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  1. i would love to help
  2. Timboy


    I love this mate!
  3. He looks a little like you Trevor
  4. If you don't like me, someone will. If you dont talk to me, someone will. If you don't love me, someone will.

    1. C J

      C J

      if you don't love yourself, nobody else can love you

  5. I guess I would have to say that one of my favorite movies would be "Airzona Sky". This deals with two childhood freinds who in thier own time, come to terms with the feelings they have so long have pushed aside. It is slow in certain parts, but the over all effect can not be denied. I would suggest this movie to anyone. It makes me cry.
  6. I am who I am.. I hate putting lables on people....
  7. My parents were together for almost 40 years until m,y mom passed away from Cancer. If you are a gay guy, would you date a married man?
  8. I dont know how many of you have seent the Movie "Jeffrey" ? well one character has aids and the other guy is falling for him. THe reason I brought htis up is becuase the hiv+ guy tells the other one, "THere are other thigns we can do..' So I guess what Ia m saying I probablywould not have anal intercourse but there could be things we could do.
  9. Hey Tim! Thanks

  10. To me it really doesnt matter.. but in general I like ot be spooned
  11. I was an outcast in general.. I dont remember there actually bieng any geeks around.
  12. I love how you come on the chat channel.. it brightens my day LUgh
  13. I love this sotry EmDee hope you keep it going.. Love ya
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