there’s a big table in the dining room, it’s only used when there’s a lot of us or for special occasions. Come on, you can watch me beat your brother at tennis while we wait for Dec to get here.” “What, you have a tennis court?” “No, he means on the game console.” “Oh.” The three boys went upstairs to Justin’s room. On the way up, Justin opened the door to Jerry’s room for him to have a quick look. “Oops, I think mom may have forgotten about this.” “What?” asked Jerry trying to look around Justin. “The bed, there’s only the one in here.” “That’s alright, I’ll share with Jerry and Dec can sleep in mine.” “No need, I’m sure Dec won’t mind sharing with me, he did last night.” “Why was he sharing your bed last night?” asked Alex. “I had a nightmare and was thrashing about. He got in to calm me down so I didn’t hurt myself.” “Why don’t we leave the sleeping arrangements until Dec gets here and then we can ask him what he wants to do,” said Justin. “And why would you want to share my bed when you could be sharing Justin’s?” “Who said Justin and I share a bed?” “Don’t you?” “We have done yes,” replied Justin. “We just weren’t sure about flaunting it in front of you and Dec; especially as we haven’t even told Dec we’re a couple yet.” “Oh. Let’s go and see how good this game is then,” said Jerry. The boys carried on up to Justin’s room. Justin put the telly and console on while Alex and Jerry sat on the end of the bed. After a few games, they heard the door go so they stopped and went down to see if it was Declan, Rick and Alan. When they got downstairs they found that Declan had arrived. “Alex, Justin, can you help Declan carry his things up to the room please?” asked Sarah. “Sure mom.” Alex was surprised to see how many bags Dec had. They grabbed a couple of bags each and headed up to the bedroom. “A little warning,” said Justin. “What’s that?” asked Declan. “We appear to have a problem with the bed.” “What sort of problem?” “I think mom forgot that there was a double bed in your room.” “That’s ok, I don’t mind sharing the bed with Jerry.” “You can always have my bed Dec and I’ll share with Jerry.” “It’s ok Alex, I honestly don’t mind.” “I told you both,” said Jerry. “Ok, let’s get the stuff in your room, you can sort out where everything is going to go later,” said Justin. Justin popped into the kitchen when they went down to grab a second load of bags to ask how long dinner was going to be. When they finished carrying all of Declan’s bags up to his and Jerry’s room they went back down ready for dinner. “Mom, Jerry and Dec are ok with it for the moment, but you do realise there’s a double bed in their room?” “Yes Justin, I’m not senile, I was going to see what the boys wanted to do for beds before going out and buying them. For example would Jerry and Dec be happy with the double bed or would they prefer single beds. If they wanted the single beds, there are a couple of options there too, for example there’s the divan style or bunk beds.” “Oh, sorry.” “It’s fine.” “Do you boys have a preference at the moment?” “I don’t know about Jerry, but if I’m only going to be here for a few weeks before I move in with Rick and Alan, then I don’t see the point in you spending money on changing the bed.” “Are you sure Declan? I don’t want you doing something you’re not happy with just because you think you’re saving me money.” “No, I’m ok sharing Jerry’s bed with him, so long as he’s ok with me sharing.” “It’s fine with me.” “Well we’ll have to see about getting you boys a few things for the bedroom but there will be conditions attached to those things.” “What do you mean?” asked Jerry. “We have let Justin have things like a television and games consoles in his room for a while now, but he gets to keep them so long as his school work is completed and to a certain standard.” “Oh, I understand.” “When you say certain standard what do you mean?” asked Declan. “At the moment, I don’t know what sort of marks you have both been getting, but we expect you to do your best at all times in school, does that sound fair?” “I guess.” “That’s a discussion for another time though. Dinner’s going to be five more minutes, Alex and Justin can you set the table please.” “How many are eating?” asked Alex. “There will be nine, the six of us, Alan, Rick and Martha.” Declan helped Alex and Justin with the table and everyone was soon sat around eating. There was all sorts of conversation taking place while they ate. Alex and Declan helped Jerry to eat and drink. After dinner the adults went into the living room to talk, while the boys cleaned up. Declan offered to wash, Alex dried and Justin put all the dishes away. When they were finished the boys went up to Jerry and Declan’s bedroom. “Why don’t we all muck in and we’ll soon get this room sorted out?” asked Justin. “You two don’t have to help, I’m ok doing it,” said Declan. “Dec, Jerry can’t help you so let us,” said Alex. “If you’re sure.” “We also wanted to talk to you about something Dec,” said Justin. “What’s that?” “Remember yesterday, I said you knew more gay people than you realised?” “Yeah, then Alan and Rick told me they were a couple.” “What we didn’t tell you at the time is that Alex and I are a couple too.” “Really?” “Yep.” “Cool.” “It doesn’t bother you?” asked Alex. “I told you yesterday it doesn’t, but why did you feel you had to tell me?” “Well for a start I thought it was only fair that you know considering Jerry already does. Whether your stay here is short or more permanent, we felt it would only be a question of when you’d find out and not if, so we thought we’d be honest from the beginning,” “Cool.” “We just ask one thing though, when it comes to school, you don’t mention it please?” “No worries there. Apart from you three I doubt I’ll know anyone there anyway.” “I’m sure that will change. Now let’s get cracking on sorting this lot out. The sooner we do the sooner we can go and play a few games in my room.” They quickly sorted out drawers and hanging space for the clothes and other possessions. When that was done, they all headed up to Justin’s room and played on a few games. “Can we put a film or something on; it’s not fair that Jerry can’t play as well.” “I’m ok Alex, don’t worry.” “No he’s right bud, it’s not fair on you. Why don’t you and Dec have a look through the DVDs on the shelves while Alex and I go and get everyone a drink?” “Ok,” said Declan. When Alex and Justin returned Declan and Jerry had decided on Wanted. Justin put it on and they all settled down to watch. As the film was finishing, Simon stuck his head in. “Hey guys, time to turn in, remember there’s school tomorrow.” “The film’s nearly finished dad.” “Ok, not much longer then,” “Thanks dad.” “Thanks Simon,” said Jerry, Alex and Declan. Jerry and Declan went down to their room when the film finished. “I know you wanted to help your brother but I’m glad Dec was happy sleeping with him.” “Why?” “I would have missed sleeping with my baby if you had slept with Jerry.” “Oh, and who said I was sleeping with you tonight anyway?” Justin looked crestfallen at Alex’s question. “You mean you weren’t planning to?” “I hadn’t made my mind up earlier. I wanted to make sure Jerry was safe, now Dec is in there with him, I can decide what I want, and I chose sleeping with you.” Justin’s face beamed at hearing this. “There’s my Sunshine.” “Do you want to shower tonight or in the morning?” asked Justin. “Let’s leave it till the morning. We can have a bit of fun with Junior before we go to sleep if you want.” “Silly question.”
  7. Chapter 45 “Hey bud,” said Justin. “Hey kiddo,” said Alex. “Hey guys,” said Jerry “You must be Declan? I’m Alex and this is Justin.” “Hi.” “And this is Rick and Alan,” said Alex. “Hi,” said Declan and Jerry, who were both really meeting them for the first time. “So guys, how’s your day been?” asked Alex. "We’ve had some fun watching those movies you brought over last night, there’s some really good action in them. Have you seen them Alex?” asked Jerry. “No, what about you Declan; had you seen any of them before?” “Yeah some, I like watching the ones with fast cars.” “Well we’ve brought a few more for you guys, not sure what you’ll make of these, they’re from Rick and Alan’s collection just like the ones we brought last night,” said Justin. “Is it ok if I take a look at them?” “Of course it is Dec, you’re going to be watching them with Jerry, here you go,” said Justin. Justin handed the bag of films to Declan while Alex started getting the stuff out of the other bag that Alan had bought in the supermarket earlier. “The things Alex is putting out now is for the two of you to share,” said Alan. “Thanks, but you didn’t have to get me anything, you don’t even know me,” said Declan. “That’s true but we believe that if you’ve got something you can share, then you should, especially in this situation. Do you mind if we ask what you’re here for? You don’t have to talk about it, it’s your business after all,” said Rick. “No it’s fine. Jerry already knows and it’s not really a state secret. I was living with this woman whose boyfriend liked his booze and thought I was a punch bag. Last night she wasn’t home and he just laid into me. Without her there to stop him, he went too far.” “That’s terrible, it sounds like he’s, well, both of them sound like they’re pretty awful,” said Alan. “Well, that’s how it goes with foster parents sometimes. There’s not a lot of choice out there for kids my age.” “I’ve heard that, it’s a shame that kids are not looked after better by the system,” said Alan. “Are we going to watch one of those films you got in your hands then Dec?” asked Jerry. “Oh, yeah, um… well they’re your films, what do you want to watch?” “Why don’t you choose? Apart from Jerry and Alex, we’ve seen them all,” said Justin. “What about…this one?” asked Declan as he held up the first Mission Impossible. “That’s fine, are you ok setting it up?” “Yeah, Jerry talked me through how to change the discs this morning.” “Before you start, Alex is it ok for you to help me go to the toilet?” asked Jerry. “Sure kiddo, do you need to go to the toilet or do you need me to get another bottle?” “No, I can walk to the toilet, if you can help me when I’m in there.” “Ok, let’s get you up then.” Alex moved the blankets off Jerry and helped him to stand, before following him to the toilet. While they were gone, Justin thought it was a good time to ask a few more questions. “Do you prefer Dec or Declan?” “Either works for me, most people shorten it to Dec because it’s easier.” “Ok, do you like sports?” “A few, I’ve been doing football at school, but I prefer rugby.” “Jerry plays rugby, did he tell you? Well until he broke his arms that is.” “Yeah, we’ve talked about a lot of things today; such as how he’s going to be living with you and Alex when they let him out of here.” “What about you, do you know what’s going to be happening when they release you?” “Not yet, Martha, the lady from Social Services, came by this afternoon and asked me a bunch of things. She said she has a foster family in mind for me but there’s something different about it and she’s not sure if it will work out yet so she didn’t tell me anything more about it.” “And how do you feel about that?” “Well I can’t say I won’t be sorry to leave my current foster home, but I am a little nervous about what Martha might be planning.” “Who knows, it may be the best thing to happen to you.” “I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. I’ve known a lot of older foster kids and they all say that once you reach a certain age it’s just a waiting game.” “Why a waiting game?” “Basically you’re just waiting until you reach legal age to live on your own.” “What if you’re really good at school? Isn’t there a chance of staying to do A-Levels or going to Uni?” “I wouldn’t think so, most of the foster kids who are moved around a lot are not always in a place long enough to settle in or make a go of things in school.” “That sucks, so how often have you moved around?” “I’ve had four foster families so far. I was moved on to a new family for different reasons each time. The first one was because of a death, the second because of old age and ill health, the third family had to sell their house and didn’t have the room to keep me on and the fourth one led to me being in here.” “That’s terrible, what happens with school and stuff when they move you on?” “If you’re lucky you’ll get a new foster home in the same school catchment area so you don’t need to change, if not it’s a new school to go with your new family.” “How are you expected to get on well in school if they keep moving you?” “It’s not a perfect system and there’s no real wonder solution. You have to go where the places are and if that means new schools each time, then that’s what happens.” “So what’s it been like spending the day with Jerry?” “It’s been great, he’s saved me from a day of complete and utter boredom. Well I guess you have as well.” “How’s that?” “If it hadn’t been for you bringing the movies in for Jerry to watch, I’d have been stuck watching nothing but daytime telly.” “Couldn’t you have read a book or something?” “You’d have to have a book to read to begin with and I’m not a massive fan of reading. If I was at home right now, I’d have spent the day out in the park playing kick about with a few boys. If no one was about I’d probably have gone looking in another park rather than spend the day inside.” “So you’re more of a sporty person then?” “Yeah, not a fan of being indoors too much.” “Well with the family you’ve been living with, I’m not surprised.” “What about you, you do much sport?” “I like football and I train with the school team, but because I’m in sixth form I’m not able to play in the games.” “What about Alex, is he on the team as well?” “He has been going on runs with me lately, but I don’t think he’d join a team in school. He likes watching football same as me though.” “Do you both support the same team?” “I’m a Liverpool fan, Alex supports Leeds and Rick and Alan are both Arsenal fans.” “Really? Have you guys been to the Emirates stadium yet?” “Yes, we’ve taken Justin a few times as well,” said Alan. “Wow, what’s it like, is it as good as it looks on telly?” “Yeah, so you’re an Arsenal fan as well then?” asked Justin. “I prefer rugby but watching Arsenal is always good. They play passing football which is great to watch.” “Did you know they were playing this afternoon?” asked Rick. “I knew they were playing this weekend, but I’d forgotten about it, what with spending the day with Jerry watching the films. How’d they do, did Man U beat us?” “Nope, Ramsey scored in the fifty fifth minute and that was the only goal in the game.” “Oh wow, that’s awesome.” “What makes it better is that I can wind my dad up about it now, he’s a Man U fan. Um going back to something you said earlier, you said you’ve had a few foster homes, what about, well I’d guess you could call them foster brothers and sisters?” enquired Justin. “Yeah, there’s been a few over the years.” “I guess there’s been all different types?” “Yeah, black, white, older, younger.” “What was it like, did they all spend time with you, or were you left alone a lot?” “Some were great; others were more concerned with themselves.” “Did you always have your own room or did you have to share on times?” “Yeah, I shared a room a few times. It’s alright if you get on with the guy you share with but if you don’t like each other it’s hard work.” “I bet. Alex has only lived at my house for a few weeks now and I don’t have a problem with him being in my room. I wouldn’t have a problem sharing my room with him either, but I can think of one or two guys from school who I’d hate to have to share a room with for any length of time.” “When you’re in the foster system you don’t get a choice. I mean you can make it clear to someone that it’s not going to work and you want something done about it but that can sometimes fall on deaf ears. There was a story I got told from one of the older foster brothers I got on well with. He’d heard it from someone who’d got it from someone else, so I don’t know how believable it is. He told me that there was one guy who’d found out the boy he was sharing with was gay, he went and told the foster parents to get him out of his room and he wanted him out of the house. They told him there was nothing they could do, so he beat up the kid pretty bad. Social Services took the gay kid from there to protect him.” “Wow, so have you ever had a foster brother who was gay?” “Not that I know of, I mean most kids in the system tend to keep a lot to themselves and I’d imagine most would hide that secret as much as they could.” “What would you have done if you’d found out one of them was?” “Nothing, it wouldn’t bother me one bit.” “So it wouldn’t bother you sharing a room with a gay guy?” “Why should it?” “It shouldn’t, it’s just refreshing to hear someone your age with that attitude,” said Alan. “Alan’s right, it shouldn’t matter. It’s just a few of the guys I play footie with in school don’t think like you. They’d make the kid’s life hell if they knew he was gay. I don’t understand them because for me, does it matter who finds you attractive? Shouldn’t you just take it as a compliment and leave it at that?” asked Justin. “It is a compliment I guess, but I can see how it may upset some of the straight guys who wouldn’t want it known that another guy thinks he’s hot. Being in the foster system all my school life, I’ve had my fair share of comments so I know how cruel kids can be so I don’t want to make a kid’s life worse just because of something he has no control over. You don’t choose who you fancy.” “I agree but some kids can be really horrible.” It wasn’t that far to the toilet but someone else was using it when Alex and Jerry got there so while they were waiting Alex thought he’d start trying to work out what Jerry thought of Declan. “How’s things been with you today?” “They’ve been really good. Well apart from the doc not letting me out of here.” “So how did you meet Declan?” “When Yuri came in to help me with my breakfast he asked if it would be ok for a boy to come and watch the films with me rather than force him to watch daytime telly.” “And what’s he like?” “Well, I was a little nervous to start with. Not being able to do things for myself, I was a little concerned about what this kid would be like. A few seconds after seeing him though I wasn’t that worried. He looked so bad, I felt sorry for him.” “Hate to break it to you kiddo, but you’re no oil painting yourself right now.” “Ha ha, so anyways, we got chatting while we were watching the films, he told me stuff about how things had been for him. I told him stuff about dad and mom. I told him you weren’t living at home and that I’d be living with you when the doc lets me out of here.” “What did you tell him about why I wasn’t with mom and dad?” “I didn’t, I told him that’s your story to tell.” “And he just accepted that?” “Yeah,” “So what else have you done today?” “Well, Dec helped me to eat my food and drink.” “What was wrong with Yuri, was he too busy?” “No, Dec offered so Yuri could go and help some old codger.” “And what’s he like?” “He’s great Alex, it’s like having Cal here with me. We have things in common but because dad stopped us doing a lot of things, there are things we don’t have in common too.” “I see you’ve had a bath or shower.” “Yeah, Dec helped me have a shower this afternoon just after Sarah left.” “Couldn’t Yuri have helped you?” “I asked Dec to check with Yuri if I’d be able to have a bath or shower and he told Dec that there wouldn’t be a problem, but I’d need to make sure the plaster didn’t get wet. He also said that he would gladly have helped me clean up but he was too busy this afternoon. He said the nurse on tonight would have more time to help me but I’d already told Dec how weird I felt when the nurse from last night helped me go to the toilet so he offered to help me shower.” “That’s a bit strange isn’t it, considering you’ve only known him a few hours.” “I thought so too, but he said he wanted to do something for me because I’d done so much for him. He said that I’d saved him from hours of boredom by letting him watch the films and I’d also shared the treats and pop you and Justin left last night.” “I can understand that a bit I guess, but washing another boy?” “He’s done it before; he used to live with one family who fostered a handicapped boy. He used to help bath him, so for Dec, it wasn’t really much different.” “What about you, it must have been weird?” “Yeah, I’m used to being naked around guys, I’ve done it loads of times in the changing rooms in school, but having a guy move his hands all over you is something I’ve not had before. I got really embarrassed when I started sprouting wood. Dec didn’t see anything wrong with it and we talked about it after we finished in the shower. He told me about puberty and what I can expect to happen in the next few years and he also told me about sex.” “Wow, I didn’t find out about that stuff until I moved in with Justin.” “Really? You weren’t just not talking to me about it because of, you know?” “No, I didn’t know anything. Dad stopped me from going to the sex ed classes just like he did with you and because I didn’t have any friends in school I had no one to talk to about it all.” Just then the door to the toilet opened and the person left, allowing Alex and Jerry to go in. Alex closed and locked the door behind him. “So how do you want to do this?” “Are you ok with holding my cock while I stand? Or I could sit down and go?” “Well it’s up to you, I don’t mind either way.” “If you don’t mind, I’d rather stand to go; sitting down to pee is so girly.” “I know what you mean. Ok then, you get in front of the toilet and I’ll get behind you.” So Jerry did as Alex said. When Alex was behind him, he lifted the gown before taking hold of Jerry’s cock, pulling the foreskin back. As Jerry relaxed his bladder the urine began to flow and Alex directed it into the bowl of the toilet. “I need to talk to you about something important before we go back to the room.” “What is it?” “First off, I think I can safely say you think Dec is a good guy?” “Yeah.” “Ok, do you have any idea what Dec feels about gay guys?” “Why? Martha was asking the same sort of things earlier.” “Well, after Sarah left you this afternoon, she went to check a few things with Martha. She got the answers she was looking for. When she got to Rick and Alan’s she told us of her idea of Dec sharing a room with you for a few weeks while Social Services approve Rick and Alan as foster parents for him.” “Wow, is that possible? Would Social Services let Dec share a room with me? Don’t they say you have to have a room of your own? And I’m finished here.” Alex gave Jerry’s cock a few shakes to get rid of any stray drops and pulled the foreskin back before lowering the gown and going to wash his hands. “Sarah ran the idea past Martha before she asked us what we thought, so I don’t think there’ll be a problem with him sharing your room as far as she’s concerned. Our only concerns were what you’d think about it and what problems if any, he’d have or could cause for us all.” “What problems could he cause for you or Justin?” “Say he does move in with us and shares your room, he’s bound to have to change schools and go to ours. What would happen do you think, if he let slip in school that he’s living with a couple of gay guys and one of them plays for the footie team? Or that one of them has a brother whose arms are in plaster?” “Oh, I see what you mean. I don’t think he would do that though.” “The only one to have spent any time with him is you so we didn’t know what to think.” “I guess.” Alex unlocked and opened the door and both boys left the toilet. “Come on, let’s get back to the room and then we can watch that film,” said Alex. “Sure.” “It’s great to hear someone of your age has their head screwed on the right way when it comes to the differences between people. How would you feel if Martha were to consider a gay couple as possible foster parents for you?” asked Alan. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a gay couple being able to foster.” Alex and Jerry came in, and with a little help from his brother; Jerry got up and settled on the bed. “Well, say there is a couple who were able to take you in, would that bother you?” “Up to now, I’ve not really had much say in where I’ve been placed, so being asked would be nice. Would I have a problem with living with a gay couple? I guess if Martha was considering that, she would have done all the checks she could to make sure they weren’t taking me in to molest me or something. If she asked me right now, I’d say I’d like to meet them before saying yes.” “Why would you want to meet them first?” asked Justin. “When I think of a gay man I imagine him being limp wristed and into classical music and theatre shows and know nothing about sport. I’d want to meet them to see how much of their lifestyle would impact on things I like doing. Say for example, would they let me watch the football on a Tuesday or Wednesday night or would they make me watch some soap opera or something like that. Would they stop me going to play rugby on a weekend so they could take me to some recital or something?” “So you think all gay men are camp queens who know nothing about sport?” asked Rick. “I don’t know because I can’t say I’ve actually met many, those are just some of the things I’ve heard about gay men.” “What would you say if I told you you’ve met more than you know about?” asked Justin. “I wouldn’t argue with you because unlike blonde hair, it’s not always obvious and sometimes when you think it may be it isn’t.” “Would it surprise you to know that Alan and I are a couple?” “Really?” asked Declan surprised. “Yes, really.” “Wow, you’re not pulling my leg are you?” “What reason would we have for lying to you?” asked Alan. “I don’t know. So you’re really a couple, you have sex with each other and stuff?” “Yes, we’re a couple, as for sex, well that’s something to discuss another day,” said Alan. “Sorry, me and my big mouth. Hang on, all those questions, are you two the couple you were implying Martha may home me with?” “We were asked if we’d consider it, yes,” replied Rick. “Is it possible that I could live with you guys then?” “So you like the idea of it then?” “Hell yeah, you both like Arsenal and you’ve got great taste in films.” “And what about these limp wrists and classical music you mentioned?” asked Rick sarcastically. “Ok, ok, I get the message. Don’t assume everyone is the way they’re painted. So will I be able to live with you guys straight away or will I have to go someplace else first?” “Please bear in mind that as of a few hours ago, Rick and I didn’t know it was possible for us to be foster parents. Sarah came over this afternoon and said she’d met you and Jerry had asked her to help. She came up with the idea of you living with us but as we didn’t know how you’d react to being around gay men we didn’t know if it would work out. You see as far as we knew, the idea could have repulsed you or it may have been ok with it; but until we’d spoken to you and found out what you thought, we couldn’t say how we felt.” “If the decision was left to Martha alone, I’m sure we would be able to move you in as soon as the hospital released you. But she, like most of us, has bosses to answer to and I don’t think she’d be able to justify her decision to them based on our circumstances at the moment,” said Rick. “So what does that mean for me? Do I go back to the drunk boyfriend until you guys get the all clear?” “No, Martha has already put the wheels in motion to take you out of that house. Sarah thinks it will take Social Services a few weeks to give us the all clear as you put it. We think we’ve come up with something that will keep Social Services happy and keep you safe and happy while we wait.” “Ok?” “It depends on two things really. The first is you and the second is Jerry. You see mom thought that as we’re only talking about a few weeks, perhaps you and Jerry would be ok with sharing a room at our house until you can move in with Rick and Alan,” said Justin. “Alex told me about it just now and I think it’s a great idea,” said Jerry. “Are you sure you want to share your new room Jer?” asked Declan. “I don’t see why not, we get on well. Like Justin said, it’s only going to be for a few weeks anyways so I’m ok with it.” “Listen guys, we know we’ve said it’s only going to be a few weeks but it could take a bit longer, it could be the middle of summer before it’s all sorted, if it gets the ok at all. So Jerry, would you be ok with sharing your room with Declan on a more long term basis if that’s what is called for?” asked Rick. “I can’t say what I might feel in six months’ time, but so far, Dec and I have found we have stuff in common and we get on well, I can’t see that changing so I’d say yes, I’ll be ok if things turn around and we have to share more long term.” “I couldn’t ask you to do that mate, isn’t there another option?” “Right now there is only that option available, Martha may have other options but we don’t know if she does. We promise that should things go badly with our application to foster you, and you and Jerry find that sharing a room isn’t working out, we can try and find alternatives for you,” replied Rick. “I just don’t want to spoil things for Jerry. He told me how bad his parents were and how much he’s looking forward to living with Alex and Justin.” “It’s alright Dec; honestly, I think it will be cool sharing my room. It’ll be like a long sleep over and my dad never let me have one of those either.” “Ok then, I’m going to go use the toilet and then I’ll give Sarah a call and tell her it’s all good to go and she’ll try and work it out with Martha. They may even have already worked it out between them,” said Alan. “Alright, enough of this jibber jabber, are we going to watch this film tonight or do we need to talk some more?” asked Jerry. “No, we’ve got everything sorted I think,” said Rick. “Cool, can I have some of the pop please Alex?” asked Jerry. “Sure kiddo, don’t forget Dec, it’s for you as well.” “Ok, thanks.” Alex got up and poured some of the pop into a beaker for Jerry while Dec got up to put the film on. With the DVD player being a small screen, everyone needed to squeeze around Jerry’s bed to watch it. It was quickly apparent to Rick that there just wasn’t enough room for him and Alan. “It looks like things are going to be a little too cramped in here so I’m going to go find Alan and we’ll both have a cuppa in the café while you boys watch the film.” “Ok, we’ll see you later,” replied Justin. With Rick and Alan gone, the boys got around the bed with Justin and Alex on one side and Declan on the other. “Hey, is something wrong?” asked Alan. “No, there’s just not much room in there for us and the four boys to try and watch the film on that little screen, so I told them we’d go to the café and leave the boys watch it on their own.” “Oh ok. That makes things a bit easier for me, I can call Sarah while you get us something to drink and then we can talk about what’s going to happen next.” “Sounds good.” Alan and Rick headed to the café and while Rick got the drinks Alan got his phone out and dialled Sarah’s number. “Hi Sarah… yes we’ve spoken with both of them… Declan is all for moving in with us, especially as we are both Arsenal fans like him… yes, we talked about the delays and how he’s not going to be moving in straight away… yes we brought up the option of sharing Jerry’s room for a few weeks, Declan was a little reserved about the idea, he didn’t want to make things awkward for Jerry moving in with you, but Jerry told him that was just silly, he thought the two of them sharing a room was a great idea… listen, about tomorrow, I’ve had a quick check of Declan’s charts and it looks like the doctor is going to let him out the same time as Jerry; so Martha’s going to need to put you down as temporary guardian for him and then both boys can be discharged at the same time… as far as I know there’s a session that starts at twelve and lasts for two hours, so we can be out and ready to meet you around half two… would Martha be able to meet us?... I was thinking that while you and the boys do that bit of shopping they mentioned, Rick, Martha, Declan and I could go to pick up all of Declan’s things and with two cars we should be able to get it all and then we can meet you back at your house… ok then, see you tomorrow… bye.” “Sounds like you got a few plans for tomorrow?” asked Rick who had come back with their drinks half way through Alan’s conversation with Sarah. “Sarah wants to take Jerry, Alex and Justin shopping tomorrow after the boys have been swimming. To me, that would be the best time for Declan to get his things from that woman’s house and I was thinking that perhaps if we take him to get his things, we would have know what he has and the things we are going to have to go and get for him.” “That’s a good idea; I know one thing we’ll have to look into.” “What’s that?” “We’re going to have to get him a laptop.” “Why, isn’t the one at home good enough?” “It’s not a case of whether it’s good enough, but if he’s going to be living with us and wanting to do school work on it, there is going to be times when more than one of us will to want to use it at the same time. Besides, I can probably build one cheaply enough for him to use.” “I’ll leave that all to you, you know me and computers.” “I do, but have you not thought of something else?” “What’s that?” “We’re going to be losing our spare room, which means no room for visitors.” “I had thought of that, I was actually thinking that maybe we could do like Sarah and Simon did, and convert the attic into a room for Declan.” “I think that may work, but what about Thom and Rory, they’re going to be down at the end of May?“ “We’re going to be taking Alex and Justin up to their place this weekend. I’m sure the guys have already started looking online but maybe we can persuade them to start coming down for the weekends to speed up the house hunting.” “That could work; I guess it all depends on what the guys have planned, perhaps they already have plans for the next few weekends.” “The only way to find out will be to talk to them about it all.” “True, so are you really sure you’re ok with having Declan live with us or are you just saying it to make me happy?” “I went along with you when we were looking into fostering before because I knew that was something you really wanted. Now I’m doing it because I think I’m ready for it.” “I love you, you know that?” “Well I had guessed, but I love you too.” The visitors’ bell rung. “I guess that’s our cue to leave. Guys, I know it’s still not certain if either of you will be released tomorrow. If one of you is kept in, they can keep hold of the DVDs and player and we’ll come over and visit them tomorrow night. If both of you are released, then we’ll see you tomorrow after we’ve been swimming,” said Justin as the film finished. “You’re going swimming Alex?” asked Jerry. “Yeah, Justin is going to try and teach me. We’ll see how it goes I guess.” “Well good luck, I love swimming, it’s great being in the water,” said Declan. “Thanks, I think I’ll need all the luck I can get.” “You’ll be fine. Ok guys, see you tomorrow, fingers crossed that both of you’ll be released.” “Yeah, fingers crossed, and we’ll see you both tomorrow either way,” said Alex. “Night,” said Declan. “See you guys,” said Jerry. Alex and Justin left the boys and went to find Alan and Rick. “I can’t believe how quickly Dec agreed to move in with Rick and Alan,” said Alex. “Why wouldn’t he, they all support Arsenal. Rick and Alan are not some old fuddy duddies.” “I know, but would you have gone for it at Dec’s age if you were given the choice?” “I don’t know, I guess if you think about the house Dec’s been living in, anything would seem better to him. One thing I don’t think Rick and Alan have thought about yet.” “Let me guess, you’re going to say their morning routine?” “How’d you know?” “Coz I was thinking the same thing. I don’t know if Dec would be ok with that, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that.” “Yeah. Do you think there could be a little bit of Dec that’s curious? Or would you say he’s completely straight? I didn’t get any vibes off him to suggest he was gay.” “Are you talking about your gaydar thing again? I wouldn’t know. Perhaps he doesn’t even know himself.” “True. There is something more important we need to talk about though.” “What’s that?” “How much we tell him about our relationship.” “I guess we tell him as much as we tell Jerry, especially as they’ll both be living in the same house as us. Besides, I’m sure he’ll work it out quickly enough if I’m spending my nights in your room rather than sleeping in my own bed.” “Are you sure you’re ok with that?” “It’s not a case of what I’m ok with anymore.” “Of course it is.” “I said that wrong. If I am to be an equal part in our relationship then I need to accept the fact that people are going to know about us in some circumstances and although we don’t know that much about Dec, I get the feeling we are going to be alright with him knowing.” “I understand and I agree with you about Dec, he seems like he’s got his head screwed on right.” “What is Dec going to do about school? Is he going to go to ours?” “I think it makes sense in trying to enrol Dec into the same school. I guess that means mom is going to have a busy time on Tuesday morning with the head, what with letting her know of the changes in circumstances with you and Jerry living with us and enrolling Dec and finding out what she can do with the head about the bullying.” “I don’t know if it’s a wise thing to bring that up with everything else.” “Nonsense, it’s the perfect time, mom knows how to deal with people like the head. By bringing it up on Tuesday, she’ll be letting her know that with four boys in different year groups, mom will have access to a lot of information on what goes on in the school.” “But you know and said yourself the head isn’t going to take any notice.” “True, but mom will have done the right thing first by going straight to the head. Then if the head refuses to acknowledge the problem, when mom sees the Governors the head won’t be able to say ‘I knew nothing about it’ because mom will already have told her.” “I can see how that will make a difference.” “Hey Rick, Alan.” “Hi boys” said Rick. “Ready to go?” asked Alan. “Yep,” said Alex. “What about treats and stuff? Will you boys want any while we watch the films?” asked Rick. “I don’t know about Alex, but for me, I’m alright at the moment.” “I’m ok too.” “Alright then, cinema here we come,” said Alan. The four headed to the car. “What did you think of that film?” asked Declan. “It was good, plenty of action and explosions.” “I know, so what do we watch next?” “Have you seen the Harry Potter films? I know people in school have talked about them but I’ve never seen them or read the books so I don’t know what they’re like.” “They’re good films, the books are better. How about we put the first one on next and then we can see what you think.” “Ok.” “I have to go to pee first though, so I’ll put it on when I come back.” “Alright.” “Talking of peeing, instead of having that creepy nurse helping you go tonight, I’ll do it if that would make you feel better?” “You sure you want to do that?” “Helping you pee isn’t a big thing. We’re going to be brothers anyway, so I’m only doing the same as Alex earlier.” “I hadn’t thought of it like that, thanks. I don’t need to go just yet though.” “That’s alright, just tell me when you do.” “I will.” “I’ll be back in a tick.” Declan took longer than either of the boys were expecting. “You’d think that with a ward this size they’d have more than one toilet for us to use.” “Is that why you were gone so long?” “Yeah, there was an old fogie in there who I thought had fell in and when he came out, boy did it stink in there. He could have died in there and not stunk so much I’m sure.” “I’m sure someone would have noticed if he had,” replied Jerry after he’d finished laughing. “I don’t know, you’d think so but the stink in that toilet is enough to hide any other smell in this place. So enough about that stink hole; how about we put the film on.” “Sounds good to me.” “Good.” “Um… can I ask you something else?” “Sure you can.” “Do you consider me your brother now? Or were you just saying that to make me feel better?” “The way I see it, you and me are not only going to be sharing a house, we’ll be sharing a bedroom for perhaps a couple of months. That, in my books, makes us like brothers, at least for the time we’ll be sharing.” “I guess it does.” “So, we going to watch the film? Or was there something else you want to talk about?” “Um… nope can’t think of anything.” “Ok then, I’ll start the film and then pour us a drink.” “Sounds good.” When it came to sitting in their seats to watch the film, Justin chose seats in the back row for him and Alex, while Rick and Alan sat closer to the front. “Why did you want to sit up here?” asked Alex. “I thought that as there’s hardly anyone here, the back row would let us play a little while we watch the film, if you want to that is.” “Oh so Junior wants to come out and play? Isn’t it risky trying to do something like that in public?” “We’re in the back row so no one is going to be looking over our shoulders to see what we’re doing and the nearest person is five rows in front. Besides, it’s going to be pretty dark when the lights go down.” “I don’t know, I still think it’s kinda risky.” “That’s fine; we don’t have to do anything if that’s what you want.” “We’ll see how it goes, no promises though.” “I know Baby.” Justin kissed Alex and just after his lips made contact, he realised where he was and pulled back. “Oh my god I’m so sorry, I didn’t think.” You’re worried about a quick peck on the lips after suggesting we fool around in here? Besides no one saw you and there’s no one here who knows us apart from Alan and Rick.” “I was thinking the fooling around part would be ok ‘cause the lights would be off and it would be dark in here, not like now where you can see everything. I just didn’t think Baby, sorry.” “It’s ok Sunshine.” “I can’t believe how stupid I was, I’m sorry Baby.” “Sunshine it’s fine, now stop apologising, look the trailers are about to start.” The lights started to go down and the screen started to come alive with adverts. Despite Alex telling Justin he was ok and to forget about the kiss, it wasn’t until Alex took hold of his hand just as the film started before he relaxed. Alex and Justin both enjoyed the opening scenes of Beastly. Watching Alex Pettyfer work out in just his boxers was pleasant on the eye, they were both disappointed that the scene was so short. Despite not being able to watch many films or read many books not approved by the Church, Alex was aware of the fairy tales and soon realised the film was based around the story of the Beauty and the Beast. The only thing the boys did during the film, other than watching it, was to hold hands. Alex wasn’t sure if he wanted to go further and Justin was too nervous after the kiss. When the film ended they had a few minutes wait in the foyer before Thor began, so Alan went to get them all a drink. “So what did you both think of the boy playing the main character?” asked Rick. “He was hot, and I’d have broken the curse for him if I’d had the chance.” “I agree with Justin, he was hot; especially when the film started and he was working out.” “Did you boys actually take in the film or were you just drooling over Alex Pettyfer all the way through?” “We watched the film, what do you think we’d do?” asked Justin. “Oh I don’t know, if Alan and I had been in the back row at your age I think we’d have got up to a thing or two.” “We were enjoying the film, besides, we can make out at home,” replied Justin blushing a little. “That’s true and with Alex Pettyfer on the screen I guess that’s enough to keep you watching.” “What are you guys talking about?” asked Alan as he came back with the drinks. “I was just teasing these two about making out in the back row rather than watching the film.” “But we didn’t, so there’s nothing to tease us about,” said Justin. “A little defensive aren’t you?” asked Rick. “Sorry, just a little tired I guess.” “You going to be ok for the next film?” asked Alan. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” When the four went into the room for Thor, they took seats in roughly the same places as they had for Beastly. Alex was surprised when it turned out that the four of them were the only ones there even as the film began. With there being no chance of some stranger seeing them, Justin felt more confident to attempt to fool around a little and started to move his hand closer to Alex’s crotch . It wasn’t long before Justin was unzipping Alex’s jeans and sliding his hand inside to play with Alex’s cock. Alex followed Justin’s lead and undid Justin’s jeans as well. Both cocks were brought out of the flies pretty quickly and were being stroked as the boys watched the film. Justin was the first to go down and start to suck Alex’s cock. Alex was a little surprised but was enjoying it too much to stop him. Alex had his turn sucking Junior. Justin was so turned on that he didn’t last long before shooting his load into Alex’s mouth. When Alex was sure Justin had finished, he moved up and started kissing Justin and sharing the load with him. After a few minutes of kissing, Justin moved back down to suck on Alex’s cock. It was only a few minutes before Alex was shooting his load into Justin’s waiting mouth. With both boys satiated for the time being, they put their cocks away, did their jeans up and settled down to watch the rest of the film. Justin placed his hand over Alex’s and rested his head on Alex’s shoulder. They kissed a bit more during the rest of the film and were ready for bed when the film ended. Rick and Alan noticed the boys were pretty quiet on the ride home and weren’t surprised they went straight to bed when they got in. I appreciate all of the emails I get from you. If you want
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    Chapter 4

    I am glad you are enjoying the story Joann414. There are many more chapters for you to read and I hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks for reading and taking the time to give feedback
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    Chapter 44

    Hi Edward Remember what it was like as a kid where you got to see films about dragons and magic. Granted there are some that are better than others and it is a movie with really speaking, 2 hotties in there with the boys playing the half brothers
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    Chapter 44

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  11. Chapter 44 “Hey dudes, I thought I’d pop in and see if you’re ok?” “Hey Yuri, yeah we’re fine; what time you getting off?” asked Jerry. “It was supposed to be one, but I was asked to work on for a bit longer.” “When does the doc come around to say I can go home?” “I think he’s already been through dude, I’ll go and check and see if he’s put anything in your notes or something.” “Thanks Yuri.” Yuri went out of the room and headed for the nurses’ station. “That sounds like you’re staying here tonight.” said Declan. “It did, didn’t it? Oh well, I guess I’d better ask Sarah if Justin can bring some more films later when they visit.” “You don’t sound too upset about staying here another night.” “Well you’re here; Alex and Justin will be here for a couple of hours later, the only dodgy thing about it is if that old geezer nurse is on again tonight.” “Why does my being here make a difference?” “Well it’s alright having films to watch but it can be boring when you’re on your own with only a nurse sticking their head in every half hour or so. With you here, I’ve got someone I can enjoy the films with and talk to. You’re also, like I said earlier, someone I’ve enjoyed spending time with.” Just then Sarah entered the room. “Hello Jerry, has the doctor told you if you can go home? Oh hello, I didn’t see you there.” "Sarah this is Declan, Declan this is Sarah, the lady I’ll be going to live with.” “Hello Declan, nice to meet you.” “Hello.” “Um Dec, can you give me a couple of minutes with Sarah please? There’s a couple of things I need to talk to her about in private?” “Sure. I’ll go see Yuri see if I can grab a shower.” “Thanks.” Declan got up and headed out looking for Yuri, leaving Jerry and Sarah in the room. “Is there something wrong?” “Yes and no. There’s nothing wrong with me, other than it seems the doc isn’t going to let me out today. Yuri has gone to see if there’s something in my notes. No, what I wanted to talk to you about is Declan, only I didn’t think it was a good idea to do it in front of him.” “Has he done something to you?” “No, he’s been really good with me. He’s helped me to eat and drink and we’ve had a good time watching the films Justin brought over last night. No what I wanted to talk to you about, is whether you might be able to help him like you helped Alex and me. I don’t mean take him in, like you did with us, but perhaps Martha may be able to help? You see Dec is in the foster system, but the woman he lives with is terrible. She has a boyfriend who gets drunk and uses Dec as a punch bag, that’s why he was brought in last night, he got beat up so bad he was unconscious.” “That’s terrible. We had a few different options for you had you decided you didn’t want to live with us and I think they could work for Declan just as easily; but I’ll need to do some talking with a few different people first. So don’t build Declan’s hopes up before I know any more, ok?” “I won’t mention it, I just hope you can help him. He’s been really good to me today.” “I’ll see what I can do, if I can’t help him, I can certainly get Martha on his case if she isn’t already.” “I think she might know something about it, she was here last night, and I think Dec was the reason she was here.” “Well I’ll call her later, what is Declan’s last name do you know?” “It hasn’t come up but I’m sure we can find out off Yuri if he doesn’t come back before you go.” “While I’m here, is there anything you need? Perhaps some juice or pop?” “Some drinks would be good please and would you ask Justin if he can bring some more movies later when they visit please? If I’m going to be here another day I think I’ll have watched all of the ones they brought yesterday.” “Why don’t I go and find out if you’re definitely staying, if you are then I’ll call Alex and let him and Justin know what’s happening and I’ll ask them the same time.” “Thanks.” Sarah left the room to look for someone who could tell her what was happening with Jerry. When she came back she was followed by Yuri. “Hey little dude, I’ve got some bad news for you. The doc wants to keep you in for one more night just to be on the safe side.” “Oh well.” “There was something else I wanted to ask you, we have a double room on the other side of the ward, it’s now empty and I thought it might be better if you and Declan were moved into there? Would you mind if we did that?” “If it’s alright with Dec then sure, it’s fine with me.” “Ok, I’ll see what he says and if he’s happy we’ll move you into the double room soon. Back later then ok?” “Sure Yuri.” Yuri left to talk to Declan about the room change. “When I called Justin to ask him about the movies for you, he was out on a run with Alex but Simon is over there and he’ll pass the message on when the boys get back.” “Thanks.” “The plan I had in mind when I was driving over was that should the doctor decide to keep you in, I’d stay with you for an hour or two but if I’m to try and help sort something better out for Declan, I’m going to have to head home once I’ve been to the shop for you.” “That’s ok, I’d rather you try and see if you can help Dec than sitting here with me. Dec’s here and Alex and Justin will be here later so I’ll be alright.” “I just wanted you to know the reason for me not spending time with you.” “I understand, and it’s alright, I just hope you can do something for Dec.” “No promises Jerry, I know Alex thinks I’m some sort of super woman but sometimes there are things I can’t help with.” “You looking in to see what you can do is all I could ask.” “Well I’m going to go to the shop then and get you some things.” “Thanks Sarah.” “You’re welcome.” Yuri turned up a few minutes after Sarah had left. “Hey dude, I’ve spoken to Declan about you guys sharing that room and he thinks it’s a good idea; so we’ll be moving you soon.” “Can we wait until Sarah comes back? She’s only gone to the shop.” “Sure dude, we can do that. Why don’t I go get Declan’s things moved over and he can wait with you. Come and get me when you’re ready to move?” “Ok.” Jerry was left alone again but this time it wasn’t long before Declan showed up. “Hey, sorry you’ve got to stay another night.” “It’s no biggy, I think it’ll be fun tonight, we can stay up late watching the films. You’re going to meet Alex and Justin, they’re great and I asked Sarah if Justin can bring more films with him later. We’ll have watched most of these by the time they get here tonight.” “Staying up late sounds good; do you think the nurses are going to let us?” “I think if we keep the noise down we’ll be fine. How was the shower?” “It’s not bad, I feel a bit better after it.” “I wonder if Yuri can work something like that out for me too?” “Prob not, you’re not supposed to get the plaster wet.” “That sucks, how am I supposed to get clean?” “You’ll prob have to have a lot of baths until the plaster comes off.” “I guess that makes sense, I can hold me arms over the edge of the bath. Can you ask Yuri if he could sort it out so I could grab a bath or shower or something?” “Yeah I’ll go ask him now.” Declan left Jerry and went off to find Yuri. “Um Yuri?” “What is it little dude?” “Jerry was wondering if he would be able to grab a shower? I said he probably can’t coz of the plaster but I said he may be able to get a bath or something?” “We’ve got sleeves that will protect the plaster but I don’t know if I’ve got time to help him right now.” “If he has those sleeves, would he be able to shower?” “I don’t see why not, but as he can’t use his arms, he’s going to need someone to help him.” “Well I can do that, I know I’ve just had a shower but it’s not going to hurt me to get wet again, and I can wash his hair and stuff.” “Dude, I can’t ask you to do that and I’m sure Jerry wouldn’t ask you to do that either.” “You’re not asking, I’m offering.” “I’m not sure; couldn’t he wait till later when the other male nurse comes on shift?” “Is that the old fella Jerry said worked last night?” “Yeah, Walter is alright. He’s a bit older than you or me I know but he’d be happy to help Jerry have a bath.” “I am sure Walter is ok, but Jerry felt uncomfortable when he helped him go to the toilet last night and I think having him help Jerry take a bath might be just as bad.” “I don’t know dude, I’m not even sure if you would be allowed to help, I’m not sure of the rules on whether you could help him shower.” “Well Jerry is able to stand, we know that, that’s all he needs to do, I can do the rest. The floor is non-slip so that’s not a problem.” “Why don’t we ask him and see what he says?” “Ok. Wait, if I do help him shower, who’s going to watch no one steals the DVDs and stuff?” “I can put them in my locker in the nurses’ station; it’s got a lock that only I have the key for.” “Ok.” When Yuri and Declan walked into Jerry’s room, Sarah had returned. “I’ll leave your clothes here so if the doctor says you can go before I get here tomorrow, you can be dressed and be ready to go.” “Ok, see you.” “You don’t have to leave, you can stay for a bit longer if you want?” said Yuri. “Something has come up which means I need to leave or I would have.. So I’ll see you tomorrow ok?” “Yeah, see you tomorrow.” Sarah headed out leaving Jerry, Declan and Yuri together. “Declan told me you want a shower. The good news is that we have sleeves you can put on so the plaster doesn’t get wet. The bad news is that I don’t have the time this afternoon to help you have a bath.” “Oh, that’s ok.” “But I suggested a different option. I thought that as Yuri can’t give you a bath, I could help you take one, or a shower if that’s what you’d prefer?” “You’d get soaked if you helped me in the shower.” “Well if you want a shower I’ll have to get in with you.” “But you’ve only just had one; do you really want to get wet all over again?” “I don’t mind, it’s only water, so is that what you want?” “I… um…” “Is the idea of being naked in front of me what’s bothering you?” “It’s not that, you’ve done so much for me already.” “And if you could shower on your own we wouldn’t be having this discussion. So far today you’ve saved me from hours and hours of utter boredom by letting me watch the movies with you and you’ve shared your drinks and treats. So for me, helping you out a little is the least I could do.” “But you don’t have to; I didn’t do those things expecting you to do stuff for me.” “I know you didn’t, so we going to the shower or what?” “Yuri, is it ok? And what about all of this?” “You dudes go and shower, I’ll take all this over to your new room and make sure no one goes in there. Hang on here a minute though and I’ll go and get you some towels and those sleeves.” “Thanks,” said Jerry. Declan helped Jerry get out of the bed while they waited for Yuri to come back with the stuff. After Yuri handed them the towels and sleeves Declan led Jerry to the shower room. When they got in Declan locked the door behind them. “Are we supposed to lock the door?” “Well do you want just anyone walking in when you’re naked?” “No not really.” “Which is why I locked the door, now let’s get the water started and then I can get you ready.” “Are you really sure you’re ok with this?” “Trust me, it’s fine.” Jerry sat down on a chair that had been left in there while Declan got the water going. “Do you want it nice and hot?” “Yeah please.” “Ok.” After he got the temperature set, he moved back to Jerry. “Right, I’ll get you undressed and put your sleeves on to protect the plaster and you can stand under the water for a few seconds while I get undressed. Is that ok?” “Sure.” “Ok then, you’ll need to stand up and turn around so I can get at the gown ties.” “Oh yeah, sorry,” Jerry said as he stood up. “It’s fine.” With Jerry facing away from him, Declan was able to undo the gown and slide it off Jerry. To Jerry, being naked with other guys wasn’t a problem, he’d been naked with Cal a lot over the years but he felt a little awkward and embarrassed as Declan took his gown off him. He imagined it felt just like it would if his lover was undressing him before they made love. He began to wonder if he would feel the same way if it was Alex, Justin or Sarah doing it. “There we go, if you turn around now, I’ll try and work out how these sleeves work.” Jerry slowly turned to face Declan and found he was standing really close. The awkward feelings he had while Declan had undressed him only seemed to get stronger. He couldn’t understand why it was so different. He’d been this close to Cal while they’d both been naked, so what was different? Was it because Dec was a relative stranger or was there more to it? After a few seconds of studying them, Declan worked out how the sleeves were supposed to be used and slide them on Jerry’s arms making sure they covered all of the plaster. “Ok you can get under the shower, I’ll get rid of my gown and I’ll be right with you.” “Alright.” Jerry was curious about what Dec would look like naked; he knew boys were supposed to change as they got older. He and Cal had both started growing hairs above their cocks but Jerry hadn’t been close to another boy who was more developed than he was. The last time he’d seen Alex naked, he hadn’t started puberty. Jerry got under the water and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water sliding down his shoulders and back. He kept his head away from the spray to allow him a good look at Declan. While Jerry felt a little nervous, Declan didn’t feel anything unusual. He had taken a shower with other guys before, he had even helped bath one or two of his foster brothers over the years, so to him this was only slightly different. He took his gown off and turned to get in the shower with Jerry. The sight that was in front of him surprised Jerry. Declan had a mound of black hair around his cock and it was visibly larger than his own. He could even see hairs on Declan’s balls. “Ok, let’s get you all cleaned up.” Declan walked towards Jerry with no sense of hesitation to Jerry, which surprised him a little. He was sure he’d be more hesitant if he was in Dec’s position, even if it was Cal he was going to help shower. “Can I ask you something?” said Jerry. “What you wanna know?” “Well, you don’t seem nervous or bothered about washing me, I was just wondering why? I know I would be at least a little nervous if I had to help Cal shower and we’ve been best mates for years and seen each other naked loads of times.” “While I was with the elderly couple they had one foster kid who was mentally disabled, he was able to do some things with no problems but there were others when he couldn’t. I helped bath him now and then, sometimes I’d get in the bath with him and I’d show him how to wash and try and get him to do the same, but sometimes it didn’t work out that way and I’d end up washing him.” “Oh, but weren’t you pretty young at that point though?” “I was about ten, which I guess to some is quite young but I’d been in the foster system for quite a few years by then and I was used to helping out with younger kids. So you ready to get started?” “Yeah.” “Ok, get your hair wet a sec while I get the shampoo.” Jerry moved his head back a bit to let the shower wet his hair. He moved his head around a little to try and get his hair as wet as he could, it helped that it was short, it didn’t take much. “Now I need you to move out of the water and keep your head back so you don’t get soap suds in your eyes.” “Ok.” So Jerry stepped out of the water and put his head back. Declan put the shampoo on his head and started to lather it all up. Feeling someone rubbing around on his head was a new sensation for Jerry and he was enjoying it when Declan stopped and told him to get back under the water so he could rinse the soap out. As soon as Jerry was under the water, Declan started to massage Jerry’s head again. “Ok, that’s your hair done, now for the rest of your body, stand away from the water again so it doesn’t all wash off as soon as I put the stuff on.” Jerry got back out of the shower as Declan stepped forward and got the body wash. He flipped the lid and squeezed some onto his hands before he moved up to Jerry. As he was taking the few steps he began rubbing his hands together to lather up the body wash. Jerry felt a little nervous as he saw Declan’s hands move closer to his body. Declan got behind Jerry and started to soap Jerry’s back up first. He began at the shoulders and worked his way down Jerry’s back. The closer Jerry could feel Declan getting to his arse the more nervous he felt. Declan could feel the tension in Jerry’s back but couldn’t think of anything that would help put him at ease. He knew he would feel the same if it was Jerry washing him. As the hands started to slide over his butt cheeks Jerry started to feel a little weird. Declan was soaping all over his cheeks before he slipped one of his hands in between the cheeks and started to wash around his hole. When he thought he had soaped all of Jerry’s back he moved away and gently guided Jerry backwards so the water could was the soap away. Jerry couldn’t understand why he felt a little disappointed when Declan took his hand away from his arse. He was surprised to see his cock had started to get hard when Declan was soaping him up and he became really embarrassed when he realised Declan could see it. “Hey, don’t worry about it, look I’m getting a little hard as well.” Jerry hadn’t noticed that Declan’s cock had grown a bit from when he’d got undressed. “Just because you’ve got hard while I’ve been running my hands all over your back doesn’t make you gay.” “But why did I get hard then if it’s not that?” “Didn’t you do sex ed in your school?” “No, my dad wouldn’t sign off on it.” “Ok, we’ll get you all nice and clean and dried off and then when we’re in the room I’ll explain a few things for you; but for now, there’s nothing to be worried or embarrassed about ok?” “Ok.” Despite what Declan had said, Jerry couldn’t help but wonder whether getting hard when Declan was rubbing all over his back and arse when added to the confused feelings he had for Cal did mean that he could be gay just like his brother. Jerry’s cock took on a whole new life of its own when Declan began soaping up his chest and stomach. It began to really twitch and jerk. But that was nothing to the feelings that ran through his whole body when Declan began soaping his now hard cock. Pulling back the foreskin and soaping all over the head and balls, gently squeezing as his hand went up and down Jerry’s cock. “Ok turn around now and let the water wash the soap off then you can get out and we’ll get you dried off.” Jerry was feeling all kinds of confused. He was disappointed Declan had stopped stroking his cock. Was his cock hard because there was some attraction to Declan, was it because Declan had been putting his hands all over him? Did this all mean that Jerry was definitely gay or was there another explanation? After the water had washed the soap away, Jerry got out and waited for Declan to towel him down. Declan spent a few seconds under the water himself before he got out and dried off before he towelled Jerry. When both boys were dry and back in their hospital gowns, Declan unlocked the door and they headed to the room they were going to share. “Hi Sarah, what are you doing here? Is something wrong with Alex or Jerry?” “Hi Martha, no the boys are ok. I’ve come to talk to you about something else.” “Come on in, I’ll put the kettle on and we can talk over a nice cuppa.” Martha led Sarah out to the kitchen and put the kettle on while Sarah sat down at the table. “So what do you want to talk about?” “I’ve just come from the hospital. I went to see about taking Jerry home but the doctor wants to keep him in a little longer. Jerry said you were at the hospital last night, was it about a boy called Declan?” “Well you know strictly speaking I shouldn’t say, but knowing you, there’s a good reason for you asking this, so yes, I was there to see Declan.” “Good that makes it a little easier for me. Jerry told me about why Declan was there and asked if there was anything I could do to get him out of the situation he’s in.” “I didn’t get much last night in terms of what had happened; the woman fostering him was tight lipped which makes me a little suspicious, but I couldn’t talk to Declan, he was still unconscious.” “Declan told Jerry that the boyfriend of this woman likes to get drunk and use him as a punch bag.” “Oh, that definitely explains a few things.” “How is that?” “I’ve made a few visits since I placed Declan there and saw a few strange bruises. Declan just said he’d been a bit clumsy or got a bit boisterous in school. I was never really convinced because he had never shown that sort of behaviour before.” “So what does that now mean for Declan? Does he have to go back to that foster family or will you be able to find him somewhere better?” “I’ve been Declan’s case worker for a number of years now and he’s a great kid and I wish I could have done better for him, but his age is going to make it really difficult for me to place him somewhere that will give you the happy ending you are looking for.” “You’d think people would want to help the good kids.” “You would, but unfortunately a lot of people go into foster caring when they can’t have a family on their own and so they look for the younger kids to make the instant family. There are not many in the foster system that will take kids around Declan’s age.” “I’ve been thinking since Jerry told me and I remembered something you said before, about how you’ve been told to not count someone’s sexuality in the decision process when it comes to accepting potential foster carers.” “Yeah?” “One of the options I was thinking about should Jerry have decided he didn’t want to live with us, was that he live with Rick and Alan. Rick has worked on a crisis line for gay teens for a long time now, and he’s mentioned in the past that he hated how his sexuality was a reason he was unable to offer some of those troubled teens a stable home life.” “So you think they’d consider taking Declan in?” “I’d have to talk to them about it, but I think it’s a possibility. Another is that Simon and I take him.” “Would you have the room for it?” “I think we could work it out. Maybe get him and Jerry to share a room?” “But is that fair on Justin? Going from an only child to having three strange boys living with him? And what about Alex? Would Jerry be ok with sharing a room?” “I think Justin would be fine with it. Alex, I don’t know. I think he’d feel he couldn’t say no. He would probably see it as being no different a situation than he was in a couple of weeks ago. As for Jerry, I’ve just left him in the hospital where the nurses have moved him into a shared room with Declan and he seemed to be looking forward to it. Does that mean he’d be ok with it on a permanent basis? I honestly can’t say.” “So really it’s all ifs, buts and maybes at the moment.” “Well I only found out about it less than an hour or so ago.” “So what’s the next step that you can see?” “Well I think I need to talk to Alan and Rick and see if they would consider taking Declan in first. There’s no point asking the Justin, Alex and Jerry until I know what Rick and Alan are going to do first.” “Ok, when do you think you’ll know one way or the other?” “I know Rick and Alan are going to be in this afternoon and Alex and Justin are at their house, so one way or another I can have a rough idea of what’s going to happen in a couple of hours.” “I think that now Declan is awake I should go and visit him and get some answers as to what’s been going on. If he confirms what he told Jerry earlier, I’ll start the paperwork rolling on getting him out of that foster family and also contact the Police to see about charges being brought. I won’t mention what you’re planning. I just thought of something that may scupper either of the options you’ve come up with.” “What’s that?” “What one very important thing does Rick and Alan have in common with Alex?” “Oh.” “Yeah, if he’s anti-gay then putting him with Rick and Alan is doomed to fail and I don’t think having someone who could potentially be hostile towards him, would be good for Alex.” “I hadn’t thought about that possibility.” “I’ll find out what he thinks later. So do you want me to phone you later to find out what Rick and Alan say or do you want to call me?” “Do you have any plans tonight?” “Not really why?” “Simon has a boys night planned with some of the boys from work and with Justin and Alex over at Rick and Alan’s I have the house to myself so if you’re not doing anything why don’t you come over and we can have some wine, watch a movie and talk about what we find out this afternoon?” “That sounds so much better than what I was going to do. What about food, are you and Simon having food before he goes out?” “No.” “Well you get the wine and I’ll get a Chinese or would you prefer Indian?” “I don’t mind either.” “So I’ll come over for what, sevenish?” “Sounds ok to me, I’ll pop into the video shop on my way home and get the film, any preference?” “I don’t know what’s out at the moment, so you choose whatever you think will be good.” “Ok. I’ll head off now then and let you go and visit Declan, so I’ll see you around seven.” “Yeah, well hopefully we’ll both have good news for the other tonight.” Sarah was pulling into the drive to Rick and Alan’s just as Alex and Justin were coming down the street. “Hey mom, no Jerry then?” “Hi Sarah.” “Hi boys, no the doctor wants to keep him in a little longer.” “Oh well, no problems, did Jerry say if he’d need more films?” asked Justin. “Let’s get inside and I’ll tell you all together.” “Ok.” Eager to find out the news Sarah had, the boys quickly followed her into the house. As soon as they were in the door the boys were about to ask for more info when Rick came out to see who had come in. “Hi Rick,” said Sarah. “Hi Sarah, Simon said you boys had been for a run, why don’t you go grab a shower and then you can have some food when you come back down.” “Ok,” said Justin. Justin and Alex headed upstairs while Rick and Sarah headed into the living room. “So, no Jerry with you then?” “No, he’s been kept in another night, but while I was there something came up that I need to talk to you and Alan about.” “Oh that sounds interesting, Alan’s in the kitchen, come on we’ll get a cuppa while we’re in there; Simon’s there helping Alan make some sandwiches for us all to have while the games are on.” “Hey hun,” said Simon as Sarah walked into the kitchen. “Did Jerry get released?” “No the doctor wanted him in one more night.” “Oh that’s a shame. I thought you were just going to ring if he was kept in?” “I need to talk to Rick and Alan about something that came up at the hospital.” “Do you want me to leave you guys alone?” “No, if they can’t help then I think we might be able to, so you may as well hear it the same time and then we can all talk about it.” “So what do you need to talk to us about?” asked Alan. “I’m not sure but did Justin or Alex mentioned seeing Martha last night in the hospital?” “I don’t think so, why?” said Rick. “You know Martha works for Social Services right?” “Yeah,” replied Rick. “Well she got a call last night about a boy brought to the hospital in an ambulance. Well she didn’t get much information last night because the boy was unconscious when she was there, but he’s spent quite a while with Jerry today. It turns out Declan was already in the foster system under Martha’s supervision but the woman she placed him with had a boyfriend who liked to get drunk and use Declan as a punch bag. Last night he went too far. When I went to see if Jerry was being discharged, Jerry asked me to try and help Declan.” “I can understand that, he sees you as someone he can trust, but I don’t see where we can help Sarah,” said Alan. “Well, Rick has told me in the past how he wished Social Services weren’t so anti-gay when it came to fostering.” “We looked into it not long after we got this house; we thought we could put the spare room to some real good use. We hadn’t even filled out the paperwork before someone told us there was no point because they didn’t look to single men as potential foster carers and when we said we were a couple, she almost choked. We left her office and have never looked into it again. It’s a shame because like Rick I think we can offer a more stable and secure home for someone than a lot of others out there.” “So if I was to tell you that Social Services have now been told that your sexual orientation is not to be considered when an application is made, would you consider looking into it again?” “I don’t know, would they seriously consider us? I mean it’s all well and good being told not to do something, but if you get the wrong person evaluating you it doesn’t matter what they’ve been told, their prejudices will surface,” said Rick. “If you want to do it, Martha can do all the paperwork and I know she will not hold it against you.” “Let me guess, you are thinking we take Declan in?” asked Alan. “So long as he doesn’t have any preconceptions about gay people, it will work out for everyone.” “So Social Services are just going to hand him to us? Just like that?” asked Rick. “No I think that as there is no history of children in the home, they may require a few more checks before they let you take custody of him. They didn’t perform those with Simon and I straight away when we agreed to take Alex in, but that was a different situation. They’ve done those checks on us now so it’s not like they’d be doing the checks on you just because you’re gay.” “So if we agreed and we passed all these checks, where would he be in the meantime, surely they wouldn’t put him back with this woman and her boyfriend?” asked Alan. “No, Martha has gone to the hospital now to get the story from Declan and if he repeats what he told Jerry then she’s going to start the removal process. They’re likely to want to release him from the hospital soon but I was thinking, that if you two get on ok with him when you visit tonight.” “What do you mean visit tonight?” asked Alan. “Well they’ve moved him and Jerry into a room together so you can see him when Alex and Justin visit later. If the three of you get on ok with each other and you’re all happy for him to move in, then it’s all down to paperwork and those checks. Then it’s just a matter of finding Declan somewhere until all the checks are done.” “Let me guess, you already have somewhere in mind?” said Simon. “I did think that while we don’t have a spare room anymore as such…” “Didn’t you say last night that Alex and Justin had asked about sharing Justin’s room?” “I don’t want to put Declan in Alex’s room because I don’t want Alex to feel pressured into anything, I told him he’d be keeping his room so that if he needed space away from Justin for some reason, it was there.” “But aren’t we only talking about a few weeks?” “Yes, but how much pressure would that put on Alex if he’s having a bad day and has nowhere to go? I don’t want to put any pressure on him which would mean he’d resort to cutting up again.” “What I was going to suggest is that as Jerry and Declan are sharing a room in the hospital, if Jerry, Alex and Justin are ok with it, perhaps Declan can share Jerry’s room with us until all the paperwork and checks are completed for him to live with Rick and Alan.” “There’s a lot of decisions need to be made by a lot of people,” said Simon. “Well what do you want me to say? I’ve had around an hour to think of all this and not being a mind reader I don’t know what everyone is going to say so I can only offer suggestions.” “Well I think it’s a great idea. I guess all we can do is see how the three of us get along later,” said Rick. “I agree with Rick, if the three of us get on well tonight, then I’ll be happy to have him living here. I guess it’ll mean a few changes but I’m sure we can cope with it all.” “So that just means finding out what Alex, Justin and Jerry think and whether you can swing it with Martha,” said Simon. “Martha is already aware of some of my ideas.” “How? I thought you came straight from the hospital?” “No, I swung by her place to start the ball rolling. I can put it all to her later when she comes over tonight.” “So you’ve got your evening all planned out then?” asked Simon. “I thought that as we’re going to want to talk more about what both of us found out this afternoon, and you’ve got that guys night with the boys from work, we could have a girl’s night, watch a film and have a takeaway while we talk.” “I see you two have got it all worked out. Well it’s just as well I’m going out tonight then huh?” “I wonder what happened to keep Jerry in for longer?” asked Alex when they were in the bedroom getting undressed. “It’s probably just because the doctor was more interested in getting home for his Sunday Roast than reading the charts properly, don’t worry, I’m sure nothing’s wrong, if it was bad news mom would have said already.” “I guess.” “Do you want to share the shower or shower separate?” “We can share if you want.” “You sure?” “Yeah.” “Ok, if you grab the towels I’ll start the shower up in Rick and Alan’s room.” With that Justin was off down the hall to the en suite naked as per usual. Alex wasn’t far behind him, only stopping to grab a pair of towels from the airing cupboard. When Alex got into the shower room, Justin was already under the water. So Alex opened the door of the shower and stepped in. Hearing the door open Justin turned to Alex. As soon as the door was closed, he pulled Alex towards him and started to kiss him. While his tongue was trying to wrap itself around Alex’s, his hands were massaging Alex’s arse. Alex quickly got the message from Justin and reciprocated. Within seconds both boys were sprouting wood and grinding their hips against the other. As Justin brought his hand around to start stroking Alex’s cock, he started to move down Alex’s body with his lips, kissing and sucking on his nipples as he passed them before flicking his tongue in and around Alex’s belly button. It only took a few seconds before his lips were wrapped around Alex’s cock. Feeling Justin’s tongue flick around his cock was really turning Alex on. He placed his hands on either side of Justin’s head and started to move his hips in time with Justin’s head. While his tongue and lips were exploring Alex’s cock, one hand started to play with Alex’s balls and the other started stroking his own cock. After enjoying playing with Alex’s balls, he started to slide his hand between Alex’s legs in search of his hole. Feeling the slight pressure around his hole for the first time was a bit of a surprise but he was also curious to find out what it felt like to have Justin go inside him. Justin’s finger, wet from the shower, began gently moving around Alex’s hole, putting some pressure into it and then pulling back, before going at it again. It didn’t take too long repeating that before he started to feel his finger going deeper and deeper before eventually breaking through for the first time. Alex gave a slight gasp when Justin’s finger entered his hole. Not sure if the gasp was good or not, Justin quickly pulled his finger out. “Don’t stop Sunshine, please.” Justin took Alex’s words in and began again to apply a little pressure to the muscle around Alex’s hole. When his finger entered this time, there was no gasp, so he started to move his finger in and out in rhythm with his head going up and down on Alex’s cock. A few minutes of Justin’s lips, tongue and finger doing their bit brought Alex to climax, shooting his load down Justin’s throat. Seconds after shooting his load he was pulling Justin up so he could kiss him. “That was amazing, thank you.” “Are you sure? I got carried away when I started playing with your hole, I didn’t think. You’re not mad at me for not asking first?” “I’m not mad no. I think if you’d asked I’d have said I wasn’t ready, but you’ve shown me how enjoyable it is. So thank you again.” Alex kissed Justin to stop him apologising again. “Ok, my turn,” said Alex. Alex repeated everything Justin did apart from stroking his own cock. While he was sucking Junior and fingering Justin’s hole, Alex started to think how much he enjoyed having Junior to play with. Just like he had the night before, Alex kept some of Justin’s cum on his tongue to share with Justin when they kissed. “Alex?…” “What Sunshine?” “… Um… no, it’s alright it’s nothing.” “What did you want to say?” “It’s ok; um did Alan or Rick say about whether they’d thought about what film we’d watch tonight after we’ve seen Jerry?” “Alan suggested perhaps we could go to the cinema, I said I was ok watching a film on the telly but if you want to go, I’m ok with it.” “I can check on Rick’s laptop to see what’s on before we decide which is best.” “Ok, do you think we’d best clean up now and go and find out what your mom found out at the hospital?” “Yeah, I think we better had or one of them may come up looking for us.” They helped each other soap up and wash down before Justin switched the water off. They towelled each other down as well. All clean and dried off they headed to the bedroom to get dressed before heading back downstairs. Justin’s parents and Rick and Alan were sittinh in the living room when Justin and Alex walked in. “Why don’t you boys go and put some sandwiches on a tray and bring them in here before we watch the game, it’s about to kick off shortly,” said Rick. “So who’s playing?” asked Alex. “Man U visit the Emirates to take on Arsenal.” “Oh cool,” replied Justin. The boys weren’t gone long before returning with a tray of sandwiches and drinks. “So do we find out what happened at the hospital now?” asked Justin. “Jerry is fine, the doctor just wanted to be sure there was nothing lingering. He’s got a scan planned for the morning and if everything comes back clear then he’s free to go.” “That’s great,” said Alex. “Now there’s something else we need to talk about,” said Sarah. “Oh, this sounds serious,” said Justin. “It’s nothing that either of you have done, or Jerry for that matter.” “That’s good to know,” said Justin. “No, it’s to do with why Martha was at the hospital last night.” “How do you know about that? I don’t think we even told Rick or Alan,” said Justin. “Well believe it or not, you are not my only source of information in the world.” “Awww shucks, I guess there’s no point asking for a pay raise now then.” “You got that right. When I went to see Jerry there was a boy in his room with him called Declan. Jerry asked the boy if we could talk alone and he went off to shower I think. When Declan had left, Jerry told me about why he’d been admitted and asked me to help. I’ve spoken with Martha and I think we’ll be able to sort something out for him but I will probably need your help.” “How can we help?” asked Alex. “At the moment, Alan and Rick have agreed to look into the possibility of fostering Declan.” “Ok, but where do we come in?” asked Justin. “Well we think there may be a delay in Social Services allowing him to live here. If that’s the case then Declan will need somewhere to stay until the paperwork comes through. What I thought is that as Jerry and Declan are sharing a room in the hospital, maybe the two of them could share Jerry’s room at home until he gets the go ahead to move in with Alan and Rick.” “And you want to know if we’d be ok with it?” asked Justin. “That is a part of it, but at the moment we don’t know if Declan has any prejudices that would mean living with Rick and Alan would be difficult or impossible. If that’s the case then obviously living at ours wouldn’t work either.” “I can understand that, so why do you think we’d have a problem with Declan moving in?” asked Alex. “Well asking Declan to live with us is different to when you moved in Alex, or even when we asked if you boys would be ok with Jerry moving in.” “How? Declan is just as much a stranger to Justin as I was when you offered me a room in your home.” “I guess you would see it like that, but now it’s not just a case of how Justin would feel about having a stranger living with him. It’s how you and Jerry would feel as well. You and Justin asked me about sharing a bed at night, how does that work if Declan were to move in? Would you boys be comfortable with him knowing you are a couple straight away or would there need to be more caution?” “Well if he’s going to live with Rick and Alan he’s going to find out one way or another and I don’t like the idea of having to be careful about what I say or do in my own home again,” said Justin. “What about you Alex, would you be comfortable with Declan knowing about your relationship?” “I don’t know, I guess I’d have to know more. If he’s going to live here with Rick and Alan then I guess he’s going to have to be ok around gay people, but it’s whether he’d understand about watching what he said around school. It’s not that it’ll bother me so much, With study leave kicking in soon, I’m not going to be there much and I can go somewhere else if I get good exam results; but Justin still has another year there and I also have to think about Jerry, he could catch a lot of hell for being the brother to a queer.” “I can see what you mean; well why don’t you boys talk with Declan tonight and see what happens. I’m sure Justin can work out a few well-phrased questions that will tell you what sort of things Declan thinks. Remember nothing is set in stone and if you’re not all happy about it, we’ll look for some other way to work it out.” “Ok, did Jerry say whether he wanted us to take more films in tonight?” asked Justin. “He did ask if you could, I phoned to find out but you two had just left for your run.” “Is it ok to take some others in tonight Rick, Alan?” asked Alex. “Of course it is,” said Rick. “Thanks,” replied Alex. “Can we watch the game now? Or was there something else you needed to talk to us about?” asked Justin. “Nope, nothing else. Now I’ve said what I wanted, I’ll leave you boys to watch the football and I’ll see you tomorrow.” “See you mom.” “See you tomorrow Sarah,” said Alex. Rick, Alan and Simon said their goodbyes to Sarah as she left before turning their attention to the beginning of the match. “I guess talking about sex is going to distract us from any film we put on so why don’t we leave it off until we’ve finished talking?” “Sounds like a good idea,” replied Jerry. “Ok, let’s start with the basics. When we’re born you’ve got boys and girls. A boy is born with his sex organs on the outside, while a girl’s are on the inside. Puberty hits most of us around twelve or thirteen. When we hit puberty a few things start to change. For boys, it’s when we start getting hair under our arms, around our cock and balls and eventually on our face and our voices begins to deepen. As we get older our bodies get bigger and so do our cocks, which is why my cock is a bit bigger than yours at the moment.” “You’ll also find that once you’ve started puberty, you’ll get erections all the time. I’ve seen guys shower after gym and they got raging hardons. They’ve got a right load of ribbing because of it but it’s not something we can control. I sprouted wood one day and all I was doing was sitting on a bus. Part of the reason for it all is the hormones flowing through your body. Yes you’ll get an erection when you think about someone you think of as fit, but you can also get one when you’re thinking about nothing particular, but you should never be embarrassed about it, it’s just your body reacting to hormones.” “Yeah, but it’s embarrassing when it happens at the wrong time, like when we were in the shower?” “Yes and no. Yes it’s a little embarrassing; perhaps what I should have said is that it’s not something to be ashamed of. Your body was just reacting in a normal way to having a pair of hands sliding over it. So that’s pretty much the main things that will happen to you over the next few years. One more thing is that your balls will start to produce a white liquid that comes out when you climax, depending on who you talk to will depend on what they call it. The proper term would be sperm, then there’s cum, spunk, jizz to name a few. You know that to make a baby you need a guy and a girl. The guy makes the sperm and the girl makes the egg. The sperm fertilizes the egg and that’s how a baby starts. Of course to get the sperm to the egg you generally need to put your cock into the girl’s vagina, which is why the cock gets hard, so it can shoot the sperm closer to the egg.” “That’s how a baby is made. There are a load of urban legends out there with regards to sex, like you can’t get a girl pregnant the first time. That’s bull. As soon as you are able to produce sperm you are fertile enough to get a girl pregnant. You could in theory make five girls pregnant in one day, but a girl is different. They generally only produce one egg each cycle and their cycle normally takes a month to go round from start to finish. The egg is only produced at a specific point in the cycle and so for a large part of their cycle they are not able to get pregnant.” “That’s all the boring stuff. There are a number of different ways to have sex, there’s vaginal which I’ve just explained. You put your cock in and out of the girl’s vagina until you cum. Then there’s anal where the only difference to vaginal is you use a person’s arse hole instead of a vagina. That’s more of a gay thing but some girls are into it as well. There’s oral where you use your mouth to stimulate a cock or vagina. There’s only one other way left that I know of. Believe me when I tell you it’s what every boy does, the boys on the yard in school will rarely admit it but they do, it’s masturbation. Do you have an idea what that is?.” “Is that what people call wanking?” “Yeah that’s it, I’m sure you’ve seen kids on the yard in school call someone a wanker and make a hole with their hand and shake it about?” “Yeah.” “Well that’s pretty much what masturbating is. You slide your hand or fingers up and down your cock and eventually you’ll shoot a load.” “Wow.” “Yeah. Now there’s a load of different labels out there to describe what a person is all based on the type of person they find attractive. If I said I was straight, gay or bi would you know what each one meant?” “Yeah, so how do you know so much about all of this?” “Joys of being in the foster system. I’ve had foster brothers who were older who have told me a few things and one who showed me a few others and I’ve had sex ed lessons in school too.” “When you said one showed you a few things did the two of you, you know, do it?” “No, nothing like that, he’d gotten hold of a few pornos and he let me watch them because we got on so well.” “What were they like?” “They were interesting. So what else do you want to talk about, I think I’ve covered everything?” “Have you ever done anything?” “What do you mean? Had sex with someone you mean?” “Yeah.” “Nope, I’ve not even kissed someone, the closest to sex I’ve come is my left hand.” “Oh, ok. So are we going to watch a film now then?” “You sure you don’t have any more questions? I don’t mind.” “No, I think you’ve told me enough for now, but if I have something later I’ll ask is that ok?” “Sure, so what film do you want to watch?” “Oh I don’t mind, you choose.” As the final whistle blew, Simon got up and said “On that note, I think I’d better head home and get ready for later.” “Ha, you’re just gutted Man U lost,” said Justin. “No, I have a few things I want to do before I go out tonight so I’ll see you boys tomorrow. I hope things go well tonight.” “We’ll be fine I’m sure, just have fun yourself,” said Justin. “Bye Simon,” said Alex. “Yeah just don’t go back home in the same state as last time,” said Rick. “What do you mean, I was perfectly fine.” “What, you call spending the night with your head in the toilet, fine?” “Oh that night, well it’s not something I plan on repeating, I’m designated driver tonight so no booze for me.” “Oh well, have fun and we’ll talk tomorrow I’m sure,” said Alan. “Bye guys.” With that Simon was gone. “What do you boys want to do now? There’s another game on in half hour or so or we could watch a film before we go to the hospital?” asked Alan. “Is it ok if we watch the game?” asked Alex. “Sure, if that’s what you want to do, have you talked to Justin about whether you boys want to go to the cinema after we’ve been to see Jerry?” “Can we borrow the laptop Rick so we can see what films are on tonight? There’s no point in saying yes if it turns out there’s nothing worth seeing,” asked Justin. “Sure, I’ll go and get it.” “While you boys work out what you’re going to do, I’ll go and get the food sorted, if we’re going to go to the cinema, we’ll want to eat before we go out.” Rick wasn’t long in returning with the laptop for the boys. “I’ll go and help Alan in the kitchen, just come and let us know when you’ve decided what we’re going to do.” “Ok,” said Justin. Justin quickly opened the laptop and switched it on. “Why don’t you start looking for films we could take to Jerry tonight while I get this going and find the cinema page?” “Sure, but you’ll have to help me work out whether they’re worth taking.” “Most of Alan and Rick’s DVD collection are good films, but as he’s going to be watching them with Declan, maybe taking some of the ones that aren’t gay related may be better.” “I wasn’t thinking of taking some of those anyway. I know Jerry seems to be getting a kick out of watching you and I kiss but I don’t know if seeing a guy give another a blowjob, like that one in Eating Out, would be something he’d appreciate.” “Oh I don’t know, I think your brother may be far more open minded than most boys his age.” “Yeah that may be true but there’s a difference in being open minded and having it pushed into your face.” Justin started to break out in laughter. “What? Oh you’re twisting what I said aren’t you?” “You said having it pushed into your face and all I could think of was having you push your cock into my face. Something I would never get tired of.” “You know what I meant.” “Yes I do, but I have a feeling Jerry will be fine with watching things like Queer as Folk or Eating Out.” “Maybe, but I want to let him decide if he wants to watch them and not feel like he has to because that’s all we took him to watch.” “Ok, well you pick some out and we’ll work out whether they’re suitable or not.” Alex began looking through the shelves of DVDs while Justin started to pull up the cinema website. “Oh wow, there’s some really good films there tonight. I don’t know if I can decide on just one.” “What’s there?” “Well there’s Red Riding Hood, Beastly, Fast 5 and Thor. Beastly and Thor have two really hot guys in them as does Fast 5 but I think that may be best left until you’ve had chance to see the others. Red Riding Hood has the girl in it out of Mamma Mia, she’s a good actress.” “It’s no point asking me, you know I’m not up to date on any of them, why don’t you go and ask Rick and Alan what they think?” “Yeah good idea, I’ll be back in a bit to help sort through those.” “Ok.” Justin quickly headed out to the kitchen carrying the laptop, leaving Alex looking through the shelves and watching the lead up to the game. “Hey, Rick and Alan had a look and we can watch Thor and Beastly if we want, they wanted to see both as well. Does that sound ok with you?” “Well we don’t have to be up early to go swimming in the morning so sure, why not. Not that I really know that much about either film. I’ve found a couple of films we could take for Jerry.” “What are they?” “Well there’s a few Mission Impossible films, they look good, and there’s one called Minority Report. I don’t know about these Matrix films though, they sound weird on the boxes.” “The Mission Impossible and Minority Report films are good, and yes the Matrix films are a little weird but they are good as well. What about these?” Justin pointed out the Harry Potter movies. “I don’t see why we couldn’t take say the first two or three, hang on, what’s Eragon like?” “That’s another film with a hottie in it. It’s based on the book with the same name. The film’s not bad but the book is far better, I’d say take it as well. So what’s that, eight films without Matrix, so we add the Matrix series in and I think that should be more than enough for the two of them to watch tonight and tomorrow.” “Most films are what ninety minutes long, that means there’s like sixteen hours or more here. I think that should keep them pretty busy.” “Ok that’s sorted, now it’s just watch the game, have something to eat and get ready to go out.” “I’ll go tell Alan and Rick the game’s about to start.” A few seconds later, Rick and Alex returned. “Alan didn’t want to see it?” “He said that if we want to eat and get to the hospital in time for the start of visiting, then we’ll need to eat soon so he’s going to finish sorting the food out and it should be ready for half time so we shouldn’t miss any of the game,” said Rick. “Oh, ok.” The game looked to be over when Man City took a two nil lead in the first fifteen minutes but it got more interesting when West Ham pulled a goal back about ten minutes before half time. Just like Rick had said, the food was ready for them to eat just before the end of the first half. All of them sat down at the table to eat rather than use trays on their laps. Alex volunteered to do the dishes and wouldn’t listen to Alan tell him to watch the game. As it turned out, other than the odd shot at goal there was nothing else to the second half and the game finished with Man City the winners. With that all four went upstairs to change before they headed off to the hospital and their first meeting with Declan.
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    Chapter 43

    A little bit of surprise is always good. Glad you like the chapter.
  13. Chapter 43 It was the pain that brought Callum back. He struggled to open his eyes. As he started to open his eyes he began to hear his father. “I said get up boy.” It took a few seconds before Callum could understand what his father said. As he started to get up his legs went from under him and he fell back onto the floor. “Do you want me to smack you about a bit more? I said get up boy.” “Yes sir,” was the only thing Callum could think to say. On his second attempt he managed to get up off the floor leaning on the chair to help him stand. “That’s enough of you lying to me boy, from now on the only time you go out of this house is to go to school or to go to church. You will not talk to that abomination or his brother, do you hear me?” “What is wrong with Jerry?” “No answering back or you’ll get another one.” “Yes sir.” “Now get up those stairs and get to bed. In the morning we’ll discuss what you will be expected to do now I am in charge of the church.” “Yes sir.” Callum was relieved to be out of his father’s reach but really upset at the turn of events since he had left Alan and Rick’s house. He was upset at the grounding, but he knew his father couldn’t stop him talking to Jerry. After all he was in all the same classes in school. For the time being anyway. He undressed and went to bed hoping his head wouldn’t hurt so much when he woke in the morning. “Morning little dude.” “Wha… what time is it?” asked Jerry struggling to open his eyes. “It’s six o’clock. I need to check a few things and then you can go back to sleep for a bit if you want.” “Couldn’t it have waited till later Yuri?” “Sorry dude, hospital rules. They want certain things checked first thing in the morning.” “Geez, I’m glad I’m getting out of here later.” “That’s great news.” “Yeah, um Yuri?” “Yep?” “I need to go pee.” “Ok, let me check your temperature and blood pressure and I’ll go get a bottle.” “Thanks.” “I see your brother brought you a few films to watch.” “Yeah, we watched one last night while he and Justin were here. Justin put the Lord of the Rings on before they left but I fell asleep watching it. Would it be alright if you put it back on for me in a bit?” “Sure dude, let’s get these few checks done, sort out your bladder and then I’ll set it going for you.” “Thanks.” Yuri quickly completed the checks and went out to get the bottle. When he came back he pulled the curtain around before moving the blankets back. “Um Yuri, is it ok if I stand up to go? It feels like I’m peeing the bed when I do it lying down.” “I think we can cope with that.” So with a little bit of help, Jerry got out of bed and rested his bum on the bed before going bright red as Yuri lifted the gown and saw he was sprouting an erection. Yuri realised how awkward this was for Jerry. “Hey dude, don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the first guy I’ve seen with an erection; and it’s not like you can control when they happen.” “I um…” “We all get them dude. A lot of boys and men get hard-ons first thing in the morning. Knowing why we get erections doesn’t make it less embarrassing,” said Yuri as he placed the bottle over Jerry’s cock. “I… it’s just… well…” “Let me guess, it’s the first time someone else has seen you hard?” “Yeah.” “Well hopefully for you there’ll be a special someone you’ll want to see lots of it in the future, but for now, don’t worry about it.” “Ok.” It took Jerry a while before he could get his bladder to let loose but when it did he felt the relief flow through him. “Ok Yuri, I’m finished.” While he had been peeing, his erection had gone down but when Yuri gave it a bit of a shake to get rid of any stray drops he started to get hard again. “I’ll get rid of this bottle then come back and sort that film out for you, is that ok?” said Yuri as he helped Jerry back into bed. “Yeah, um Yuri?” “Yeah dude?” “What time is breakfast?” “The trolleys will come round in an hour why?” “Just asking.” “Back in a bit.” Yuri left the room taking the bottle with him and returned a few minutes later. “Well you’ve definitely got plenty of choice of what you watch, are you sure you want me to put the disc back on or would you rather watch something else?” “No the same disc is ok ta, but it will need changing over later if that’s ok?” “Sure dude, no problem.” “Thanks.” Yuri set the disc playing and left Jerry alone. Sam and Frodo had just bumped into Merry and Pippin stealing veg in the film when Yuri came in again. “What do you want for breakfast this morning? We’ve got cereal or there’s a version of a cooked breakfast or you can have both if you’d rather?” “What’s the cooked version?” “Well you’ve got toast, scrambled eggs and tomatoes.” “Yuck, no thanks, I’ll stick with cereal ta.” “Ok, any particular ones?” “Frosties if you’ve got them please.” “Sure dude. If you don’t mind, I’ll sort everyone else out with theirs and then I’ll come and help you with yours.” “Thanks.” “How’s the film?” “It’s good.” “I won’t be long.” “Ok.” Yuri placed a bowl of cereal on the table with a carton of milk beside it before leaving Jerry watching the film. “Hey Yuri, that’s perfect timing,” said Jerry as Yuri came back. “How’s that dude?” “The disc just finished.” “I aim to please. I actually have a favour to ask. A boy was brought in last night; he’s around your age. I was wondering if it would be ok if he watched some of the films with you? He needs a bit of cheering up and sitting in bed watching morning telly isn’t going to help. So is it ok for me to bring him in?” Will he be able to change the films over?” “Yeah, he can use both his hands.” “That’s cool then; bring him in and we’ll see how it goes.” “Let’s get you fed and then I’ll go ask him what he thinks.” “What’s his name?” “Declan.” Jerry didn’t say anything else while Yuri fed him. Though as he was eating he remembered what Justin had said about a boy being brought in unconscious. He wondered whether that was the same boy or if there was another one in the hospital. Knowing how strict hospitals could be with privacy he felt it was best not to ask too much. “Before I go and ask Declan, I’ll get the wash stuff and clean you up.” “I’m not that bad am I?” “Not really but a wash in the morning will help clean the cobwebs out.” “Ok.” Yuri wasn’t long in returning after he had washed and dried Jerry. This time when he came in he was pushing a wheelchair. “Jerry, this is Declan, Declan, this is Jerry.” “Hi,” said Jerry. Jerry thought Declan looked in a bad way. Declan’s face looked like it had been used as a punch bag, both his eyes were black and his nose showed signs of being broken. “Hi.” “Before I go, can I ask you to do me a favour Declan?” “If I can.” “As you can see Jerry needs help to do things. Would you ok helping him if he’s thirsty? If he needs any other help come and get me.” “I can manage that I think.” “Good, well I’ll leave you boys alone for now and I’ll check back later. Just keep the volume down boys ok?” “We will Yuri,” said Jerry. “So Declan you want to watch a film?” “Yes please.” “You’re going to have to help me sort out the player though.” “Oh yeah. Um, what do I do?” “Well what film are we going to watch? There are a few to choose from.” After a few seconds of going through the discs Declan asked “Do you mind if we watch this?” holding up the cover for Gone in 60 Seconds. “You can put whatever you want on. I’ve only seen the first Fast and the Furious and the first disc of Fellowship of the Ring.” “Oh cool. Now what do I do?” “There should be a button to open the lid, then just change the discs over and close the lid.” “Ok.” Declan quickly found the button and changed the discs over, putting the one out of the player back in its case. The film started to load and play as soon as he had closed the lid. “Do you like coke Declan?” “Yes why?” “Well my brother and his friend came around last night and brought a few things, there should be some coke left in the cupboard there.” “Ok, do you want some?” “Yes please and you can have some as well.” “I’m ok thanks.” “Well it’s there if you want it.” “Thanks.” The main menu for the film appeared as Declan was pouring some coke into a beaker. He gave Jerry a drink before selecting the movie option and pressing play. “Can I ask you a few things?” said Jerry. “Sure.” “I guess the first would be how old are you?” “I’m fourteen, you?” “Thirteen, what about school, which one do you go to?” “Lewis Heights, well I did. What about you?” “Connor High.” “I thought I hadn’t seen your face around school. Do you have any brothers or sisters?” “Yeah, I got a brother, Alex he’s sixteen. You?” “Not that I know of.” “Huh?” “I was put into the foster system when I was three, I don’t remember any, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.” “I’m sorry.” “Don’t be.” “Can I ask why you were fostered?” “My mother was a junkie, she overdosed one day but paramedics got to her before she died. Social Services took me away from her that day and I’ve not had any contact with her since.” “Oh my god, that’s awful.” “I got over it years ago.” “What’s it like being fostered?” “It’s all I know so I don’t really have something else to compare it to.” “So how come you got here? It’s alright if you don’t wanna say.” “No it’s fine, the boyfriend of the woman fostering me would get drunk and use me as a punch bag, only this time she wasn’t there to stop him and he went too far, the next thing I know is waking up here.” “That’s terrible; surely they won’t put you back there?” “It’s possible, it all depends on whether there’s somewhere else they can place me. See as you get older, there are less and less foster families prepared to take you in. How come you ended up here?” “I was in the car with my father on Friday when it crashed. He was killed and I got my arms broke.” “I’m sorry.” “You wouldn’t be if you knew him.” “You didn’t get on with your father then?” “Nor my mother; she’s disowned me since the crash so I guess I’m the same as you.” “I know I’m being nosey but why did your mother disown you?” “We argued about something and she didn’t like it that I was standing up to her, so she told Social Services that now my father is dead she doesn’t think she would be able to cope with me.” “Couldn’t she get your brother to help out?” “No, he doesn’t live with her either.” “Oh.” “Yeah, but that’s his story to tell.” “That’s cool. So if your brother doesn’t live with your mother, will you be going to live with him?” “Yeah, the family that took him in have also agreed to take me.” “That’s lucky; I’ve known a lot of brothers and sisters who got split up by the foster system.” “Have you had a lot of foster families then?” “I’ve had four different sets of foster parents and quite a few foster brothers and sisters over the years.” “Wow, do you only get to stay with one family for so long then?” “No, if you get the right family, you can stay there until you’re old enough to live on your own, it’s just a few different things have meant I’ve had to move on. The first family were good but the woman got run over and the husband didn’t want to carry on fostering without her. The second family I was with were pretty old; which was more like living with grandparents I guess. Because of their age, there were things they didn’t know a lot about like computers and the internet. After a few years he had a heart attack and they decided they didn’t want to carry on fostering. The next ones were good, but when he lost his job they had to sell the house and couldn’t afford one big enough to take me, and this last one, well she’s more interested in the money she got for me than actually looking out for me.” “That’s terrible, how can they treat you like that, it’s like you’re an animal or something?” “You don’t get a choice, if they say you gotta go, you gotta go. The only other alternative is living on the streets.” “Wow, I knew Alex was lucky to find Sarah, I never realised just how lucky. I thought that the foster system was good.” “I think finding families to take kids in is a good thing, it’s better than dumping us all in one big home; it’s just some of the families they use are not all that good.” “I wonder if Sarah would be able to help you somehow, she knows people in Social Services; perhaps she can work something out?” “Don’t worry about it, I’m used to it.” “Well I’ll ask anyway. Do you enjoy sport?” “Yeah, I love most sports, I try and watch football when I can, I love playing it as well.” “You’d get on well with Alex and Justin then, they are both footie nuts.” “You don’t like it?” “I prefer rugby.” “I like rugby too. I don’t get the chance to play it though. The school I was in before did rugby and I enjoyed playing, but when I had to move I had to change schools and my present one doesn’t offer so much choice; it’s either football, cricket or basketball.” “That sucks, I’d be stuffed at that school, I don’t like any of them.” “You can get away with not doing much in cricket so a few of the boys go for that option.” “I don’t know if I could deal with that, I like running about.” “Apart from sport what else you into?” “Not a lot, my father thought that anything that interfered with school was bad for us, we hardly watched a lot of telly and rarely watched movies that weren’t religious in nature or made in the fifties.” “What about music?” “Nope, he thought that the music that was about now was too explicit or suggestive, he said it would corrupt us and stopped us listening.” “Now that sucks, I don’t think I’d cope without my music. Even though I’ve moved around a bit, I’ve always had music.” “You boys ok?” asked Yuri as he stuck his head in the door. “Yeah Yuri,” replied Jerry. “I’ll leave you to it then, don’t forget if you need anything just use the buzzer.” “Ok,” said Declan. “What do you think of Yuri?” he asked when Yuri was gone. “I think he’s great, he’s been really good with me, and it’s nice that he’s not that much older than us. Because of my arms, I need help doing everything. When Yuri helps me go to the toilet, it’s not so bad, I can think of him as an older brother which doesn’t make it so weird, but when that nurse was on last night, he was old enough to be my father, now that felt awkward. But Yuri is cool.” “He seems nice enough.” “I know this is off track but you into cars?” “Why do you ask that?” “The film.” “Not really, it’s just I’ve seen the film before and enjoyed it.” “Oh ok.” “Have they told you how long you’ll be in here for? I’d imagine with your arms like that it’s gonna be a while?” “Nope, I’m outta here today.” “Wow, that’s lucky.” “Yeah, like I said, having Yuri help me isn’t too bad, but I’d rather be away from here. What about you?” “I don’t know, I guess I’ll have to see what Social Services plan. If they’re gonna put me back with Susan and her boyfriend, I guess it’ll be pretty soon.” The boys continued to talk, getting to know each other while they watched the film. As Alex woke up he could feel Junior pressing against his arse and Justin’s arm holding him close. He still couldn’t believe that only two weeks ago the thought of what he was now doing would have made him cut his arms up. Now he was too happy to even consider it. Alex’s bladder started to let him know he wouldn’t be able to lie with Justin for as long as he’d like. Getting out of bed without disturbing Justin was easy enough. As he stood up he noticed his cock was standing to attention. He knew going to the toilet was going to be difficult. Still not sure he was completely ready to walk around the whole house naked before he knew others were, Alex grabbed a pair of briefs out of the bag and headed to the bathroom, picking up a towel as he went. After using the toilet, with difficulty, he grabbed a shower, dried off, put the briefs on and headed for the kitchen. Not sure if Alan and Rick were still asleep or up to anything else, he didn’t know if they were up until he checked the living room and kitchen. He felt strange being the first person up. He checked the clock on the wall and was surprised to see it was only just coming up to six. Wondering what he should do, he decided that rather than get back into bed with Justin, which was very tempting, he’d have a cup of tea and make a start on some revision. After putting the kettle on he popped back upstairs to get his school stuff, while he was in the bedroom he grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and put them on before going back downstairs. When he got back to the kitchen he made himself a cup of tea and sat down at the table to start working on one of his exam papers. It was gone eight o’clock before somebody else showed their face in the kitchen. “Morning,” said Alan as he walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” answered Alex lifting his head up. It only took a quick glance to see that Alan was naked. “You’re up early this morning,” he said as he went to put the kettle on. “Yeah.” “What time did you get up?” “Not too sure, must have been around half five, I guess; I had a shower before I came down and it was just before six when I put the kettle on.” “Wow, that is early. Did you have a problem sleeping or something?” “No, I just woke up early.” “So what have you been up to? Have you had breakfast yet?” “No, I’ve been doing some revision.” “You know you could have done yourself some breakfast.” “It’s fine; I wasn’t that hungry when I got up so I just started to crack on with the papers.” “What about now? You ready for breakfast?” “Yes please.” “You know where everything is, help yourself.” Alex got up to get himself some cornflakes “Can I ask you something Alex?” “Sure.” “I hope Rick and I haven’t made you uncomfortable by walking around naked?” “It was strange yesterday, coming down and eating breakfast with no clothes on, but that was because I’ve never done anything like that before. Until I stayed here, the only times I was naked had been when I was getting changed or getting a shower. Please don’t think you being naked around me is something you have to change. Apart from the scare with Jerry Friday night, I have really enjoyed spending the last couple of days with you and Rick. I mean that, you have both been great; you haven’t treated me like a leper or with kid gloves, you’ve been more like big brothers.” “Well I’m glad you feel like that. We’ve enjoyed you being here as well and I don’t think Justin could have wished for anyone better for a boyfriend.” “I’m sure he could have, but thanks for saying that.” “You haven’t seen how much Justin has changed since you’ve shown up. I think Justin has always been comfortable with the idea of being gay, but he’s been afraid of others knowing; which is why it is only since you’ve arrived that he’s got the confidence to tell us and his parents. As a result of that, he’s able to be more relaxed about himself and around us all. There’s not some big secret on his shoulders now weighing him down. You have also made him very happy. How or why doesn’t matter, but I know Sarah and Simon will be forever grateful to you for what you’ve done for Justin.” “He’s the one who has done everything for me, I’ve done nothing.” “When you showed Justin you trusted him enough to tell him your biggest secret, which happened to be the same secret he had, you gave him the confidence he needed to take the next step himself. That may not seem like a lot to you, but it was a massive thing for Justin; to know he had someone his own age he could talk to about being gay and not have to worry about getting outed to the whole school. The fact that you’re the very type Justin finds attractive was a bonus for him.” “That’s another thing I don’t understand. He keeps saying I’m hot, but I don’t see it.” “Trust me you are. If I was to take you to a gay club, you wouldn’t have to pay for a single drink; they’d be climbing over themselves to get to you.” “You’re another one who needs to go to the optician.” “I’m sorry Alex but you’ve got three men in this house who disagree with you. I’m not going to try and convince you because I don’t think I ever will and that’s part of why you are attractive, because you don’t know it.” “That doesn’t make much sense.” “Ok, I’ve seen a lot of attractive men about. Some, like you and Justin, don’t play on it because either they don’t accept the fact they’re attractive or because they’re not stuck up. But there are some who know they’re hot and milk it for all it’s worth; which for a lot of people is a big turn off. Do you know what I mean?” “Not really.” “Well some who are attractive, strut around like peacocks, shoving it in your face. And it’s that attitude that puts people off.” “I know what you mean now. I still think you’re all nuts, but I’m not gonna argue.” “Are you looking forward to Jerry getting out of hospital later?” “Yeah, I know to some people, losing your parents in one day is a tragedy, but since I’ve known Sarah and Simon, I’ve seen what real parents should be and Jerry will be so much better off away from mom; and dad.” “I can’t say much about your father because I never met him, but the little bit I saw of your mother was pretty bad.” “She was mild compared to my father. And Vicar Stephens was ten times worse. But no more about them, they’re all history now.” “So are you going to stay here tonight, or go back home with Sarah and Jerry?” “Sarah suggested that as we’re still gonna go swimming with you guys tomorrow, it makes more sense to stay here and meet up with them afterwards, then she’s gonna take the three of us clothes shopping before we go back to school on Tuesday.” “Sounds like a good plan. What are you going to do if Jerry is kept in another day?” “Well if he’s in another night it doesn’t really make a lot of difference. We were staying in this afternoon anyway so I’ll just spend the time doing more studying. If Cal shows up he can play chess with Justin while I do some revision. Then tonight if it’s ok, we can visit Jerry and when we come back we can all watch a film.” “What if we go to the cinema instead after we’ve been to see Jerry?” “I’m happy watching a film in the living room, but a trip to the cinema is good too.” “Ok, so we’ll check later what films are playing and we can decide as a group then. Now, I think I’ve left him up there for long enough, I’m going to go and kick Rick’s arse out of bed.” “Sure, but if you’re not working and we’re not planning on going anywhere, why can’t he sleep in?” “I noticed yesterday that we’re running low on a few things so we planned on doing some shopping this morning and I’d rather get it done early.” “Do shops open early on a Sunday?” “Oh shit, I’d forgotten it was Sunday. No the shops don’t open until later. Oh, I know what needs doing. Back in a bit.” “Ok.” Alan left Alex alone in the kitchen eating his cornflakes while he headed upstairs. Rick was the next one to show his face in the kitchen. Just like Alan, he was naked. “Morning Alex,” said Rick as he started to pour himself a cup of tea. “Morning Rick.” “Alan said you were up. It looks like you’ve been up for a while.” “Yeah, I’ve been doing some revision.” “What time did you get up then?” “Sometime before six.” “Wow, and you left Justin in bed all this time?” “I didn’t need him for anything and just because I’m up early doesn’t mean he has to be.” “I wish Alan thought like you. I’d love to get to lie in now and again but Alan thinks that if he’s up I should be up.” “I think he has a few plans for you before you go shopping later.” “Oh he’s already told me what he wants doing. He’s gone to get Justin up so he can help out.” “I don’t mind helping if you need a hand.” “It’s alright, he only wants me to cut the grass and I only need Justin to rake up the cut bits, so you stay put and get on with your revision. That’s more important than Justin getting an extra hour in bed.” “I really don’t mind helping and a break is supposed to be good for revision.” “Why don’t I let you and Justin work it out between you, I think I hear him and Alan coming down anyway.” “Ok.” Alex wasn’t surprised to see Justin walk into the kitchen in his birthday suit. What he was a little surprised at was Junior standing to attention. “Morning,” said Justin heading for the fridge. “Morning,” replied Alex and Rick. “So what’s this job you want me to help with?” “Alan wants me to cut the grass and he thought you could rake it all up for me.” “Sure, but did it have to be so early?” “Alan wanted to go shopping for a few things until Alex pointed out it’s Sunday and the shops don’t open so early. And he thought it was a good idea to get the garden done before we had a shower, that way we only have to have the one shower.” “Makes sense I suppose.” “Now will you tell Alex that you and I can cope with it while he studies?” “Sure we can, it’s not a big job. It usually only takes me about ten minutes to rake it all up and besides there’s no point in both of us getting covered in grass.” “I don’t mind helping and besides, I’ve been revising for over two hours already.” “Wow, you got up early. Why didn’t you wake me?” asked Justin. “What for?” “I could have got up with you.” “When I woke up I went to the toilet and jumped in the shower before coming down for a cup of tea, then I noticed the time, I decided to work on some revision so there was no point waking you up just to sit with me.” “Ok, well being as you’ve already showered there’s no point in getting dirty again helping me rake the grass up. If you want to have a break you can always watch us.” “Alright, you lot win, I won’t help. Rick, there was something Justin wanted to ask you and Alan.” “There was?” asked Justin looking quizzically at Alex. “Yeah, remember you mentioned it last night before we went to sleep?” “Oh that, are you sure?” “Yeah it’s fine.” “Ok you two; are you going to let us in on this?” asked Alan. “Well, it’s just… you know how we don’t normally get dressed until after breakfast when I’m here.” “Yes,” replied Rick. “Well we were talking last night and we wondered if perhaps the next time we’re here for the weekend, we could do like you guys did with Rory and Thom and spend the weekend without clothes unless we need to go out for something or someone comes calling?” “Well I don’t see a problem with it providing Alex is happy with it, I mean at the moment it looks like it may make him uncomfortable,” said Rick. “Why do you think that Rick?” asked Alex. “Well you’re the only one dressed around here.” “There’s a good reason for that. I know Justin had told me about how you guys don’t get dressed first thing in the morning, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was up when I was walking about earlier and I was a bit nervous bumping into you or Alan. If you were naked then it wouldn’t have mattered but I would have been really embarrassed if I was naked and you weren’t, so I put a pair of briefs on when I came down to get a cuppa. When I found it was so early and I was the only one awake I decided to do some studying and while I was getting my school stuff, I grabbed a t-shirt and shorts. It seemed silly sitting in the kitchen studying with no clothes on; like one of those nightmares you hear people talking about. Where they’re sat at their desk in school working and all of a sudden they realise they are naked.” “Ok fair point.” “I agree with Rick, as long as Alex is comfortable with the idea it’s fine with me. Alex?” “I think it would be interesting to try and it wouldn’t be like this morning where I wouldn’t know what to expect. If I knew what we were all going to do it wouldn’t be so awkward I don’t think.” “Well we’ll see next time you’re over, but don’t feel you’re pressured into it Alex,” said Rick. “Ok.” “So what’s everyone having for breakfast?” asked Alan. “What’s there to have?” asked Justin. “I think there are a few eggs there if you want scrambled or poached, we’ve got some bread left so you can have toast or there’s cereal.” “I’ll go with cereal then.” “You know where that is, so sort yourself out. You want some toast Rick, Alex?” “Yes please,” answered Rick. “No thanks Alan, the cereal was enough for now thanks.” “Ok then, toast for two coming up.” There wasn’t much talking while everyone ate their breakfast. “Well if I’m not going to be able to help in the garden, I’ll do all the breakfast dishes,” said Alex as he got up and started to run water in the sink. “You’re determined to do something, so I’m not going to argue,” replied Alan. “So what are you going to do while we’re all busy?” asked Rick. “I thought I’d give Thom and Rory a call to see if I can start the ball rolling on those tickets and then I’d clean up down here.” “That’s a good idea. Right, I’m off to get some ratty clothes on.” “Hang on, I don’t have any ratty clothes,” said Justin. “Shorts and t-shirt would be fine Justin; I’m just covering my legs so I don’t get cut by the grass flying off the strimmer.” Rick handed Alex his plate before he left the kitchen and headed upstairs. “Well I’m going to go grab a shower before I make a start,” said Alan as he handed his plate to Alex before leaving the boys alone in the kitchen. Justin got up and wrapped his arms around Alex from the back squeezing in tight to Alex. “Mmm that feels good,” said Alex. “I know what would feel better,” said Justin as he grabbed Alex’s cock through the shorts. “Mmm.” “So when do I get my kiss?” Justin continued to play with Alex’s cock as Alex lay down the plates and turned around to face him. “Will you leave him alone; you’ll have him standing to attention any second now?” “I love playing with him, and besides you have something on so you can hide it, unlike Junior who is telling everyone he’s awake.” “I thought there was something poking at my back. But it’s nice he’s awake, he’s so cute.” “Do I have to ask again?” Rather than answer; Alex moved his face closer so they could kiss. As they were kissing he moved his hand down and started to stroke Junior. Just as they were getting into it they heard a cough. “Um, best let him go get his clothes Alex, unless he wants to rake the grass up like that?” “I wouldn’t mind watching that,” said Alex. “Well I don’t think the neighbours would really appreciate it somehow.” “I don’t think I’d wanna do it either. All those strangers ogling at Junior; no thanks.” “So leave Alex alone and go and get dressed.” “Alright, I’ll be there in a few.” “Ok, see you out there.” Rick headed outside leaving the boys alone again. “I’d better go get dressed, if I don’t go now, I’ll only want to have more fun with you.” “You are one horn dog aren’t you?” “What? Is it my fault I think you’re sex on legs?” “Yeah yeah, sod off and get dressed.” “Yes sir.” As Justin was walking away, Alex slapped him on the arse. “Hey!” said Justin. “What?” “Cheeky.” With that Alex turned around to finish the dishes and Justin headed upstairs to get dressed. Before Alex started back on the dishes though, he rearranged his cock to make it more comfortable. An hour later Justin and Rick had finished in the garden and both were showered. Alex was just making a fresh pot of tea when Justin walked back into the kitchen. “There’s only one smell I like more than fresh cut grass.” “And what’s that?” asked Alex. “I’m sure you already know.” “Not really, I may have seen you naked, played with Junior, and even slept naked with you, but there are still some things about you I don’t know.” “The smell I’m talking about is all you.” “What you talking about?” “You have a smell all of your own, and I think it’s the best one in the world.” “Oh ok.” “So what’s next?” “Well Alan is gonna have some tea and then I think he and Rick are off shopping. I’m gonna crack on with another exam paper and you, well that’s up to you. I guess you can do whatever you want unless Alan or Rick has something they need you to do.” “Ok, I’ll go and ask Alan.” Justin kissed Alex before heading into the living room to talk to Alan. “Alex said you and Rick are heading out in a bit, is there anything you want me to do while you’re gone?” “Not really, most of what I wanted done has been.” “Ok, so I guess I’ll do some reading while you’re out. What’s the plan for food later?” “I thought we’d have a few sandwiches and something. I don’t want to make plans for tea until we know if Jerry is coming over or not.” “That makes sense. If Jerry doesn’t get out, we’re going to the hospital again right?” “Sure, why?” “Well can you get some more coke and treats when you’re shopping just in case Jerry is kept in?” “Yeah, no problem.” “What’s no problem?” asked Alex as he came in carrying two mugs of tea. “I was just asking Alan if he could get some things for tonight just in case Jerry doesn’t get out this afternoon.” “You don’t have to Alan, I’m sure Jerry will be fine.” “It’s ok Alex, if Jerry comes out this afternoon, we’ll all have them then, if not they’re ready for later.” “Thanks. Can you go and get the other two mugs from the kitchen please Justin?” “Sure.” Justin came back into the living room just after Rick. “Now were all together, I’ve got some news. I’ve spoken to Thom. I know I should have asked you two first, but I didn’t think you’d mind me telling him you were a couple?” asked Alan. “I’m only worried about kids in school knowing. I don’t think I have to worry about that with Rory or Thom, so it’s fine with me,” said Justin. “Me too, you said they’re going to be moving down soon so we’re going to be seeing a lot of them in the not too distant future, and that means they’ll know eventually, so may as well be sooner.” “I’m glad you both don’t mind. Thom is happy for us to stay overnight with them if he can get tickets. He thinks there’s a good chance because he’s got a contact at the club who should be able to help out. All we need to work out is who wants to go and let him know,” said Alan. “Wow, that’s amazing,” said Justin. “I can’t believe it,” said Alex. “Well it’s not definite yet, but Thom was pretty sure he’d be able to sort it out for us.” “Great, do Rory and Thom believe in the same dress code for breakfast as you two?” asked Justin. “They do when we’re around. I’m not too sure how they’ll feel with you two around, but that’s something we can discuss nearer the time,” answered Rick. “That’s going to be an awesome weekend,” said Justin. The four watched the news while they drank their tea, then Alan and Rick headed out and Alex went to the kitchen to study. Justin went upstairs to the bedroom to get the book he was reading before he headed back to the living room. “Hey little dudes, you ready for lunch?” “Wow, is it that time already Yuri?” asked Jerry. “What choice do we have?” asked Declan. “Well you can choose between chicken or ham salad sandwiches.” “I had the chicken yesterday, can I have ham please?” asked Jerry. “I’ll have the ham as well please,” added Declan. “Ok dudes.” Yuri headed back out and quickly returned with the sandwiches. “We have tea as well if either of you want some?” “Sure Yuri, when you’re done with that, I need the toilet please,” said Jerry. “Sure thing dude, do I need a bottle?” “No it’s the other one I need.” “Ok, can you hold it for five minutes?” “Yeah.” Yuri left Jerry and Declan watching their film. “I would have taken you if you’d asked you know?” “Helping me after I’ve taken a dump isn’t the same as helping me take a drink.” “True.” “You can help me with the sandwiches though, please.” “Sure. Do you want some before Yuri takes you or wait till your finished dumping yesterday’s lot?” “I’ll wait ta.” “Ok. I was going to go the same time as you but I realised there’s only the one toilet so I’ll go now and that way we won’t leave all this in here unwatched. You don’t know if there’s some tea leaf on the prowl.” “Good idea. Put the film on pause then and we can put it back on when we’ve both been,” said Jerry. While Jerry was on his own, he thought about how he’d enjoyed spending time with Declan all morning and how he was glad Yuri had suggested it. He hoped Sarah would be able to get Declan somewhere good to stay. He also hoped that whatever happened, Declan would want to keep in touch. “You ready to go dude?” asked Yuri. “Can you hang on a minute Yuri? Declan has just gone and he’s going to watch this stuff while I’m in there.” “Sure dude, it makes sense not leaving this unguarded.” “Is there some sort of tea leaf around then?” “You never know in a place this big, you don’t always know who is around.” “I guess. Yuri?” “Yep?” “Thanks for suggesting Declan come and watch the films with me. It’s been great to have someone to talk to.” “Well you’ve done just as much for him; he would only be stuck watching daytime telly if you had said no. Not the most exciting prospect for anyone under the age of sixty.” “I know, it was sooooooo boring yesterday until Alex and Justin showed up.” “I’m done, you can take him now Yuri,” said Declan. “Ok dude, are you ok to walk or would you rather I get you a wheelchair?” “My legs are fine Yuri, I can walk alright.” “Let’s go then.” When Yuri brought Jerry back he helped him up onto the bed. “Are you ok to help Jerry eat Declan or would you prefer I do it?” “No it’s fine, I’m sure there’s some old codger who needs you more.” “Ok dude, I’ll check in before I head home.” “Ok Yuri,” said Declan and Jerry. “You ready to watch the rest of this film?” asked Declan. “Yeah, wait where’s the tea Yuri promised?” “I think he forgot. Do you want it, coz there’s more coke here if you’re thirsty.” “No the coke is fine; you can drink it as well.” “Thanks. Ok, let’s get this film going and then we can sort out our food and drink.” “Dec?” “Yeah?” “If I get out today and they keep you in, would you be ok with me visiting tonight?” “Sure but why would you want to come back?” “Well remember I said my father was a bit nuts?” “Yeah,” “Well he controlled who I got to spend time with. I got to spend time with Cal, he’s my best friend, but that’s only because our parents went to the same church. Other than Cal I only got to spend time with my brother and I’ve really enjoyed talking with you today. Add to that, I know how lonely and boring this place can be.” “Well if you want to visit, I’d like that, but don’t feel you have to.” “Yeah, I don’t, but I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to.” “Well I guess until we know whether you’re going home there’s no point talking about it.” “True, so how much of this film is left?” “I think we got half hour left why?” “If it’s ok with you can we watch Little Shop of Horrors next?” “You know it’s not a horror film right?” “Really? I was hoping for some scary movie.” “No it’s a comedy but sure we can watch it.” “Have you seen it before then?” “No, I thought it was good for a scare but when I read the cover while you were in the toilet, it said it was more of a comedy.” “Ok, do you want to watch it then?” “Why not.” “Well that’s sorted then.” “Ok you ready for your sandwiches?” “Yeah.” Declan helped Jerry eat his sandwiches and gave him some coke to wash it down while they continued to watch the end of the film. When it finished, he changed the discs over putting Little Shop of Horrors on. “Hey, how are things going?” asked Simon as he entered the living room. “Dad, what are you doing here?” “Well your mom’s gone to see about getting Jerry out, and she told me about your plans for him to come straight here, so I thought I’d come over. Besides Man U take on Arsenal later and I thought we could watch it together.” “Sounds good to me.” “So where’s Alex?” “He’s in the kitchen studying.” Just as Justin finished explaining, Alex walked into the living room. “Hey Simon, what are you doing here?” “As I just said to Justin; Sarah has gone to the hospital to see about getting Jerry out, and I thought that as everyone will be here this afternoon, I’d come over and join in. And there’s a game on later we can all watch.” “Oh cool, who’s playing?” “Arsenal against Man U, so it’s going to be a big game for Justin, Rick and Alan and then Man City play West Ham after.” “I think I’ve done all the revision I can do for now. What time is Sarah coming over with Jerry? Does she know?” “When she left she wasn’t sure, that is assuming he’s going to be able to leave of course.” “Well do you think Justin and I would have time to go for a run? I’ve been studying all morning and need to clear my head.” “How long were you thinking of going for?” “We’d probably be gone for about an hour, but we should be back in plenty of time for the game..” “That should be fine, if Jerry does show up before then, it won’t hurt him to spend time with the four old fogies.” “Four?” asked Justin. “Yeah four, or don’t you count Rick and Alan as old fogies?” “Nah, they’re not that old.” “Oh charming, see what cheek I have to put up with Alex?” “Well you did sort of call yourself an old fogy Simon.” “Oh yeah, you got me on that one. Well you two head off for your run then and I’ll see you both when you get back.” “Ok,” replied Justin and Alex. “I’m sorry, I forgot to ask if you wanted to go for a run, are you ok with that?” “Of course I am, I’ll go and get changed a bit quick and then we can go.” “Cool.” Justin headed upstairs to get changed leaving Alex and Simon alone in the living room. “Simon, I want to thank you for being so generous.” “What do you mean?” “You could have said no to me moving in, and now you’re letting Jerry move in as well.” “I will admit that I was a little nervous when Sarah first told me about what she had done, but all my worries and concerns were washed away that first night I met you. It has been a pleasure having you around. You won’t know this because you didn’t know us before your birthday, but there have been a few changes in Justin since you’ve joined our family and they have all been for the better.” “Alan said something similar this morning, but if it hadn’t been for you all, I would have been out on the streets living rough or worse.” “Well I’m just glad Sarah saw you that day. So no more talking about it; you are grateful to us, and Sarah and I are grateful to you; so go and enjoy your run with Justin and then we can watch that football later.” “Ok.” Alex got his trainers on while he continued to wait for Justin to come back down. When Justin came down the two headed out and started up the street. They followed the same route they had run on Friday when they went for their second run. They passed Cardiff City Stadium, went down and around the shopping units before stopping in the park for a break before they headed back to Rick and Alan’s.
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    Chapter 42

    Hey Lisa, As I said to Edward, we don't know if it is Cal being brought in to the hospital. I guess the only way to answer that is for me to post the next chapter. Keep your eyes out, it should be up in about a week. Happy New Year to you too, Anthony
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