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  1. Cynus

    Chapter 20

    I may end up addressing that in a roundabout way when I decide to return to this world, not by directly talking about them, but by exploring what it means to be in that group overall. I'm more likely to go forward than back in the timeline. However, I do have an answer, and if you'd like me to do so, I will answer the question directly.
  2. Cynus

    Chapter 20

    I'm glad you enjoyed it when you had a chance to finish it! I might return to this world and play around a bit more in the future someday, so maybe there will be more! Although that's not a promise, just one of many stories tumbling in my head haha! Thanks for commenting.
  3. Thank you so much! That puts my mind at ease.
  4. To block a user in some way? There is someone who has been problematic for me in places that are not GayAuthors, but they are present here, and I would like to find a way to prevent their interaction with me, if possible. I couldn't find anything that would allow it, and I will simply continue to ignore them if there isn't another option.
  5. Cynus

    The Beholder

    I'm glad you found it provocative! My mind often drifts to the story of Narcissus and Echo as a cautionary tale for me to keep close at hand to keep me in check.
  6. Cynus

    The Beholder

    Thank you for reading it and responding. I'm glad it hit the mark.
  7. Cynus

    The Beholder

    I'm glad it resonated! I've had some emotions tumbling around in my brain for a long time, and I'm glad they can be put to use by someone other than me.
  8. It seems strange to me, to feel grief now After having lost so many And losing them in repetition. I feel like I lost my parents a thousand times And they're still alive. My sister's body lives on, Yet her mind is all but gone A shred of herself, haunting her flesh like a ghost Who barely remembers who she is. Perhaps dementia is a common thing we all experience, But not in such drastic of ways. Perhaps we all experience one thousandth of that shifting landscape Where the colors drain away And the sweet melodies we all knew Are the only thing to remain. I knew a boy once Who liked to swing Who saw himself in everything The world reflected in his eyes like ripples on a forest pool Where echoes play in the twilight Calling our own names As Narcissus dips his hand into the drink Before wanting to swallow himself for the pain of what he sees. We are the children of our own delusion Giving up the life we're given To the demons we forge in private fires To burn away the shame we carry Why do we grieve ourselves while we are still alive? Is it beyond resuscitation? Are we lost to the spinning maze of deteriorating mind? We could become greater than ourselves in an instant, The moment we realize we are more than ourselves And that nothing is ever lost It merely transforms. A reflection is an illusion. An echo is a memory living on in rippling air. And the mind tracks it all, in fear of letting go. Perhaps the grief is just that fear of drowning in the forest pool The darkness inside the cocoon of our self-reflection Where the self dies by confrontation with all that it is And ourselves begin, rippling out to all that is.
  9. I am somewhat in the "I will write no matter what" camp, but mine is entirely reflective of my mental state. Over the past two years (until very recently), I have been in a fugue state magnified tenfold by the pandemic. Probably the only reason I decided to return to the keyboard at all after that was because of the few readers who kept tabs on me and kept reaching out to support me in various ways. I don't know that the feedback is always vital to me, but sometimes it's the lifeline when you're feeling like you'll never be able to achieve what you want to with your work, and I think in that sense I'd rather hear it all the time, whether good or bad, even if it isn't normally the prime motivator behind my writing. It's comforting to know the ghosts are there sometimes.
  10. Happy Birthday GIF

    I hope you have a great day :hug:  

    1. Cynus


      Thank you, my friend!

  11. Cynus

    Chapter 5

    This made me laugh, thank you!
  12. Cynus

    Untitled Misery

    Thank you all for your fine compliments and support. This was something I wrote a couple months back and found hidden in my notes. At the time I was feeling the loss of potential I saw in myself due to dealing with trauma in my youth. I am, thankfully, in a much better place since then.
  13. I am a fond tragedy The last rites of a dying god Falling leaves in autumn A shrine to what could have been A whisper of secret gatherings in the hearts of men Who wanted a better world And died for the dream without ever waking Weep not for me but for the nightmares It is they which make the children cry out Only soldiers and survivors know the quiet helplessness of my demise Tragic that we were We are not the world We are its echoes in the dark
  14. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. There isn't a sequel as of yet. I've tried writing one a few times and none of those attempts made it much further than a few chapters. I still think I will, but I don't really know when it will happen.
  15. Thank you for the imagery. I've never been compared to Gandalf before, and I appreciate it! I'm grateful for that. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Sorry it took so long to get back to both of you. It's been a rough couple of months.
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