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  1. cocoon

    Chapter Thirty-Six

    Loved this chapter as much as I love your whole story! I especially liked the part with Jordan's nieces and nephews! I am a bit sad that it has to come to an end. I can think of so many things that could still take place - inside their families and outside. I know you are very sure about this, but a marriage or an engagement often also happens in the middle or even at the beginning of a story. When Noah says he is still getting used to the new title he has for Jordan is that the title of fiancé? When I read that part I thought it could also be that Noah came up with a sweet little
  2. cocoon

    Chapter Thirty-Five

    Perfect. Your story really is a wonderful gift! It feels like every three days with every chapter I can unwrap a special, precious candy from a box of sweets. The final full chapter? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to read their story until they're 80 and beyond!! I will suffer severe symptoms of deprivation!!
  3. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Sounds like Australian slang to me, but what does it mean? I have no clue!
  4. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Ethan, is that where the idea of Aiden, Jordan's amazing best friend came from? You have your own Aiden? I could get jealous. I think I really like both countries, Australia and Canada - a lot of nice people there and cool mentality!! Australian language is special, love the sound and the abbreviations!
  5. cocoon

    Chapter Thirty

    So it finally happened. The reaction of the parents was as expected but still terrible! When Noah's mother ripped the picture - his precious link to Jordan - into pieces I got the feeling that this was an even stronger statement than just her disgusting, hurtful words. I hope the little picture or rather its fragments will make an appearance again and play a role in the mending process of their relationship. I am very sure that Noah and Jordan will get back together! I just have to think of all the previous chapters where their bond was forming and their relationship wa
  6. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    Not that coach. I was talking about the Coach of everything. The BIG Coach up there, you know.
  7. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    I almost thought Noah would say they should be together again, but the suggestion of trying to just be friends is a typical Noah-move. Reading this chapter hurt. Watching Noah on a course of self-destruction was bad. Seeing their relationship slowly fall apart hurt a lot. Finding someone like Jordan might have been a single event in a whole lifetime. Some people don't even get a chance like that. When Noah finally comes to the point where he realises just how incredibly huge his mistake to break up with Jordan was, what are his options to heal their relationship? He wou
  8. I just finished reading and I feel cold and empty inside. Only the last three lines gave me a bit of hope. In my last comment I assumed Noah would think like that and act accordingly. But I have to say that it feels like Noah made the biggest mistake of his life. When I thought he would finally be as loving and supportive as Jordan Noah just makes another weird decision that is based on premature and false assumptions. Who says that his whole family would turn against him just because his mother is not accepting him being gay? Like Jordan suggested, they should try to make thi
  9. Noah said he would never sleep with Sebastian and I believe him. He would NEVER do that - even if Sebastian threatened or blackmailed him with the release of the video. I also don't think Sebastian forced him to break up with Jordan. Noah would not give in to the threat in this way either. I think Noah realised that with his hurtful accusations in their fight and his huge fear of coming out he was being massively unfair to Jordan. Noah said he thinks that Jordan deserves a much better boyfriend and consequently he came to the odd conclusion that it wouldn't be fair to hold bac
  10. Wow, that was a chapter full of ups and downs - very intense! So much happened. Just when I thought everything will turn out to be alright - there comes another hit! You really know how to turn a story around and then shift it again. A really awesome read! (Aiden was again amazing and I loved the description of his new look! ) I don't quite understand why people can hate Noah so much. Jordan's way of thinking is more relatable and comprehensible to me - and it seems to quite a few other readers as well. When I read Jordan's thoughts and listen to his words, I feel like - as I
  11. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    If I'm honest I have to admit that my heart got a little crack during their intense argument. 😿 (I understand though that bad things have to happen to keep the story realistic and the suspense up.) I see Noah's fear, but he really isn't being fair to Jordan. Noah said some very hurtful things. So, concerning the fight I'm with Jordan. Even there Jordan kept calm most of the time and was so supportive - in his words I could feel his love for Noah and his kind, good soul was shining through. (The fight being portrayed from Jordan's perspective maybe helped to understand
  12. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    I really liked reading this chapter - actually I think it was one of the best! Loved the talk between the quartette on their trip into the wilderness. It gave a lot of precious, sweet insights! Aiden truly is an awesome guy and offered such good advice! I grow fonder of Jordan every time you give us a glimpse of his thoughts. He is such a good guy and husband material. In a different way I love Noah just the same! He's a little shy, but a lovable nerd! Thanks for the good time I had while reading this!
  13. Ok now, I'm glad that the shit hasn't hit the fan as grand as I had expected. Love your story!
  14. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Loved this chapter!! It explained the guys' train of thought in the previous chapter a little more in depth and put some things in perspective that might have been a bit unclear. The ending kills me! I so badly want to know what happens next!!! 👍👍
  15. cocoon

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Again a lovable chapter! I never, never thought Jordan was the bad guy. I like his way of thinking. I really like both guys but Noah could have been a little more sensitive and understand Jordan's fear. At the same time I can understand that Noah reacted that way because he was in a difficult situation at home, too. Makes him more human! Thank you so much for this story! Can't wait to read the next chapter!!
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