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  1. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 11

    Hey Mark, great as always! Am glad to see Will and Zach are back together, for now at least, let's see what happens if Zach's football career doesnt go as planned. I am amazed that Will is not breaking down under the pressure, he seems to have been keeping the family together and more so suffering from his father's absence. Wade will need to strengthen his resolve to deal with what is coming, maybe now he can start to have some of his mother's underhandedness. Are we to expect something to happen between JJ and Carullo? Would be interesting to see as at least JC is a decent guy or so it seems
  2. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 46

    hey great to see you back writing again and really appreciate your commitment. hope things are well on your side. this is a really nice chapter with some of the goodwill and kindness of Christmas but also setting the scene for a changed scenario in the new year. great to see a lot of minor keys resolving to major and people happy. good luck and continued success
  3. Mark I've never ceased to be amazed at your work rate and at your ability to surprise and delight at every turn. I had some personal problems a few years ago and stopped writing, and a pause of what was intended to be a few weeks has already turned into four years. so all I will say is thank you for something enduring and for your commitment thank you for laughter, tears and hours, nay days worth of entertainment take good care of yourself and your loved ones see you on the other side. best
  4. Just amazing! just brilliant... wow I have said it before as i have written stories and know personal deadlines and pressure when you have life pulling you in other directions. you are the best most reliable writer I know and not just that but the quality is just awesome too! I'm glad that wade and matt have resolved their major issues and agreed to be the couple they should be, i remember when both of them decided to live in different cities and it felt like absolute torture for them. will seems to have grown up a lot and tho his relationship with zach is bound to have a lot of issues
  5. Happy Birthday!

    1. Joker_Dublin


      Just seeing this now can't believe it! Thanks a lot

  6. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 73

    ok so chapter 73. I never cease to be amazed at your work rate! and it's gotten so I can depends on your posting a new chapter. the thing is I'm working thru a whole series of issues at the moment so I can kinda relate to the overall feeling of unhappiness and discomfort. but even apart from that it's getting kinda heavy duty. I get that everyone has to work thru their issues related to 911 but even so could there be some light? please don't take it as a criticism. I'd suggest the following possibilities: 1. bring Ace and his family back in, maybe a strong female cousin that will can re
  7. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 45

    wow,tough stuff! this is tough to write, I'm sure. funerals of close family are tough times to get through and you're seeing it from multiple points if view. as always Will is fiery and this family is functioning at its supportive best right now despite the pressure they are all under. the inevitable custody battle for Maddy is being tactically handled here and that's a clever decoy. way to go! BTW look forward to instalments every week reading ur stuff is sooo addictive ...
  8. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 34

    excellent as usual! teenager outta control wish id had as much fun as him tho. sense of foreboding ...
  9. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 13

    kinda don't like this chapter, not cos its not good but because will is getting his chops busted. tony is a piece of s**t! like will being decisive and not staying around to take more bull crap. good social dynamic and interesting relationships between tony and his friends. go will! next chapter should hopefully have him back in his comfort zone. but getting fucked by 2 guys other than tony in one chapter isn't bad going! markarbour you're a legend ...
  10. Joker_Dublin

    Chapter 8

    absolutely amazing! I have spent the past few months getting to know the Crampton, Hayes and Schluter families, and never cease to ne amazed at your constant inventiveness and ability to churn out a new chapter every week. I now look forward to a new installment and know I can rely on a new chapter in the saga every week. I commend you for your dedication and for your commitment to ensuring your loyal readers are not disappointed. Bravo!
  11. Joker_Dublin

    part iv

    ok here's my 2 cents worth. 1. if that's ur social life can I come and join? 2. ur character development and the plot are bang on. like, laser 3. even if I'm spelling and punctuating like a teenager, I am already an author elsewhere and a total romantic. dude u rock at this! can't wait for more. roll on next part! btw love the tweets etc makes it more real
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