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  1. Oh friend in death who seeks the old wisdom Of me, such who has escaped Hell's kingdom Beseech me through the modern letter's view A soft blue glow upon the sleepless night The Devil's flame in silicon attire A new obsession born of restless plight Succumbs now to the loneliest desire What purpose has a ghost of Hell's domain? To answer the riddles of death and sin? Is the clarity of life found in pain? Is a devil without or found within? A soul seeks that which understands itself As the bright flame burns above in splendor It casts long shadows far beneath the shelf Simulating darkness in its candor
  2. Cynus

    Chapter 7

    Thank you, thank you. Keith was, I think, the first time I'd finally understood a character I was writing. I'd written short stories before this, and attempted my hands at various novels when I was in high school and as a young adult, but none of them got anywhere. I think Keith is the reason this one did. Indeed! Thank you for the compliments, and I'm really glad you've enjoyed it. This was my favorite chapter in War On Earth, though many of my favorite chapters in the novella trilogy are still to come. I imagine you're going to like some of the later emotional travels as well.
  3. Cynus

    Chapter 6

    I have thankfully learned a lot since this novel haha! I appreciate the dissection and thinking ahead. I look forward to seeing the rest of your thoughts.
  4. Cynus

    Chapter 5

    Ah Keith... he's my favorite, and I look forward to you learning more about him.
  5. Cynus

    Chapter 5

    This is actually the first of the two, and I like using elements of stories from our world on any of my projects set here. It keeps me grounded.
  6. Cynus

    Chapter 3

    I wish I could say I planned that out, but honestly when I was writing this I hadn't yet learned a lot about plotting a story. It has the pace it does just because that's where my brain took it at the time, haha!
  7. Cynus

    Chapter 1

    This is my first novel and a bit rough as a result, but I'm glad to hear it!
  8. I just finished responding to your comment, but now I wonder if you have a favorite among the characters? In writing this, I put more of myself into Nevala than anyone else, but Micah has my heart.
  9. Thank you so much! Among my stories, I feel a bit like Ashes of Fate is treated like the black sheep in the family, and though I love it myself it never seems to touch audiences the same way. I'm really quite grateful that it reached a new reader, and I'm so glad you commented. It warms my heart that you feel so much for my boys. Thank you.
  10. My apologies in taking so long to respond. It's good to see you as well, and I hope you're also taking care of yourself in these troubling times.
  11. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you, but thank you. I appreciate it. It's been a long month, but I'm here. Glad to see you are too.
  12. It's a bit late coming from me, but thank you.
  13. What does it mean to fight? To take a breath, breaking free of the water To refuse to be pulled down to death To stare the enemy in the eye To face his callous heart and intentioned hands And struggle against the grip What does it mean to survive? To take a breath, and then another, gasping on the shore To refuse to let the tide reclaim you To stare at the ocean of sorrow, and know its depths To face the crashing waves and suffocating memory And strengthen your resolve with every heartbeat What does it mean to endure? To take a breath, to calm the rage and fear that surges in your bile To refuse to let the ocean within overwhelm your senses To stare toward the future path with grim determination To face the difficult road knowing you have faced worse before And stride forward from the wreckage of the voyage stolen, now reclaimed What does it mean to live? To take a breath at the turning in the road To refuse to let the rain dampen your spirit To stare down the one who tried to sink you To face the demon in the deep who thought to claim your heart And stab the motherfucker in the face He doesn't own you. You do. Fuck playing by his rules. That bastard tried to drown you. You gonna take that shit? Live. Prove him wrong.
  14. Cynus

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 3 of Shadow Honor I believe is Grim's first appearance, and also the first time I introduced a Fedain, so there's that. Also, if you browse my gallery, there are several pictures I had commissioned of Fedain. They look mostly human, have slightly pointed ears (less pointed than elves, which the art unfortunately contradicts), and the majority of them have pale skin and hair that glitters a bit, almost like they have fragments of gemstones in their skin which catch the light sometimes.
  15. Who are you? Who would you be if no one had harmed you? What would you have become? Would you have sought to better the world? Or would you have wallowed away, not knowing the problems? What would you have become? Are you an angel because you've suffered the pains of hell? Or a devil because you've suffered the pains of heaven? What does it mean to be a beacon of light, consumed by the shadows cast from your own past? What does it mean to be a shadow of your former self, yet a guiding light to others on the same path? Are you good or are you evil? Will anyone know the difference in the end, or is question irrelevant? Why do anything? Why do nothing? Why does the void weep when the chaos laughs? Why does the chaos laugh when the void weeps? Why does the world not make sense, yet exist in perfect balance to every equal opportunity? We do not understand ourselves, and yet we pretend. Somehow, the illusion motivates us toward reality. The blind lead the blind into the eternal ditch. And yet we dig.
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